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Otakon 2011 Wrap Up

By Loran

Otakon has run its course once again, and I’d say it was pretty good to us this year. I got to see lots of people, work autograph sessions for Bandai Entertainment’s booth, and get my feet all cut up by boots that were two sizes too small for me. Whoops. All in all it was a pretty good con; not the best but very very enjoyable, despite finishing it off with a migraine Sunday night. But I’m not here to talk about all that stupid stuff! I’m here to talk to you guys about Otakon’s Model Kit Contest and the Gunpla Builders World Cup!

Unlike previous years, the contest wasn’t held in the Artist’s Alley—it was held in the dealer room at Bluefin’s booth, something I see as a VERY smart move. More people who are interested in Gunpla are going to look in the dealer room, and where they kept them in the Artist Alley always felt kind of far away from everything else. I personally wish they did a better job stating which ones were contest entries, though. They kind of just blended in with all the other merchandise. Continue reading

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The Road to Otakon & BAKUC prelims 2011

By Loran

Otakon is almost upon us once again, and that of course, means many things: cosplay, buying stuff, and general nerdery… but for me, the most important part is the model contest once again. Good ol’ BAKUC Earlier this year I was so pumped up for what I was gonna build. I had them all planned out: I was gonna do G-Savior, I was gonna do my G-Falcon Gundam Double X, I was gonna do a Full Armor Gundam kitbash.

Well… a few things happened.

I started on the Double X right after finishing my Zaku F2. I’d had the kit for about two years; I picked it up at Otakon in 2009. It’s an awesome design, and, let’s face it—that thing isn’t getting a Master Grade anytime soon. I was ready to tackle one of my favorite designs til I realized something.

“Wow, there’s a huge jump when you build something made in 2010 versus something made in 1996…”

Needless to say, that one got shelved for now.

I wanted a non-Gundam entry, too… so I picked up this Armored Core kit I won at Otakon in 2008, with this set of weapons I got from FPNYC that same year. This project ground to a total halt when one of the pieces flew off into the oblivion of junk in my basement…

My next goal was a kitbash. There was the Full Armor Gundam kitbash which I started a few months ago… and quickly shelved because it was turning into a disaster. There was no way for me to get replacement parts in time, so I turned to something else. I wanted to put the parts to use, so I remembered this amazing kitbash I saw a few years back: The original Xabungle kit plus the HGUC Gundam.

I was all ready to throw this thing together, when the drive just… stopped. This had nothing to do with the project itself; I’ve been wanting to do this for ages. The drive was stopped thanks to my current Zoids obsession, brought on by finding a boxed Liger Zero at a thrift store for $5. So hey, it’s just like last year!

Enough of my rambling, however. What WILL be coming with me to Otakon this year? Continue reading

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HGUC Gouf Custom Review

By Loran

Man, was 2001 really ten years ago? I remember back then, the 08th MS Team Gundam kits were showing up on American toy shelves. I got the Gouf Custom in the fall that year, and boy did I love it. I remember back then we still considered kits from the 0080 line–released twelve years ago at that point—to be good kits. I guess we never expected to see them outdone. Technology started improving drastically, and kits were getting better and better. The time to replace your old 0080 and 08th Team kits with their shiny new HGUC counterparts had come. And personally? I wasn’t willing to reject it.

The Gouf Custom is technically the second 08th MS Team suit to get an HGUC update, since I don’t think two versions of the Ground Gundam should be counted as two. It was a bit of a surprise to see this one before we got an Ez8, since that one would just reuse parts from the Gundam. Besides, what’s the fun in having a Gouf Custom with no Ez8 for it to beat up? I guess my old 08th Team one will have to play the role of punching bag for the time being. Continue reading

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HGUC Zaku F2 Review

By Loran

I really don’t understand the logic Bandai takes in their MG and HGUC releases.

Bandai likes to release suits based on the series they appear in, like, for a period of time, they do a bunch of suits from say, Zeta, mixed in with suits from Char’s Counterattack or 0080. But the suits that get releases always come in some weird order, like don’t you think that a GM Kai would’ve come out about six months after the Powered GM? Most of the parts were all there! I mean the Ball came out how many years after they finished the original series? Geez. Continue reading

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