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The one where Chris won’t shut up about Marvel Universe figures


Anywho, I promised you guys a look at the new line of Marvel Universe figures, and I shall deliver, because I’m that type of guy, and there’s not much I can talk about at the present. Today we’ll be looking at the new set of 2 packs, as well as a more indept look at the 18th wave which I talked about last post.

The newest 2-packs in the Greatest Battle line consist of Adam Warlock vs. Thanos, a staple of cosmic Marvel, and Mr. Sinister Vs. Gambit, which is a solid set of 90s Marvel mutant memorabilia. Loran took a look at the Thanos figure a few months back,  and this one is repainted slightly different from the one we saw on the blog. The Adam Warlock figure is mostly new, and comes armed with the Infinity Gauntlet, as well a staff. The Sinister/Gambit 2 pack offers a Mr. Sinister painted black, while the Gambit figure is a repainted and slightly altered figure from the X-men Origins: Wolverine line a few years back. If you need some advice as to which one to buy, I prefer me some cosmic Marvel, as this 2 pack goes well with the Guardians of Galaxy box set. Speaking of which, there’s a slightly new Future Foundations 3 pack out, which is basically a repaint of the Fantastic Four box that dropped awhile back, and ties into the Future Foundation Spider-Man figure that will drop this spring. That’s some impressive synergy!

Alright, so let’s give a look at the 17th Wave of MU figures. Starting off with  Avengers-related releases, we have Young Avenger Patriot, which I think is the first YA to get a MU figure. This is kind of rad, except for the fact that the costume he’s rocking was worn for like the first 3 issues, and the mask was discarded shortly after. I guess Hasbro didn’t want to risk making another fugly face sculpt. Still kind of  whack if you ask me. Wave 17 no longer comes packaged with stands, so you’re only get an old-timey Captain America shield with him. Double whack. On the right we have Thor, rocking his Ages of Thunder look. I think the body is a new sculpt, and the hammer and head are just repainted from an earlier Thor figure.

Moving onto the X-men side of things (well technically still Avengers as Storm is an Avenger too…)  , we have X-women Psylocke and Storm. I’m fairly certain this is the first time we’ve gotten a Psylocke figure, and she comes packed with a purple psychic katana & psi-blade. I couldn’t tell you how it’s psychic katana, but I assume it has something to do with being purple. I like the figure, but I’m hoping this gets re-released later in black, so she can be  Uncanyy X-Force accurate. Moving onto Ms. Munroe (Is she still Mrs. Black Panther? I want to say yes. Someone correct me in the comments section) , this is the 3rd Storm figure we got, and it’s the closest we’ll get to her rocking her modern costume. I’m fairly certain it’s a mostly retooled Classic X-men Storm (apart of that awesome Uncanny X-Men box set) and comes with lightening bolts for both arms. I think that’s kind of cool, which is while I bought her and she’s chilling with the rest of my X-Men.

Rounding out the Wave 17 figures, are 2 blatant repaints, Iron Fist and Daredevil. The white and gold Fist is to reflect something nonsense that happened in New Avengers, and black and red Daredevil is to indicate his fall from grace via demonic possession during Shadowlands.  New paintjobs aside, they’re literally figures you’ve seen before, and they both rock the same accessories they’ve always rad (snap on chi and nunchuks respectively). Buy only if you need these figures, and missed them every time they’ve dropped so far.

Each of the figures retail for about $12, and we also got in some older releases as well if you want to check em out. That’s all I got this week, take care of yourself Forbidden Planet Faithful!

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The first new releases of 2012

By Chris Troy

Well okay, the title’s kind of a lie. Most of the new stuffs we’ll be looking at came in towards the end of 2011, but you know, I was busy playing catch up with the best of list and attending MAGfest (which again, was awesome). However most of the awesome new arrivals are STILL in stock (for now!), so we might as well go over what those things are just in case you the reader are interested. Which hopefully, you will be.

On the left, you’ll see a picture of the Robot Damashii Wing Zero Custom (from the Gundam Wing OVA “Endless Waltz”) from Bandai. I’m not exactly how new it is on the shelves of Japan, but we finally have it in at FPNYC, so that’s all that matters right? The Winger Zero Custom joins the Tallgeese 3 as the 2 Wing-related Robot Damashiis we have in, as well as the Gouf Custom and the Gundam Unicorn from the Universal Century line. All 3 of these figures are super articulated, come with a nice selection of variant parts and weapons, and are 2nd only to the Revoltech in overall mecha quality, which is impressive for a line that hasn’t been around as long. We’ve sold out of the One Piece/DBZ/MegaMan/Tiger and Bunny releases super fast, so if you want yourself a super articulated Gundam figure, you best come get them as soon as possible. Continue reading

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