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The Weekly Pulse – SPECIAL EDITION

Good LORD! A man has handcuffed himself to the lamp post in front of our store! He’s demanding that EVERY copy of his new comic be sold, and he will not allow himself to be released until that happens! Our own intrepid Dan Roth takes the Weekly Pulse outside for a rain-soaked interview with artist Sean Von Gorman of The Secret Adventures of Houdini TP Vol 01!

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The Weekly Pulse – Milestone in Riverdale!

Drama! Controversy! Comics! Dramictroversy! Dan goes over the latest and greatest comics in this week’s haul, plus the bru-ha-ha surrounding Kevin Keller‘s nuptials! If you’d like to show your support for comic that provide realistic (and super-realistic!) depictions of the gay experience, there’s a whole host of great comics to choose from!

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The Weekly Pulse – Reality Show: The Comic

One of our own is gonna be on TV!!!- cough cough..ahem. Sorry. Comics. Well, we have a look at the newest issue of Jeff Smith‘s R.A.S.L., Ted McKeever‘s Mondo #1 and Eddy Current, and an in-depth review of Aquaman #6.

Aaaand then we talk with a certain someone who’s gonna be on the tee vees! All that, and a shout out to some other fine comic-book themed Youtubery in the form of The Platoon of Power Squadron!

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The Weekly Pulse – Highway to Hell on Earth

This week your host blasts through the latest and greatest comics to enter our doors, taking a moment to chide Batman #6‘s Scott Snyder and praise BPRD: Hell On Earth The Long Death #1, and Road Rage #1.


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The Weekly Pulse – Drive Your Enemies Before You

Lots to look at today! A couple more number sixes trickled out in the form of Batgirl, Batman and Robin, Frankenstein, and Suicide Squad. Plus more of everyone’s favorite enmouthed Merc and enlobstered Johnson! Most exciting of all, a new Conan book from Becky Cloonan and Brian Wood! Throw is some Dark Matter, Scarlet Spider, Memorial, The Strain, and Thief of Thieves, (editor’s note: currently sold out.  New stock shipping march 14th) and you have a busy week of comics reading!

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The Weekly Pulse – We Are All Scott Snyder

Jams, comma, tasty, is the order of the day here at Forbidden Planet. But not all jams are created equal. Some jams, like that which is Action Comics #6, are a mystery. I’m going to stop saying jams now. Are you reading this? Have any of the New 52s begun to feel stale? Or are we just old and jaded?

There’s always something to love when it comes to the other numbers 6: Detective Comics, Batwing, Animal Man, and Swamp Thing.

Of course all this is just the warm up to main feast: first course Fatale, second course three new Scott Snyder trades! For dessert: Jim Henson’s A Tale of Sand!!

Plus, Alpha Girl and Magic the Gathering are also comics that exist.

Lastly, my apologies to the band Savlonic, who’s name I misspelled in the credits and only just noticed because I have all the typing dexterity of a cave-fish.

Jams, tasty,

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The Weekly Pulse – Dandy Issues

Check out what’s new and good in the world of comics in this week’s edition of The Weekly Pulse! Angel and Faith have some daddy issues, Aquaman visits a land without aqua, Justice League courts a green Lantern, Superman discovers the joys of murder, and Bart Simspon also has a comic.

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The Weekly Pulse – January 18th 2012

New Batman, Supergirl, Catwoman, Wonder Woman, plus info on tomorrow’s big In-Store Signing and a ton more!

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The Weekly Pulse – January 12th, 2012

Man-o-man, is this week ever a big one! Tons of new comics, plus some toys and some graphic novels thrown in!

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The Weekly Pulse – January 5th, 2012

DC Number Fives are all the rage this week, but let’s not forget the amazing Mud Man, the fantastic Feral, the always great Goon, and the favorite of the bunch: Fatale. Plus, there’s a new Marvel Point 1 to tide you over!

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The Weekly Pulse – December 29th, 2011

Take a whole hand-full of DC numbers 4, add some Marvel, a bit of IDW, a pinch of Dark Horse, and finish off with just a great big helping of Coffee. Let steep for three minutes and stir!

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