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Screw your Blew-Ray Player, VHS is alive and well… but should I really be hipping you to this,  or should I be hording all the info in fear of increased competition?  Of course I’ll let you in on it (not like anyone reads this anyway) and what better way to see the medium strive than by spreading the gospel.

“VHS is alive”, “Fear of competition”, you probably think I’m some paranoid nut job, but… Just to prove to you that I’m not some crazy Luddite (ok maybe just a bit, I still don’t own a computer) feast your eyes on this… www.LunchmeatVHS.com!!! Thats right baby, everyone’s favorite VHS themed magazine has gone all internety.  The fact that there is a magazine dedicated to the subject should be validation enough, but for those of you who get all your info through the computer and think print is just as outdated as VHS, the website should suffice.

I spent the better half of this past weekend with Lunchmeat’s Chief of Marketing John DeSantis and Editor-in-Chief Josh Schafer.  They were supposed to be working on the new issue but if they didn’t get as much as they hoped done I take full responsibility…. but I will not apologize.  We did a lot of yang talking about the recent “VHS boom”, caught a midnight screening of Slumber Party Massacre at The Spectacle Theater, watched the insane video comp Brain Bludgeon, and of course did some serious VHS shopping.

I feel that I did a pretty good job proving that it will be a very long time before VHS becomes strictly a collectors market, that is if you know the right places to look.

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