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Books Worth The Holiday Cash

Books Worth The Holiday CashI’ve been typing my fingers down to the bone these days, working on exciting new book and column ideas. One of the projects I’m passionate about is my new book of Super-Hero puzzles and brainbusters. I’m halfway through!

For example: Spider-Man is traveling on a train with 10 cars. When the train leaves the station, the Hulk jumps from midtown trying to squish the train. If the Hulk will land on the train in 10 minutes, and the train travels at 40 miles per hour, how come Spidey gets to date Shadowcat in the Ultimate Marvel U, but never got to date her in the 616 Marvel Universe?

Or how about this one: With over 50 years worth of comics under his belt, understanding the current continuity to Superman can be difficult. What is the best book to read first in order to understand the complicated world of Superman.

I suspect the answer to that one is “A Dictionary,” though I’m not sure. When I say I’m halfway done with this project I really mean it: I write the questions first and then go back and try to write the answers. Anybody who has a clue on how to answer that first questions should send their response my way. Continue reading

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