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Deep Sea VHS @ The Nitehawk Nov 27th 9:30PM

Ahoy boys and girls! Get ready to roll up your breeches and grab your snorkels because it looks like the grand ‘ol Nitehawk Cinema has been flooded… with Deep Sea VHS! Those globe-sailing lads and lasses at VHS Vault, Wild Eye and Horror Boobs have gone fishing again for the weirdest, wackiest, and wettest VHS tapes they could reel in to bring you a one-of-a-kind event that?s just drowning in deep six video insanity. There will be more trailers, more crazy clips, more trivia games and more freebies than ever before – including a first-time ever, very special 3-D VHS segment so intense, we think we’ll need a bigger VCR!  Meanwhile, Nitehawk’s onsite full restaurant and bar will provide you with all the right rations and rum specials to survive the night, but just when you thought it was safe to go back in the theater, we’ll be serving up a feature film from VHS so landlubbing ludicrous that your eyes will sting like a jellyfish – Lamberto Bava’s 1984 sexed-up sea monster masterpiece Devilfish. So when you are finally sick of staring at your leftover Thanksgiving bird, make sure to set sail to the Nitehawk Cinema on Sunday November 27th at 9:30 PM and enjoy an all-you-can-eat VHS seafood buffet for the eyes!

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VHS VAULT, WILD EYE, and HORROR BOOBS have done it again, join us to exorcise your DVD demons and return to your natural VHS form. One Night only, the show is FREE! Food and drink specials, game show, free VHS tapes, tape trading and more! And enjoy a rare public screening of the insanely warped and near shot-for-shot Turkish ripoff of THE EXORCIST, SEYTAN!

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VHS Goes To College @ Nitehawk Cinema 8/25/11

Thursday August 25th VHS Goes To College @ The Nitehawk Cinema
Get pepped for the second installation of VHS Vault: VHS Goes To College! Featuring a night full of programming straight from the A.V. Club’s personal collection. On Thursday, August 25th, Nitehawk Cinema, Wild Eye Releasing, Horror Boobs and Lunchmeat Magazine team up to blow your heads… tape heads that is.

The VHS Vault unlocks it doors at 9:30, but get there early to avoid a late slip. The day starts off in Homeroom where you’ll be subjected to a trailer show culled from the sleaziest of the school genre. Then prepare to learn a lesson from Lunchmeat as they host an educational clip show. Don’t worry if you forgot to pack a lunch, the cafeteria will be serving up some great food and drink specials. Make sure you brush up on your video knowledge — you’ll never get into college unless you do well on your VHSATs! Horror Boobs whips out another game show with great prizes you definitely don’t want to miss. The evening will culminate with the feature presentation of King Frat on the big screen!

Admission is FREE! Uniform is optional, but you’ll wanna look your best for the Pep Rally. And make sure to bring your back pack, filled with tapes. Trading is encouraged!
Be there… cause we’re taking attendance!
Thursday, August 25th 9:30 PM
136 Metropolitan Ave
Williamsburg Brooklyn

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VHS Trailer Show Part Deux 8/18/11

Coming this Thursday to the 92Y Tribeca Screening RoomVHS Trailer Show Part Deux! I hope you guys are not tried of hearing me talk about VHS cause it ain’t stopping anytime soon.

Some of us refuse to let go of our VHS tapes.

One reason is that they have become a treasure trove of trailers for movies that time forgot. Being forced to scan past them each time you want to get to the feature, you end up developing an affection for these seemingly made-up movies. For the VHS Trailer Show, we present you with our favorite trailers, directly from VHS tapes. Armed with their favorites will be Matt Carman and Kseniya Yarosh (I Love Bad Movies), Mark Freado (Junk Food Dinner), Zach Clark (Modern Love is Automatic), Harry Merritt and Reid Bingham (Cinebeasts), Matthew Desiderio (Horror Boobs/VHS Vault) and a special segment of “VHS Trailers That Should Have Been” from the Found Footage Festival. Expect Vidmark oddities, action heros, and erotic thrillers, to name a few. We’ll also invite audience members to share their favorites, so if you’ve got a tape, cue it up!

Seems like they were stupid nice enough to bring me on board for a segment… finally some recognition! I call it a way to validate all the piles of tapes in my apartment.

Here are the details one more time…

VHS Trailer Show, Part Deux
Thu, Aug 18, 2011, 8 pm
200 Hudson Street Manhattan NY

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