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This Thursday March 29 8PM @ Nitehawk Cinema METAL UP YOUR VCR! A VHS Tribute to HEAVY METAL! FREE!

We’re cranking it to 11 with all new clips, videos, trailers and surprises – all headlined by a very special screening of the 1984 heavy metal (and aerobics) slasher classic ROCKTOBER BLOOD! Plus all the usual VHS freebies, drink specials, tape trading and a brand new, all-metal game show from the hard ‘n’ heavy Horror Boobs that is sure to blow your speakers and tweak your turntables.

The thrashin’ and slashin’ begins at 8pm, so mark your concert schedule and tease out your hair – for New York’s only VHS event completely edited and screened from actual VCRs – Accept no posers and DEATH TO FALSE ANALOG!
Get ready to bang your tape heads and slap on your studded leather as VHS Vault, Wild Eye Releasing and Horror Boobs go back to the decks and journey into the analog abyss for a tribute to all things heavy metal in the latest installment of New York’s ONLY free monthly VHS event – THURSDAY, MARCH 29th starting at 8pm!
Metal Up Your VCR!
Thursday March 29th 8PM
Nitehawk Cinema
136 Metropolitan Ave.
Williamsburg Brooklyn
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Found Footage Festival’s VCR Party!

Come out to the Found Footage Festival’s VCR party at Nitehawk Cinema, I’ll be there with the Horror Boobs crew presenting some classic clips.

Introducing the Found Footage Festival’s new monthly comedy show in New York, featuring new and rare VHS gems, comedians and storytellers sharing their favorite finds, and clips from notable video collectors. The inaugural show, March 20, will feature some brand-new stuff we’re working on for our Vol. 6 tour, choice selections from Derrick Beckles of TV Carnage, comedy from Leo Allen (Jon Benjamin Has a Van) and Craig Baldo (Conan),  a newly discovered filmstrip by Jason Trachtenburg (Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players), clips from the good folks at HorrorBoobs.com, and perhaps an exciting celebrity drop-in. You will leave satisfied (and possibly drunk). At the awesome Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg.

Our friends at Brooklyn Brewery are making it an extra special night. Delicious, rarely available Brooklyn Radius beer will be served at a special price. Lager, too. Tickets are $10 and available here.

Found Footage Festival’s VCR Party!

Tuesday March 20th 9:30 PM

Nitehawk Cinema, 136 Metropolitan Ave., Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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Destroy All VHS

Coming to Brooklyn this Sunday July 10th, Wild Eye Releasing and Nitehawk Cinema present an event to sate the  needs of any film freak.  This ain’t no retro throw back, this is the real deal!  Put your life on pause and prepare to Destroy All VHS!  Not literally, I hope… but you never know what might happen after a few drinks.

Destroy All VHS is a one of a kind event celebrating the greatest home video format ever invented… VHS!  At 10 PM the Play Button is pressed and the fun begins.  First your eyes will be treated to tons of trailers and home movies, then a VCR demonstration by every Videovore’s favorite VHS magazine, Lunchmeat, followed by a sexy/scary clip show by the Horror Boobs.

To top it off-  a showing of Friday The 13th The Orphan! If there was one reason to attend, it would be to catch this rare (never available on your schmancy DVD or Blew-ray format) forgotten classic. All  screened straight from the VCR so you can revel in the fuzz, blips, grain, scratches and screeches.  And if you got a problem with the way it looks get up there and fix the tracking yourself!

Did I mention that the Nitehawk Cinema rules?!  Well if I haven’t yet I did just now.  The theater’s located in Williamsburg Brooklyn just a few blocks off the Bedford Avenue L train stop.  That’s only one stop out of the city, giving you Manahattanites no real excuse.  They have a full bar and restaurant so you can get your drank and chomp on.  And the icing on the cake?  A VHS Museum, so you can soak in that beautiful Big Box art like a true trash connoisseur.

But wait there’s EVEN more…

Both Lunchmeat and Horror Boobs will have a merch table with magazines, T-Shirts, buttons, and most importantly TAPES!!!  I will personally be bringing a slew of crazy rare stuff for trade and sale.  Trades are obviously preferred!!!

One more time…

Destroy All VHS

Sunday July 10th, 10 PM

Nitehawk Cinema

136 Metropolitan Ave

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

See you there!

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