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The Lion and the Unicorn

By Unkiedev

W.I.L.D.C.A.T.S #1 gold foil variant cover
W.I.L.D.C.A.T.S #1 cover

The nineties comic book boom (and subsequent crash) was based on two factors that are still cavorting through the forest of comics today. One is the Unicorn of variant covers, the other is the lion of investor speculation. See how nimbly they prance!

The resale of comic books was viewed as a big business, and the launch of Image comics meant that savvy comic book buyers could get in on the ground floor of a gold mine by purchasing every #1 Image had to publish. Soon, Image and other companies started to publish massive amounts of variant covers to rake in the cash from this wave of speculation.

Since then things have changed…but the Unicorn still dances. Now variant covers are the big marketing tool of the least expected: Marvel and DC. The big two release a theme of variant covers almost weekly to promote upcoming events, movie tie-ins and to spotlight characters.

When Tron was in the theaters Marvel had a wave of TRON themed covers. When they felt like promoting Wolvie a bit more they did variant covers to every single title they had with the chuggin’ canuk on the cover. Do yourself a favor and google “JLApe” if you were too young to remember the time when every DC title had a monkey variant cover. Continue reading

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TRON Legacy Eve

I’ll cool it with the TRON posts soon.  Promise.

  • These gorgeous prints from Mondo went on sale today, but were sold out in mere minutes.


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Line Review: Hot Toys

By Christopher Troy

Allow, for a minute, a small rant. I’m a fairly big Scott Pilgrim fan. Like read all the books, own the blu-ray and game, big fan. I was really excited to hear we were getting some merch for the series, but man, Mezco certainly dropped the ball on the license. Example: This is what we were promised for the Scott Pilgrim plushies:

Not 100% accurate, but you know what, I like them bunches. Faithful to the series art, and not the movie’s look, that Ramona looks awesome. However these were not the final product. Oh no, THIS is what we got.

Yeah. Just yeah. I’ll skip going into a capslock filled rage, and just let the picture do all the talking. I don’t think Gideon would have formed the League of  Seven Evil Exes if Ramona looked like THAT.

Moving on to toys that do their source material the justice they deserve, today’s topic is the Hot Toys line. Hot Toys is a 1/6th scale collectible figure line based in Hong Kong, that (much like Figmas and Revoltechs) don’t solely stick with 1 particular franchise. Oh no, Since the early 2000s, Hoy Toys has created products based on hit movies, video games, anime/manga and actual celebrities. And much like a certain clawed-mutant, they are clearly the best at what they do.

In 2009, Hot Toys shocked the collectible 1/6 market by releasing their take on the Bank Robber Heath Ledger Joker DX (The Dark Knight, which I’m sure you already knew that), which aside from being one of their greatest releases, is probably one of the greatest and most accurate collectible toys ever released. The attention to details is just scary. Assuming you can actually find one, you’ll find yourself holding a 1/6 version of the late Heath Ledger, which comes with a plethora of accessories, and insane amount of articulation, and the ability to change the Joker from his default design to his Bank Robber disguise (hence the title). Hot Toys also created the revolutionary  Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS) which gives the Joker Hot Toys the ability to look at you at any given position. Spooky no? The Dark Knight line also saw the release of Harvey Dent/Two-face, a few versions of Batman, and a few of his vehicles from both films. Continue reading

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TRON Legacy: 28 Years of Anticipation, Just 7 Days To Go

It’s no secret that not since The Fellowship of the Ring have I looked forward to a movie as much as I do TRON Legacy.  Just seven days to go!

Sam, Quorra, TRON Legacy Poster

If you find yourself needing a fix in that time I suggest you pick up a copy of the TRON The Betrayal TP.

Tron Betrayal TP Fabian Disney Press

Yes, I’m well aware that I have been known to rail against the formulaic, cliched, now-requisite prequel comic before (see: Inception for example).  However, Betrayal has enough interesting moments and relevant plot details to make it at least worth a read.


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LOOKEE! for the 14th of October, 2010

Unca Grant as one angry, frilly-shirted badass vs. My Chemical Romance

Redemption:  The sequel to one of the most ambitious SF cinema flops of all time is expected to become one of the biggest films of all time.

What’s happening to my special purpose?  Action Flick Chick as The Baroness NYCC

Vanity: Jeff Ayers on Jeff Ayers’ job. 26 minutes of me pontificating upon the vagaries of NYC comic retail on the hottest day in recorded NYC history. In reality I know the difference between Detective Comics #27 and #37 and tensile and tactile.  Saw a doctor and got rid of it.

Lord loves a workin’ man:  Grant Morrison on Twitter.

When you’re rich and famous you’ll send me a postcard:  Thank you, Messrs. Gaiman and McKean for all the conversation pieces you’ve provided me throughout the years.  Thank you DC for changing The Sandman’s trade dress all old-timey and shit.

Don’t trust whitey:  Comics cover price = $2.99?

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New TRON Legacy Teaser Poster: Quorra

Olivia Wilde’s character, Quorra… traversing the Grid in heels.

QuorraIn other TRON Legacy news I picked up a neat-o Identity Disc slash frisbee at the shop yesterday.  Looks great, flies like poop… but who cares about functionality when you’ve got something so badass (and relatively cheap!) in your eager paws.


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TRON Update 8.29.10

…In which we catch up with one of our favorite subjects.

  • Actor Peter Jurasik, who played a compound interest program named Crom in the original film, showed up in an article in the Star News (North Carolina) over the weekend chatting about his experience while shooting the original classic film.

Peter_Jurasik_Crom“Steve Lisberger who created it, first of all, he hired all of us for almost the entire run of the thing. So people became almost like a little family,” Jurasik said. “He put all those TRON video games right on the set, they served us breakfast, lunch and dinner right on the set. … I remember Jeff Bridges bringing his guitar and plugging in. It was a really nice set to be on because we were like … science fiction outlaws.”

Jurasik is a veteran bit player and SF television icon who co-starred with Tron himself,  Bruce Boxleitner, in the superlative Babylon 5.

  • A new Hungarian poster reveals Jem, a character played by Beau Garrett (below).
  • Tron_JemSimilarly, there’s also a new poster depicting Jeff Bridges as Flynn, though I’m not so keen on this one for some reason.  Maybe I’m just waiting for a de-aged Bridges as CLU in some badass pose or something.  This one strikes me as something out of The Big Tronbowski, and I keep mentally replacing the Identity Disc with a bowling ball… comma dude.



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SDCC 2010: New TRON Legacy Trailer

New TRON Legacy footage premiered at Comic-Con this morning!!!

Pretty rad, huh? More footage was reportedly shown at the panel, but this represents what’s officially been released to the web. It’s enough, though, as there’s plenty for any fan’s tongue to wag at. Recognizers, Identity Disc battles, a rather nifty de-res shot, a de-aged Bridges as CLU looking reasonably seamless, Light Cycle races, and some kind of Light Jet contraption (looks like an X-Wing fighter, actually) to cap things off… Oh my, have I got the vapors!

I’ve watched this video… um… let’s just say more than once.


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TRON Legacy Check-In, July 8th

It’s been a bit since The Daily Planet presented any news bytes on its most anticipated movie of 2010, so let’s check in and see what’s shaking!

  • Empire Magazine’s new issue features, among other geeky pursuits, a TRON piece and two covers featuring Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedland) on a Light Cycle…


The cover story has insight from Legacy director Joe Kosinski, and the original’s director and TRON creator Steven Lisberger.  To add sauce to goose, Empire‘s offering exclusive stills, including this one of the reclusive Kevin Flynn…

  • Jeff_Bridges_Kevin_Flynn_TronThe MTV Movies Blog has an on-set interview with actress Olivia Wilde, who plays Cora, the female lead and an acolyte of Flynn,  and the lady seen lounging around for a heartbeat in the film’s trailer, a heartbeat that set many a dork’s tongue-a-waggin.


Question: Do you have your own entire storyline, or are you just there to support the men?

Wilde: Oh god, no! I’m not just there to support the men, which is what’s so fantastic about this film. I often say that, you know, the reason you see so many … actresses taking television roles is because there are more roles where you can play an independent woman, not just someone’s sister or girlfriend and it’s become rare in film, I think, to play an independent woman. This is one of the films where I get to do that. So, to answer your question, thank god no, I’m not just there!



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Stan Marsh Vs. Facebook (AKA The Master Control Program)

South Park, a program which I ashamedly admit I’ve only had a modest interest in since its debut despite a circle of friends who swear by its perpetual gut-busting charms, recently aired a spot-on episode titled “You Have 0 Friends” equating the ubiquitous behemoth Facebook to Tron’s Master Control Program.

Stan is digitized a la Kevin Flynn and sent to the Game Grid for having the audacity to attempt to delete his profile… and Facebook the MCP will have none of that!

So what sort of games are the conscripts profiles forced to play to gain their freedom? Jai Alai?  A Light Cycle race to the death?

NO!  Yahtzee!

Looove the episode’s Tron parody segments (the little touches go a long way- Facebook Saark is a more accurate cartoon depiction of a real person/character, actor David warner in this case, than any featured on The Simpsons in a long time… The MCP’s voice and the line, “I’m afraid I can’t let you do that, Stan Marsh.” ), but the episode’s real strength is its biting commentary on the Facebook phenomenon and the various social changes it has loosed upon the world. For better, but mostly worse.

Great episode.


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Links 3/11/10


  • Coming soon: Battlestar Galactica MMO.  Slated to be a browser-based space strategy game, offered exclusively on syfy.com for its first 30 days, this is being developed by obscure (and relatively unproven) Norwegian developer Artplant– which leads one to assume their app (or bid) wowed the Bigs behind such a high-profile and expensive license.



If you’re under 19 and want a free early look at the book for review on your blog/paper/whatever, send a note with your address to torpublicity@tor.com with “FTW” for the subject-line.  Also include the name of your blog or school paper.  For fun, also share a game you enjoyed recently and why.

We did this with Little Brother a couple years back, on the grounds that books for young people should be available for young reviewers to write about, rather than just adult reviewers who try to figure out whether young people will enjoy them.  It was a real success and I’m happy to be repeating it.


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Tronorail, Tronorail, Tronorail

lylelanleyWell, sir, there’s nothing on Earth
Like a genuine,

Greetings, Programs!  Personally, it’s been a tough week, so please forgive me my second Tron Legacy related post in four days.  Gotta go with what brought a smile to my face today.

First, the new teaser trailer for the film released earlier in the week.  It features Bruce “The Box” Boxleitner returning to the role of Alan Bradley/TRON, a return to Flynn’s Arcade, a classic Tron stand-up featuring the ENCOM logo, a Recognizer, Light Cycles, and Oscar-Winner Jeff Bridges as CLU (the purported villain of the film and CG-enhanced to look like Bridges ca.1990) and as Kevin Flynn ca.2011.

Let’s take a look:

YouTube Preview Image

…And second, Disney World is emblazoning Epcot’s monorail with Light Cycles and jet walls.


“Is there a chance the track could bend?”

“Not on your life my Hindu friend!”


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Kevin Flynn Finally Wins an Oscar, Man! or… THAT is a Very Big Door, Dude!!!

jeffbridgesJeff Bridges, El Duderino if you’re not into the whole brevity thing,  has finally won an Oscar, man.  Between you and me The Dude should have been given a lifetime achievment award years ago, and presented multiple statues for “The Fabulous Baker Boys,” “Fearless,” and one of the great fantasy films of all time, “The Fisher King.”

Fuckin A, man!

In the parlance of our time, of course.

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Daft Punk: The Crash

Could this be an official track from the French duo’s Tron Legacy score?  Internet scuttlebutt says so.  Very much in line with Wendy Carlos’ iconic music for the first film, with some signature Daft Punk touches, sprinkled with a hint of Vangelis.  What a recipe!!!

I had to change my pants around 03:50.

YouTube Preview Image

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