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Toy Fair has happen and  me start this article by thanking whatever Hasbro employee is reading this site on the regular, or stalking me elsewhere, internet or in real life. The fruits of your research are something I’m willing to throw some serious cash at this year, and since my wife is out of town for the next few days, you can be my Valentine this year

The company has done me a solid by releasing not one, but 2 modern Cyclops figures this year, both in a box set in the Universe line (Marvel’s Greatest Teams, packaged with Emma Frost and the Juggernaut possessed Colossus) and a 6″ figure apart of the Wolverine Legends line (which also has a Emma Frost figure!), as well as a modern HAWKGUY (or Hawkeye as he’s more commonly known as). You’ll also see at least another 2-3 waves in the main Marvel Legends line, 2 in the Universe line (until SDCC reveals more), and both 6″ and 3.75″ figures based on upcoming movies like “Iron Man 3” and “Thor 2”, and animated stuff like “Ultimate Spider-Man” and the new “Avengers Assemble” show. Good showing all around from Hasbro/Marvel.

So my Marvel boner aside, what else did Toy Fair 2013 have to offer you ask? Shut up and I’ll tell you stupid! There was Batman merchandise everywhere (no one is surprised by this), but Mattel got a ton of hype thanks to securing the rights to make figures based on the classic live action Batman series from the 1960s. Expect to see both 6″ and Barbie-sized releases this year, amongst others. Square Enix is also going DC Comics crazy as well, with figures based on the Nolan Bat-films, the upcoming Man of Steel film, and giving their own spin to the DCU with the DC Universe Square Enix Variant line. Heroes announced so far were obviously the Bat, Green Lanetern, Batgirl, Flash and Wonder Woman. And not to be out done, DC Collectible showed off a ton of figures based on the Injustice game, The Flash, the Death of Family arc, and the upcoming Justice League of America series.

Mezco, as I reported last time, scored 2 unique licenses, with the hit drama Breaking Bad, and the hit insane webcomic- turn actual comics-turn upcoming animated Fox TV series Axe Cop. They’re going all out with these properties, putting out a variety of different sized figurs/figurines, dolls and plushies. Also joining the 6″ figure arms race is Kenner, with The Star Wars Black series! These 6″ figures will focus on the classic trilogy, so expect the likes or R2-D2, Luke Skywalker, a Sand Trooper and….Darth Maul. Um, I guess they’re focusing MOSTLY on the classic trilogy, not entirely!

There are several other announcements of note too, like McFarlane making toys based on Assassin’s Creed 3 in the same vein of their Halo line, Square Enix branching out and making figures based on Namco, EA and Capcom games, of ton of new and old G.I. Joe stuff, but I’m going to end this focusing on the MASSIVE  2 foot tall Transformers Generation Titan Metroplex. He’s based on his aaperance in last year’s Transformers: Fall of Cyberton game, and yeah, it’s kind of friggin awesome. Aside from the 2 foot robot, he can also transform into a city, and mobile battle station. Not sure  when it will drop, but it will this year and not be cheap.

Gonna end the look at Toy Fair here. I can only tease so much, but fear not, everything big and cool announced at the show will eventually be for sale at Forbidden Planet this coming year, and we’ll be getting better looks at them as they’re released.

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The debut issue of Superior Spider-Man makes it clear that Peter Parker Spider-Man is still swinging around in the mind of his body’s usurper, Dr. Otto Octavious. While we have no idea what crazy comics writer Dan Slott will do next, it is safe to say we shall see Peter Parker back in the driver seat of his own body sooner than later.

Meanwhile, over in the pages of Batman, the Joker has gathered the entire Bat-Family together for an awkward dinner party. Ole’ Strap-face is trying to make the point to Bruce that his emotional dependence to his crime-fighting partners is always going to slow him down.

A point he will surely try to make through death, namely the eponymous Death of the Family. Many will ask “Who will die?” A more jaded person might ask “Who will care?”
We can’t grumble about the short-term deaths of our comic book brothers and sisters. The crazy, never-say-die ups and downs of these fictional people’s lives are half the fun, am I right? I’m really looking forward to Mars Attacks the Transformers this week, and I wouldn’t give one Energon cube’s worth of dang if the Martians won!  In fact, I’m ROOTING for the Martians…they didn’t do so well agains Popeye, the Ghostbusters or Kiss, and I do like me an underdog.

DC hits the shelves running, with Justice League #16, Batwoman #16 and Green Lantern #16. Also up is the conclusion to the interesting experiment that was Before Watchmen, namely The Minutemen #6 of 6. Like many stories, some of the books were good, some were less than stellar. The question is, “Was this worth alienating fans and creators over?”
So what is the answer?
The Answer is a brand new book from Dark Horse hitting the shelves this week! Now as to whether squeezing the last blood out of Watchmen was worth it, that all depends on who you are. If you are Warner Brothers, absolutely. You now have a wealth of material you can mine when you want to create a prequel Watchmen movie.
Dark Horse will also be publishing two great books which, financially, will fit my wallet well.  Buffyverse sampler #1 is an incredible bargain; Four issues of the ongoing Buffy spin-off titles under one cover for the low price of $4.99! Take all that money you just saved getting four comics for the price of one and get ready to spend it. Dark Horse is publishing Final Fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano’s brand new illustrated novel called Deva Zan, and while it is beautiful it sure ain’t cheap.
And then there’s some Marvel books out. You don’t really care about those guys, do you?

Deadpool #4 has Deadpool vs Zombie Lincoln (Ironic hipster “Yawn”) and FF#3 has Mike Allred art! Uncanny X-Force #1 is one of my most anticipated books of 2013, and the wait is over! On the flip side, the relaunch of Young Avengers could be awesome, but could be a terrible cash-grab. No expectations, peoples, lets dive on in!

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Spawn of Unkiedev

So last Thursday my wife gave birth to our first child. #Overrated. I had always thought that my son would have a great love of comics like his old man. So far Unkiedev Jr. likes only two things: chaos and nipples.

Don’t get me wrong, that’s my kind of guy. I’m slightly worried that he’s a vampire, as he sleeps all day and, much like a Lost Boy, parties all night. My suspicions were NOT quelled when the nurse told us that the newborn feeds on milk which Momma synthesizes from her blood.

Diagnosis: Vampire.


There’s a catch-22 to being the new father to a geek baby. Unless your particular brand of geek chic is compulsively collecting swaddling clouts, there is not a single aspect of our collections that are baby safe.

Now that I have a baby I have to put my autographed Michael Dorn Bat’leth in storage. Apparently, avenging one’s blood honor is not “Age Appropriate.” All my thousands of brightly colored LEGO pieces, GONE. My friend was going to give me, no joke, an unopened Masterpiece Skywarp Transformer he had an extra of. Needless to say, that ain’t happening now.

I’m starting to think the Missus wanted a child just so she could have the spare bedroom cleaned.


We collect these vast storehouses of awesome in order to pass them on to our progeny, but in order to have room for a safe baby, half of it has to go.

Sometimes it’s easy to know what to toss in order to make room for baby. I was about to throw out my run of Civil War when who should walk out of a time vortex but my baby, now 53 and sporting a sweet robotic arm and dashing facial scar. He said that the number one comic character of the future is CLOR, and that our family’s slow decline into cannibalistic madness starts with me throwing his first appearance out.

“Good to know,” I said, as I lit them on fire. Look, I’ve watched enough Doctor Who to recognize a Living Skin Doppelganger when I see one.


This process of distillation is healthy and natural. The most beautiful Bonsai trees are created from careful pruning.

When my son is 16 he’s going to want this red leather slipcase of Kingdom Come in order to ironically make himself feel better that girls think he’s nerdy, but I don’t think he, or anybody else in 16 years, is going to want a DVD set of New Battlestar Galactica Season 4.5. Some things are better left unseen.

That is all from Unkiedev and family. I have to go… Baby is crying his eyes out. I think he just found out they’re making The Hobbit movies a trilogy.

All our breast. I mean best. Either way, all of it.

NEXT WEEK: Guest columnist Alternate Timeline Unkiedev Jr. will tell us all what makes CLOR so special.


More musings from Unkiedev, Earth’s own sidekick, can be read at unkiedev.blogspot.com

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The New York Comic Con is BACK, ushering in the reminder that New York is the center of the publishing world. The NYCC has the BEST artists’ alley, the best small press books and the best collection of Yankees hats of any comic book con on Earth.

You do know that I, Unkiedev, am a psychic man with vast knowledge of the future. Would you like me to highlight a few super spiffy revelations coming out of NYCC BEFORE the actual event?

Let’s do this! Revealing the future Op, Op, Op, Op, Gangnam Style!

IDW will announce a HUGE January crossover between some of their biggest licensed properties and Mars Attacks! Everybody’s favorite dog-kicking dome heads will be taking on the Transformers, the Ghostbusters, Popeye, KISS (of all people) and the Zombies Vs. Robots universes. THIS WILL BE GOOD.

One does wonder why they will not be taking on GI Joe, Dr Who or Star Trek, some of IDW’s other big IPs. A personal favorite would be to see Mars Attack TANK GIRL, the punk pugilist who drinks first and asks questions never, or those heroes in a half shell, the Teenage Mutant something somethings.

‘Twould be cool. I AM looking forward to this crossover MORE than their previous cross-company events, such as the zombie invasion and Lovecraft invasions. I am HOPING Transformers will give a little bit of love to Cosmos, the green UFO Autobot who is big on heart and small on screen time.

MEANWHILE, Dark Horse will announce a new comic from Umbrella Academy creator Gerard Way and Becky Cloonan called The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys.  It looks like a thrill kill comic featuring a boy band in leather, and promises to be as ‘90s as Kurt Cobain eating a Chocodile.


Still, Forbidden Planet will be a pretty cool place during the con, too! DC picked the right week to publish Batman #13, as this latest issue of the Caped Crusader’s exploits features the Joker returning to Gotham in his New 52 debut! Get your copy at the Planet and suspiciously leave it half hanging out of your book bag as you walk the con floor. Folks will be able to tell you are a discerning comics buyer of unimpeachable taste.

Dark Horse has a huge new anthology comic called Once Upon a Time Machine, which looks super good and will be featuring new work from Brandon Graham of King City fame…but anthologies can be hit or miss. Let’s get the buzz from the con floor and then pick this one up!

I’ll have to think about it…I mean, I might need that money to buy all the variant covers to the new Red She-Hulk and Uncanny Avengers books hitting the shelves this week!

THIS WEEK IS GOING TO BE A BLAST for comic fans, both at the NYCC and outside looking in! Be here at Forbidden Planet for anything and absolutely everything comics-related!


More musings from Unkiedev, Earth’s own sidekick, can be read at unkiedev.blogspot.com

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My hat is off to IDW, as they are truly showing the other companies what it means to publish comics in the new millennium. They publish the most mainstream of mainstream titles, but find the coin to get the nicest, small interest art books on the shelves to boot. They have all the prestige of a small boutique press, but are shameless in their high profile licenses.

If I went back in time twenty years and told you (if you were alive, and demographically speaking that is a safe bet) that ONE COMPANY would have the licensing rights to ALL of the following titles, Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Crow, Godzilla, G.I. Joe, and Magic the Gathering, you would swear I was lying…and those are just the titles they’re shipping this week!

And True Blood, which I omitted as nobody from twenty years ago knew what the heck that was.

NOW keep in mind that IDW is also publishing Frankenstein Alive, Alive! #2, the sequel to Bernie Wrightson’s Frankenstein (arguably one of the best rendered fantasy art stories of our time) as well as putting out beautiful, Artist edition reprints of Bernie Wrightson’s Muck Monster AND Sergio Aragone’s Groo and you can begin to see the bigger picture.

IDW is performing miracles, churning out quality comics to appeal to both the lowest of the mainstream ignoramuses and the snootiest of the high-minded comic book purists.

Get on board the IDW love fest and drink the IDW Kool-Aid! Continue reading

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Transformers Prime Knock Out Review

It seems that with every recent Transformers production, there has been that one character that the fans just love. It could be based on how they are on-screen or how they’re played off in their character bio. A great case of the former is Blitzwing in Transformers Animated. I don’t think anyone was expecting a crazy German ‘con with multiple personalities. For the latter, I’d say Bonecrusher from the movies: a ‘con of pure hatred. Too bad he died in seconds. For Transformers: Prime, it is without a doubt Knock Out; a totally fabulous, crazy Decepticon. Surely the show’s most popular character will have a great toy, right? Right?

Well, I hate to say it, but this is probably the worst Transformers I’ve purchased in quite awhile.

I’m not sure if I’ve stated this before, but I love Decepticons as fast cars. To me it makes more sense for the Autobots to have like, civil protection vehicles like military and police stuff, and the Decepticons to have stuff that’s more “dirty”, so in terms of his vehicle mode, Knock Out excels. His weapon just… oddly hangs off the side however.

But the big issue here is how much smaller deluxes are now. He’s only barely bigger than a Scout, and is absolutely dwarfed by a Classics Deluxe! And to think they cost more now…

Now, I don’t mind the figures getting smaller when the quality gets higher. Well, the transformation for Knock Out is where things start to get messy. His transformation has no real rhyme or reason to it, namely in the top half.

And in robot mode… yeah, I kinda had to be told this was Knock Out before I realized it was him. His robot mode is just too… lanky, whereas in the show he has a lot more bulk and depth to him. While the mainline TF:P toys haven’t really been works of art compared to the First Editions, but I can only imagine how much worse he would have looked compared to a First Edition.

His face isn’t that great, on top of it all. It feels so… flat, and the silver just doesn’t help it. It needs more snark. Continue reading

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Transformers Prime Megatron Review

By Loran

And once again, I find myself reviewing Megatron

I wasn’t too big on the design for Megatron in Transformers Prime originally. It just felt like a shameless rehash of his design from the first movie, only scarier. But well, Frank Welker’s performance as him really sold me on it. Heck, I didn’t even recognize him at first. It’s much better than the voice he used in the games for the live-action movies, that’s for sure.

In vehicle mode, Megatron is a… thing. Okay, I usually don’t mind Cybertronian alt-modes but god, this thing is just weird. It’s like Megatron tried to scan a Klingon Bird of Prey and got distracted and scanned a pile of metal halfway into it. I just can’t get over the exposed head in this mode. It’s too silly even for me. Everything IS quite stable in this mode, though. Many of the parts peg into other parts nicely and securely.

Megatron’s transformation drives me nuts. But not in the bad way, I guess. It’s that good kind of complex that’ll actually stump you. Either way, he has way too many hinged parts. They really clash against each other and I’m always worried I’m gonna break one of them off.

Despite all that, though, holy crap is this robot mode menacing. All the glowing translucent purple plastic looks so good here, and I really wish purple showed up better on my camera. It’s like he has Dark Energon flowing right through his body. His plastic is even textured, too, making him even feel like a crazy, war-mongering Decepticon general. Unfortunately, as cool as the textured plastic is, the gray color just doesn’t do it for me. It feels a little too light, though the dark color in the animation may just be due to the lighting conditions in the show. Continue reading

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Transformers Prime Soundwave Review

By Loran

The Transformers Prime mainline is finally here, even though it’s being called Robots in Disguise for some reason (because it’s not like there was another toyline/cartoon with the same name…). Either way, like they say, a rose by any other name is still a rose. I’m glad the line’s finally here, even if it took what, a year after the show came out for the toys to hit shelves? And those were just the first editions (which I wish I had…). Let’s hope that despite some potential ups and downs that this line is going to be around for awhile, and the cartoon as well.

One of my most highly-anticipated entries into the Prime toyline was Soundwave. He’s a first in Transformers, changing into a Reaper drone. The transformation is unfortunately not perfect, coming with a lot of visible robot kibble in vehicle mode. I can’t say this is all that surprising considering his vehicle mode. Nothing like this has been done before so there will definitely be some sort of a learning curve for Hasbro and Takara until they get it down.

There’s nothing too fancy about Soundwave’s transformation, but it’s nothing too complicated either. His arms gain quite a bit of length from the transformation, which is probably my favorite aspect of his design.

Even without the long, extended arms, this incarnation of Soundwave is probably my favorite take on the character. You can tell by looking at his creepy, slender form that he’s one of the guys the other Decepticons don’t associate with much. He’s the ‘con who spends all day at his post working and everyone else is too afraid to go near him. The fact that he never says a word is just the icing on the cake. Continue reading

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2012 Transformers Generations Waves

By Loran

It’s been no secret that Transformers: Classics was one of the best ideas ever. Transformers had never had direct updates to the original characters in the modern era, just repaints and homages. Classics was a line nobody ever saw coming and was a huge hit, spawning two offshoot lines. The latter of which is getting a continuation this summer to coincide with the release of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, the sequel to 2010’s hit game War for Cybertron. It’s likely that we’ll see more classics-based figures later on, but for now all we have are game figures, and for the most part, they look pretty good.

Wave one is going to consist of a new Optimus, Jazz, and SHOCKWAVE! Yes, Shockwave is finally getting a figure fit for our Classics shelves. Keep in mind, though, that we won’t be seeing these until about fall. It’s a shame we have to wait so long, but I guess it gives Hasbro plenty of time to get all the Robots in Disguise/Prime product on the shelves.

I’m kind of lukewarm on Optimus’ new design. I don’t really like it, and I don’t hate it. It makes sense as an upgrade to his design from the first game, as it looks more hardened and experienced, but on the other hand it just seems pointless. Still, it’s a nice looking toy I’ll probably pick up.

While I don’t really need a new Jazz after the fantastic Reveal the Shield release, Fall of Cybertron Jazz is FANTASTIC as well. I really wanted to see other carformers outside of Bumblebee in the first line, and Jazz fits the bill nicely. He looks great in both modes, and he’s probably my favorite of the first wave. Continue reading

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Kre-O Sentinel Prime Review

When I was a kid, I was really into LEGO, even more than I was into action figures. As the years went on, though, I noticed the sets were declining in quality, mostly due to the amount of effort they were funneling into the Star Wars sets. As a result, I got more and more interested in Gunpla and began focusing my efforts there. I can’t say I regret it, since I’ve gotten much better at that than I ever was at LEGO. Still, once in awhile, I go back to it or maybe even those neat HALO Mega Bloks sets. But I’m not here to talk about those—I’m here to talk about Kre-O.

Now as much as we want to forget it, Built to Rule happened. It was a great concept, but horribly executed. For those who don’t know, Built to Rule was Hasbro’s last attempt at a building block series, and it wasn’t very good. The bricks rarely stayed together and the end products were pretty disappointing once finished, especially the Transformers. This time, though, it seems Hasbro got a few things right, but there’s still room for improvement.

I made my first foray into Kre-O with Sentinel Prime, since I like buying the characters we DON’T see every year. And because he was cheap for me, but that’s neither here nor there. Unsurprisingly, his design here is based on his appearance in Dark of the Moon, but there are a few other influences which I’ll get to later.

His vehicle mode is the similar to the airport firetruck he transforms into in the movie, and it is surprisingly big; certainly bigger than any time LEGO did a vehicle like this. He has opening doors and a positionable, spring-loaded water cannon as well as ladders that don’t really do anything. Unfortunately he only has one seat for the driver, but I can’t say I’m that surprised. Continue reading

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The Weekly Pulse – January 12th, 2012

Man-o-man, is this week ever a big one! Tons of new comics, plus some toys and some graphic novels thrown in!

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Transformers DOTM Cyberverse Ironhide

By Loran

Okay, I usually don’t got for characters I already have at different scales unless there’s a huge design difference, but sometimes I cave… when there’s a sale. Though I will say I do like the concept of the whole Cyberverse Commander thing. Legends are neat, yeah, but sometimes it’s nice to have some Transformers characters just a wee bit bigger. It gives them scale closer to the original cartoon, where there were four sizes: Short, average, tall, and HOLYCRAPHUGE. Of course, characters would sometimes change between those scales depending on the scene, because I have a sneaking suspicion the animators didn’t care.

I bought Cyberverse Commander Ironhide to be a nemesis for my Cyberse Blackout. I figured it’d be appropriate to pit the grumpy gun-toting Autobot against the Decepticon powerhouse. I also didn’t wanna waste my time with Optimus or Megatron because they both have better versions with trailers and stuff.

Ironhide’s vehicle mode is the good ol’ GMC Topkick, albeit a little less detailed than usual. And I REALLY mean less detailed. There’s no depth to the bed (although there’s a reason for that) and his windows aren’t colored, not even in a different shade of black. Also, I’m not sure if it’s just mine, but half of the “GMC” logo is unpainted. I couldn’t tell this from the package because he’s packaged in robot mode… Continue reading

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Transformers DOTM Specialist Ratchet review

By Loran

Movie Ratchet has been kind of a weird character for me, toy-wise, ever since the first Transformers movie. I loved the look of his robot mode, and I love his… odd choice of a vehicle mode for a medic. But I could never, ever get past that stupid color scheme he had in the movies. I mean, lime green? You’re a medic, you shouldn’t want to make your patients throw up at the mere sight of you! Thankfully, he’s gotten a new mold each movie, and each one got a much more… pleasing repaint. And thus far, Ratchet is the only Autobot from the first movie that I DON’T own in his on-screen color scheme!

Specialist Ratchet borrows his color scheme from concept art for the first movie, when the cast included Inferno in his place. As much as I love Inferno I’m glad they went with Ratchet instead. It just made more sense to have the first group of Autobots to all be from the 1984 lineup, in my opinion. When I first heard about this repaint, I feared he was gonna be a Japanese-exclusive or something. Thankfully that wasn’t the case!

Ratchet transforms into the same weird search-and-rescue Hummer we’ve seen for the past three toylines. Curiously there are no Hummer markings anywhere on his form, or anything unique on his tires. The package does mention him being a Hummer H2 and he has the GM logo, so I’m not sure what’s going on there. This vehicle mode is a HUGE improvement over the last Deluxe Ratchet, which looked a little too… cartoony, and had some serious undercarriage problems. This one looks perfect. Sadly, there is only one MechTech port in this mode, located on the spare tire, but I actually really like how his gun looks there! Makes it look like a water cannon or something.

His transformation isn’t all that difficult but a few elements may take you by surprise on a first go, like the way the arms fold out and how the backpack slides out. Still, not as annoying as some other movie deluxes. Continue reading

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Transformers DOTM Cyberverse Blackout Review

By Loran

When the first Transformers movie came out, one figure fans had a lot of complaints about was Blackout. He was a Voyager-class figure, but a rather small one—the smallest one ever at that point. He also had a problem with his automorph gimmick, one that involved something with his gears slipping out. When the Leader-class Brawl was announced, fans were hopeful that we’d see Blackout in that scale sometime soon. Time passed and unfortunately, our wish wasn’t answered—no Voyager-class Bonecrusher, either. Well, it took them two more movies but we finally got a new Blackout figure!

…as a scout-class.

This just boggles my mind. A lot of us wanted a Scout-class Bumblebee to go with Voyager Optimus and Deluxe Ironhide and a Leader-class Blackout, and instead we get a Scout-class Blackout and a Leader-class Bumblebee? Seriously, I think Hasbro secretly hates us sometimes.

Blackout is a part of the Cyberverse Commander line, a line with “pocket-sized” versions of larger characters and a handful of new ones. They’re basically bigger, more complex Legends, and for some reason I find them more interesting than the regular Legends (or “Legion” as they’re called now).

His vehicle mode is still the licensed Sikorsky Pave Low, indicating that Hasbro’s contract with Sikorsky (or whoever they have it with) is still in effect. It’s pretty damn detailed considering how small it is, all things considered. I would’ve expected to see a few more corners cut on a figure this size. Personally I think Legends/Legion should just be dropped in favor of this class. It’s much more fun! Continue reading

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Transformers DOTM Voyager Sentinel Prime Review

By Loran

Over the years, Sentinel Prime’s been seen in one form or another, and typically, no two are alike. Typically, he’s Optimus Prime’s predecessor, but in the case of his most known incarnation (Animated) he was Prime’s rival. As much as I liked Animated Sentinel, I think it was a wise idea to make him Optimus’s predecessor again. Most importantly of all, it gave us a chance to hear the ever-fantastic Leonard Nimoy in Transformers again. I gotta say, Leonard Nimoy’s performance was the best part of Dark of the Moon, and I’ll fight you if you think otherwise!

I opted for the Voyager-class figure to give myself a figure to go with the similarly-scaled Optimus and Megatron.

Sentinel Prime’s vehicle mode is a big fire truck, the kind used to put out fires at airports. I had a LEGO set like one of these once! It was awesome. Some people were upset about the fire truck wasn’t Inferno, seeming to forget the fact that sometimes the name of the character and their personality are a liiiittle more important than what they turn into. Anyway, it’s a pretty cool vehicle that I don’t think we’ve seen at a larger scale before. Continue reading

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