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Our 200 Best-Selling Graphic Novels of 2013

Even though it’s damn near the middle of February I thought the following list of Forbidden Planet NYC’s most popular, best-selling graphic novels of 2013 would be of some interest.

Perhaps you’re looking for a new read, and are curious as to what the cool kids in the heppest city in the solar system are picking up (even if some of these books have been perennial faves for years and years).  Perhaps you’ll be looking at this list for some other reason (stalkers). Either way, thanks to all our customers who made 2013, and every year, such a great time to be in the business of slinging quality books!

It’s a rather lengthy post so it continues after the jump…

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Silence is Golden

By Unkiedev

Comic books are the perfect marriage of pictures and words…but even the best couples need to take a break from one another from time to time!

There is a great tradition of comics without words, or silent comic books.  Sometimes the entire series is done in this fashion, although sometimes it’s just a one-off, fun gimmick. Sergio Aragone’s has two collections of some of his best doodles titled Actions Speaks and Louder Than Words, but he’s not the only talent throwing the English language in the crapper.

To some, Frank Miller is the quintessential God of comic books, the brilliant mind behind the ultimate Batman story The Dark Knight Returns and the genius behind the sensational films/comics 300 and Sin City. My review of the man would be somewhat less enthusiastic.

Still, the guy did do some great work, such as the silent comic Sin City: Silent Night. In Silent Night, a Dark Horse one-shot from 1994, tough guy Marv wordlessly strides through some of the most gorgeous brush and ink work Miller has ever committed to paper on his way to rescue a kidnapped little girl during a snow storm. Beautifully evocative white splotches fall slowly on scenes of grizzly death and torture as Marv slices, punches, and kicks his way through hired thugs.
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