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Save some bread on The Valiant #, Angela Asgard’s Assassin and More

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Also, here’s our Daily Deals:

Angela Asgard’s Assassin #1 ($4) $1.99
Tomb Raider TP Vol 01 ($20) $9.99
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You Are a Cat in the Zombie Apocalypse ($18) $9.99

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Troy’s Toys: The one where I realise it’s been awhile


MTY9633BlgMTY9633AAlgIT HAS BEGUN! Revealed back at San Diego Comic Con this past summer, the first 2 waves of Batman ’66 figures have finally hit our shelves. FINALLY MORE BATMAN FIGURES JOKE GOES HERE! I imagine there’s actually some hype around these toys, as the long beloved TV show still has a huge fanbase, despite the fact that you can’t watch the show in any format due to legal problems. At least in a manner that Fox or Warner profits from. You can however give us cash money for action figures though. Series 1 has Batman, the Riddler and Penguin, and series 2 adds the Jokers and Surf’s Up Batman, complete with Bat-trunks and Bat-surf board. Which is pretty great, at least in my opinion you guys. Mattel, forced to not being able to recycle parts, has done a great job with these sculpts, going as far as to sculpt on a tiny mustache on the Joker’s upper lip and putting slippers over the Riddler’s leotard, both nice nods to the show. And the paint jobs are super sharp, only matching the figures up to their on-screen counterparts even more. At $24 a pop, this probably only appeals to older collectors/ fans of the show, but at least you’re getting your money’s worth. And it’s only beginning, as we’ll be getting a button more Batman ’66 related products in.

STK616768 Play-Arts-Kai-DC-Comics-Variant-Green-Lantern-1 Play-Arts-Kai-DC-Comics-Variant-Batman-1

Maybe you’re saying to yourself “Chris, maybe I want some DC toys, but I want them with some questionable designs!” ARE YOU EVER IN LUCK MYSTERIOUS INTERNET PERSON. The first line of the DC Variant Play Art Kai figures are out and man. Just..man.


As someone who’s played his fair share of Japanese video game and  watched a decent amount of the animes, I really don’t get what’s going on here. These are like Amei-Con statues gone rogue, only articulate and packing variant pieces and weapons. LIKE A KATANA, WHY WOULD BATMAN BE PACKING A KATANA, THAT IS A FINE WAY TO KILL PEOPLE, SOMETHING BATS DOES NOT DO. And don’t be fooled by these preview shots, the shoulders on these things are actually awful and bulky on both Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. I’m not sure who’d want to spend $80+ on these, but we have them in stock if you’re someone who is.

DMC11961 TheWolverineMMgroup1

Going to stop talking DC for the day to point out that we also have some new Minimates in stock. There’s a Tomb Raider series, which is pretty great and diverse as hell IMO, a The Wolverine set which is kinda bland, and a new Marvel set featuring Marvel NOW character like Superior Spider-Man and the new Nova. It’s hard to judge these things, as they’re pretty much perfect. Standard figures with fun accessories, some cool, minimal sculpts and a good price point. I’m a big fan of the Tomb Raider game, and these minimates are a nice alternative to the solo Tomb Raider Play Arts we got earlier this year, although the Wolverine set remains a cruel tease to that Legends set we’ve yet to get. BOO URNS!

That’s all for this week! I’ll probably get another bunch of new toy preview/reviews up after NYCC, where I’ll be drunk on news/booze.


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A Belated look at new Play Arts

Alright so y’all bought Hawkeye #11 this week right? You better have, because I’m going to be writing all about it. Soon. This time it’s all about toys.

So we’ve gotten a but-ton (Ton O’ Butts?)  of new toys in recently, mostly Play Art Kai figures because Q1 2013 was not fair to Square Enix and they need the money. I’d feel bad, but yo, Tomb Raider was not selling 5 million copies in the first month, that’s strictly a Call of Duty number right there. A shame, because the game was great, NOT UNLIKE THIS NEW LARA CROFT PLAY ARTS! Solid transition, I know, thank you.

FLASH FACT: Lara was originally available back in March if you pre-ordered the $100 special edition of the game. Looking back, I probably should have picked that up, because that would have resulted in a $40 Play Arts figure. OH WELL, AT LEAST THIS WAY I CAN WRITE ABOUT IT FOR THE BLOG RIGHT?!? :: weeps bitterly ::: Anywho, I don’t know what’s up with the elbow joints with these newer Play Arts figures, but I’m not a fan of em. However, the rest of the figure is dope. I like how the paint job given to the figure makes Lara “dirty” which makes a ton of sense given the survival element in the game. Also man you need to say why you dig it or you sound like a creeper. And while it’s not a big deal, I really like the packaging. The white looks a ton nicer than the usual black boxes, and the cover photo is sweet too. Accessory wise, Lara is strapped with a hand gun, axe, bow and arrow and a quiver, plus variant hands. This is without a doubt the most excited I’ve been for a Play Arts in awhile, and she’s worth the $70 if you’re fan. Which I am. GOODBYE $70 I WOULD HAVE BLOWN ON SOMETHING STUPID, LIKE BILLS!

Tomb Raider isn’t the only game Squenix made a figure for as of late (see the bazillion Metal Gear figures I’ve mention). Both Street Fighter and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 got figures released (Note: I’m fairly certain they were suppose to be SFxT figures, but something must has happened with the rights I guess.) recently! Representing Street Fighters is Guile and Ibuki, and on the TTT2 side of things it’s Kazuya Mishima and Jun Kazama. Both females have the weird elbow joints  like those I’ve mentioned with Lara, because, of course they do. And the dudes have weird knees joints, which I guess is to help articulation, but can problematic visually sometimes. But all 4 capture the art styles of their respected series quite well, especially the Jun one which has a killer paint job. The Tekken Play Arts also see the return of stands being packaged with  stands, which is nice, because if there’s any Play Arts that need to be packaged with stands it’s the ones based on fighting games. They’re also available at $70 a pop, as well as repainted versions of Cammy and Akuma from the 2nd wave of SSF4 PAKs.

And the winner of “Play Art I never thought I’d ever see is Major Henry Varro from Starship Troopers Invasion. SST: Invasion is apparently a straight to DVD animated movie, which I just discovered existed via a Google search. Regardless of it’s origins, it is DOPE, despite it’s tiny-ass wrists. But aside from that, it’s a pretty solid figure, and reminds me a lot of the Vanquish and Halo figures that Square Enix has put out. The downside is that it’s pretty limited in the accessories department- 2 ammo clips, assault rifle and variant hands. Still, nice to see a more obscure property being tackled by Square. Not sure if $70 nice though to be honest.

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NECA Player’s Select Line

by Christopher Troy

Up to now, most of the video game related figures we’ve looked at have been created by Square Enix, as most of them have been based on Japanese properties. However, Square’s expansion to non-Final Fantasy/ Kingdom Hearts properties is still fairly new, and they wouldn’t be the first company to handle both eastern and western video game properties this decade (Technically Toy Biz is, but those toys are super dated). Ever since 2004, NECA has been working with a number of publishers to create figures based on best selling games and franchises. Today’s article will highlight some of the products they’ve churned out these last couple of years, both the good and the bad.

In the beginning…..

The first line of video game related toys that introduced me to NECA was the Resident Evil 4 line. This wasn’t the first time a American company had attempted to create toys based on the best selling Survivor-Horror Games (again Toy Biz covered Resident Evil 1-3 with figures in the  late 90s),  and NECA launched with a line that was well sculpted (for 2004) and came with a decent amount of accessories per figure. Pictured is RE4 lead Leon S Kennedy, who aside from a handgun, came with a knife, rocket launcher and a few grenades. The major flaw with these figures were that articulation on them were severely limited, and were sculpted in odd positions, attempting to be like McFarlane Toys. NECA released 2 lines for RE4, and then figures based on the Resident Evil 1 remakes, but would not touch the line again until 2009. We’ll get back to that later.

NECA’s sculpts got better with time, as they moved on to work on figures based on popular Eidos properties like Tomb Raider and Hitman, but the first line of video game toys that really caught my attention were based on Konami’s Castlevania series. The first (and sadly only) line in the set focused on the original Castlevania, as well as Symphony on the Night, arguably the most popular entry in the series to date. NECA finally managed to combined good sculpts with better articulation, as seen with Alucard and the Succubus. These improved sculpts didn’t mean that NECA would cut back on accessories though, as both figures came with weapons from the game, and in the Succubus’ case, a tiny demonic sidekick. These figures have proven to be very popular, and the line was re-released several times, to the point the FPNYC still has them in stock. Continue reading

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