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RECAP: Smallville premiere.

Callum Blue as Zod

Friday evening saw the premiere of season 9 of Smallville, and the ratings were not that great to be honest.  Like Dollhouse, only 2.8 million people tuned in to watch the show. I DVR’d it. So warning, Spoilers below.

We open on Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack) trying to track down Lois Lane (Erica Durance) who in last season’s finale was transported to the future by accidently finding Clark’s Legion ring.  All we get from this is that Green Arrow, The Flash and Cyborg have dropped off the grid and Chloe attempts to wield a 7mm semi-consciously at Emil Hamilton (played by the dude who played Gaita on Battlestar Galactica).

We’re rewarded with Lois’s return via purple lighting bolt aboard a monorail to which she’s attacked by a “ninja assassin”.  The fight causes the train to derail and Clark saves it.  This is the big reveal featuring Tom Welling in his Neo suit.  It looks terrible, and tacky, and I can’t wait until they get rid of it.  He spends much of the episode in flight simulators whining about not being able to fly.

And now we get our big moment with “Major” Zod, played by Callum Blue. Apparently when Tess Mercer let him out of the Phantom Zone, she also let out most of his army. They estimated there must be at least 100+ of them on the planet. Zod has been searching for them, and in a discussion with two of his soldiers (unnamed) question him, to which Blue delivers a pretty great “Kneel Before Zod!” I must say it was better than expected.  To which immediately after, he gets knocked out by his subordinates. Apparently, they haven’t reached any power levels yet.  Which is quite different, because the ninja assassin woman seemingly has heat vision.

Lois while investigating the train wreck meets Brian Austin Green, playing the pre-Metallo version of John Corben.   She finds Green Arrow (Justin Hartley) in some kind of fight cut wholecloth from Snatch. The Assassin lady shows up to blow everything sky-high, Neo Clark shows up and they fight. She dies because of Blue Kryptonite and a flying tractor engine. But not before she reveals that she’s come from the future to kill Clark because he causes the end of “her world” and she wears Jonathan Kent’s watch, set to a year from last Friday.

The rest is forgettable, but at the end you get the idea of what is going to happen under Zod and why the ninja woman came back to kill Clark.

Regardless, in the end, I’ve always appreciated Smallville’s success in breaking the barrier of the Superman mythos and doing its own thing. Yeah, does it suffer from things? Many, many, contrived things, but for this Superman fanboy, the show still intrigues me. I like seeing what they do next.

Coming up we see Brian Austin Green become Metallo. Smallville airs Friday nights at 8pm.

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What to Watch.


This week is chock full of season premieres.  Here are a listing of some of the genre-friendly things I’ll be setting my DVR to.

  1. This is the first time I’ll admit on the Internet that I’m a fan of Ghost Hunters. The show on Syfy follows a bunch of New Hampshire plumbers who use scientific devices to detect ghosts. Its actually  kind of interesting in that documentary style in the sense they use devices like digital recorders, infrared cameras and electronic magnetic detectors to prove the presence of ghosts.  Sometimes they catch some stuff on camera that is actually pretty neat. My girlfriend likes to give me crap that the reason I watch it is for Kris Williams, but the fact remains I’ve watched it long before she was on the show.  Regardless, I’m not going to deny that she is popular and judging by her 15,000 Twitter followers, I’m not the only one who digs her presence. The show is on tonight at 9pm.
  2. Everyone won’t shut up about Flash Forward. Coming from Batman Begins and Dark Knight screenwriter David S. Goyer, this show promises to have a Lost level of annoyance. At least in my mind, but it does seem to be a cool concept. The show premieres tomorrow night at 8pm.
  3. Friday night has a few reasons to stay home.  Smallville in its new time slot at 8pm will open with Lois Lane (the awesome Erica Durance) meeting the future Metallo (Brian Austin Green).
  4. Also on Friday night is Dollhouse.  Joss Whedon’s show that got a second chance, premiering at 9pm.  I’m kind of intrigued to see why it got a second chance because the first few episodes I watched last season had me walk away from the show pretty quickly.  Throughout the three episodes I watched I found myself saying out loud: “C’mon, Joss, you can do so much better than this.” Apparently the show got ALOT better as the season progressed, which I would say isn’t that hard to do because it started out terrible.  Though, it had its problems with network interference according to Joss’s talk with Ira Glass last night.  Regardless, check out the new trailer for the show.
  5. The other show I’m pumped to check out is Stargate Universe, that doesn’t premiere until Oct. 2. From what I understand its supposed to be very much in line with the original Stargate movie, which as a seventh or eighth grader was totally awesome.  Especially with the spectacular Robert Carlyle and freakin’ Lou Diamond Philips.

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In which we talk about Superman-related actors.

Its nice to see people branch out. Especially when you see such fine people as Kristin Kreuk jump the ship that is Smallville and move to Chuck with other Superman alum Brandon Routh.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Kreuk will play Hannah a new love-interest for Chuck in a multi-episode arc where she goes to work at the Best Buy…errr, Buy More. Routh, will play the new agent in charge of the Bartowski Project.  Regardless, this stunt casting has worked out for Chuck to say the least with last season seeing  fan favorites Chevy Chase, Scott Bakula, and Tricia Helfer.  I personally can’t wait for Chase’s new show Community with Soup host Joel McHale.  Though the best thing to come out of the Chuck ‘verse was the miniseries written by show staff writers Peter Johnson and Zev Borow and drawn by Jeremy Haun.  It just kind of confirmed the fact for me that the series would excel as a comic.

In other Superman actor news, MTV’s Splash Page has the first picture of Tom Welling as Neo.  And I have to ask: WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!  I would really love to know the reason behind saying yes to this design, because I can’t see it making any kind of sense at all. Have a look:


Barring that, there are many good things to look forward to in Smallville this season including a Geoff Johns written episode introducing the Justice Society of America,  General Zod, Metallo and, yep, the Wonder Twins! Yes way! Set DVRs to obliterate. Smallville premieres Sept. 25 with “Savior” which is written by fan-favorite Geoff Johns, according to Splash Page.

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