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Killer Klowns From Outer Space Toys In Stock

If you’ve never seen this amazingly campy sci-fi horror schlockfest you’re missing out.  No hyperbole.

If you have experienced its majesty (“It’s Craazzyy!”) you most likely get all or part of The Dickies theme song stuck in your head every now and then, and are wonderfully haunted by images of popcorn guns and other sideshow grotesqueries.

Consider this a heads up, fellow fans!  KKFOS toys from Amok Time are now in stock at Forbidden Planet NYC!!!

KKFOS toys tiny killer klowns toys from outer spaceAnd we all know the toys that touch our base fears come to life when we’re asleep, right?  Pick up Shorty and Tiny today, set up a spycam tonight, and watch these diabolical bozos’ mischief in the morning!

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