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Revenge of the Import Section

Greetings FPNYC faithful! It’s been nearly 2 months since yours truly hit up any sort of convention, so I’m going to put that to an end this weekend as I head down to Heroescon in Charlotte, North Carolina. It’s my first time there, and there are a number of really cool creators in town for the show, so needless to say I’m excited. I’ll obviously have some fun stories to tell come next week, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, there are toys to be discuss right now!

I know I’ve been looking at the Square Enix Play Art Kai line a lot as of late, but it’s kind of hard not to at this point. They’ve released A TON of new figures as of late, and the newest 3 we’ve gotten in are some of the company’s best work to date. First we have Kratos, the star of Sony’s “God of War” series, which is the type of Play Arts I want to see more of. Based on his appearance from “God of War 3”, Kratos’ sculpt and poseability, not to mention scale, easily dwarves and previous releases of the character.  In terms of accessories, Kratos, comes packed with the Blades of Exile, which can be attached to his armor, the Claws of Hades, and of course, a pair of alternate hands. Kratos goes for about $55, which isn’t so bad, considering all that you’re getting with him.

HOWEVER, in terms of bargains, the “Vanquish” Play Arts are where the real value lie. Platinum Game’s cult release of 2010 may now have gotten the same amount of love or polish as the game it followed up with (Bayonetta, a favorite of mine), but both the game’s lead Sam Gideon and enemy Bogey are easily 2 of the most impressive Play Arts to date. Pictures do not do the figures justices, as the amount of detail on the sculpts is insane, and the articulation is not sacrificed as a result. In addition, they both come with weapons, removeable accessories, and a ton of variant pieces. This does come with a bit of a price increase($70), but it’s only $10 more than the average Play Arts. I assure you, it’s a bargain; and it’s nice to see Square make some amazing figures from a lesser know property.

Let’s close this article with a look at another pair of armored characters. After being sold-out for the longest time, Bandai has finally gotten around to re-releasing two of their most popular Figuarts to date: Wild Tiger and Barnaby “Bunny” Brooks Jr from the hit anime “Tiger and Bunny.”  We’ve looked at some of the new figures from this series before, but the 1st two figures in the series sold out so fast, I never have  a chance to look at them. Finally back on our shelves (for less this time around actually!), not only are the duo some of the most popular releases, but 2 of the best figures from Bandai to date. The sculpts themselves are great, as a variety of different plastics were used to recreate the pair’s armor from the show, doing their anime counterparts justice. Each of the characters come packaged with special stands, in addition to “Good Luck Mode” parts (a giant mech-fist for Tiger, and a giant-shin for Barnaby). At $50 a pop, both figures are now available for half of what their marked-up Ebay prices were. I recommend you come by immediately if you want them, because once word gets out, they’re not going to last. And we actually have a ton more new import toys in stock, but I’ll save those for the future, when I’m not supposed to be packing for a flight.

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The Hungover Games

By Chris Troy

There’s a bar  named “Bar None” near Forbidden Planet NYC that I like to frequent on a weekly basis. Since I’m going to be out of town the next 2 weeks due to PAX East/C2E2 related business, my friends I hit said bar last night, and as of writing, I’m super hungover as a result. So please do me a favor and blame any typos/grammatical errors on that, oppose to my usual stupidity. I did manage to stumble into FPNYC and picked up the new Warren Ellis penned “Secret Avengers” trade, as well as some mini-mates we’ll be looking at in a little bit though, so that was cool.

To the left is an image of the newest Bandai Figuart we have in stock. It’s the King of Heroes himself, Sky High from Tiger and Bunny, who is possibly my favorite character from the show, and is arguable the best SH Figuarts released to date. The  King of  Heroes is an awesome figure, and the sculptors captured the character’s great character design quite well. The color scheme looks good in PVC, and there’s a nice mixture of that, diecast and ABS parts to make the detail and designs pop out a lot. Sky High comes with so effects for his jet pack, and variant hands and retails for about $54. Worth the money if you’re a Tiger and Bunny fan, as he’s a huge step up from the previous Rock Bison release.

As I stated in the past, I’m a sucker for the Art Asylum/Diamond Select Minimate figures. We recently got in 2 sets that I’m highly amused by, do not taking up space at my work desk. There’s a 4 1/2 Deadpool Corp set, consisting of “our” Deadpool, the zombie Headpool, Lady Deadpool, Championpool and Kid Deadpool, which for some reason was not named “KiddiePool”. This set was a New York Comic Con exclusive, and is well worth the $20 it runs. Each ‘Pool that has a body come with 2 different swords and does a good job of showing off each of the Deadpool’s uniqueness, even with  sharing similar parts.  The other set I’m focusing one is the “Age of X” set, an quartet of alternate world X-men, consisting of Magneto, Gambit, Legacy (aka Rogue) and Basilisk (aka Cyclops). Art Aslyum managed to pack a ton of detailing into these tiny sculpts, and it show, as each of these figures look great. Much like the Deadpool set, it’s $20, but is not a NYCC exclusive, so it’s not AS rare. We actually have a ton of various Minimates 2 and 4 packs in stock, so it’s worth swinging by and seeing what else we have in stock.

Given the title of the article, it’s probably about time I mention we have some Hunger Game figures in-stock. I know very little of the books/movies, aside from the fact that the fanbase gets quite upset when you make Twilight/Battle Royale jokes/comparisons. There are 3 different 7″ inch figures in stock and they’re a step down from the quality usually seen from the NECA video game figures line. I imagine the targeted audience would be slightly more excited about these than I am. Either way, there about $17 a pop and given how well some of NECA past movie figures have sold, you may want to pick them up now, as Hunger Game mania is high. Now if you excuse me, I’ll off to go die in a dark corner somewhere.

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A Plethora of Arts

So remember last week when I complained about the severe lack of new arrivals post-holiday and there was barely anything for me to talk about that WASN’T comic book related? Well don’t fret folks, that’s not an issue for this week. Our import section got a HUGE shipment in this past week, and we now have a plethora of new stuff in to discuss. As well as some new merch that falls under both the comics and anime sections.

Leading off the new arrivals is the Bishoujo Mystique statue, and a pair of repainted Ami-Comis statutes: White Canary and Star Sapphire Wonder Woman. The Ami-Comis are kind of whack, basically just being repainted versions of the previously released White Canary & Star Sapphire, but hey, they may be someone else’s thing. Mystique, on the other hand, is a damn find low end statue, and the painting and sculpt is very well done, especially when it comes down to the skulls on her belt. In addition to Mystique, we also have the black costume variant Batgirl Bishoujo statue in stock, which  looks a ton better than the original release thanks to the new paint scheme/job.  I would easily recommend the 2 Bishoujo statues over the Amie Comis if you interested in picking any of them up.

After what seemed like forever, Square Enix finally released the first set of the Super Street Fighter IV Play Art Kai figures.  And it’s worth the wait, because these figures are MASSIVE! Chun Li and Ryu make up the first wave, and each of them come with a variant head, another set of hands, a  trademark fireball, and a stand for said fireballs. Again, I think it’s bull that Squenix doesn’t package figures for their figures anymore, but they’re fairly sturdy figures as is. Much more so than the previous Final Fantasy releases, as their exaggerated designs lend itself to this look well. They go for about $55 each, which is the average Play Art Kai price these days. If you’re looking for some colorful additions to your collection, and really dig Street Fighter, these figures are meant for you.

The biggest arrivals of last week have to be in the insane amount of new Bandai arts figure. We finally got in some new releases, and man, it’s nice to have something that’s not Shonen Jump related to talk about. The first new D-Arts is from the cult PS2 classic/new hit anime Persona 4, and is the main protagonist’s Izanagi.  The first D-Arts based on Persona 4 (there’s at least 2 more on they way), Izanagi comes with a stand (obviously), a plethora of variant parts and effects, and a massive bladed weapon. The other new Figuarts of note in is Rock Bison of Tiger and Bunny fame! He’s a massive figure, easily overshadowing Tiger and Bunny in terms of scale. What’s a little beat about the figure is the fact that he really doesn’t come with much outside of some variant hands. Still it’s well sculpted and has a ton of articulation. So it’s not like it’s a bad figure. We also got a few older mecha-releases in stock, specifically Gundam F-91, and Eva Units 0-1, and the Berserker Unit 0-2. And a ton of Kamen Rider figures. Possibly a literal ton. A lot regardless. Prices for the figures start at $45 and go up from there. With the rate most of these have been selling out, I advise you come by ASAP if you want em.

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The first new releases of 2012

By Chris Troy

Well okay, the title’s kind of a lie. Most of the new stuffs we’ll be looking at came in towards the end of 2011, but you know, I was busy playing catch up with the best of list and attending MAGfest (which again, was awesome). However most of the awesome new arrivals are STILL in stock (for now!), so we might as well go over what those things are just in case you the reader are interested. Which hopefully, you will be.

On the left, you’ll see a picture of the Robot Damashii Wing Zero Custom (from the Gundam Wing OVA “Endless Waltz”) from Bandai. I’m not exactly how new it is on the shelves of Japan, but we finally have it in at FPNYC, so that’s all that matters right? The Winger Zero Custom joins the Tallgeese 3 as the 2 Wing-related Robot Damashiis we have in, as well as the Gouf Custom and the Gundam Unicorn from the Universal Century line. All 3 of these figures are super articulated, come with a nice selection of variant parts and weapons, and are 2nd only to the Revoltech in overall mecha quality, which is impressive for a line that hasn’t been around as long. We’ve sold out of the One Piece/DBZ/MegaMan/Tiger and Bunny releases super fast, so if you want yourself a super articulated Gundam figure, you best come get them as soon as possible. Continue reading

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Best of 2011: Super late edition part 1

By Chris Troy

My 2012 is off to a brutal start, as the first day of the year started with me having no power in half of my apartment for 4 days, but rebounded when I went down to DC for MAGfest 2012 for another 3. The latter was rad, but explains my absence. NO WORRIES, NOW I’VE RETURNED, I CAN TALK ABOUT TOYS THAT CAME OUT LAST YEAR, SEVERAL OF WHICH YOU CAN STILL PURCHASE AT FPNYC!! So without further delay, my ultimately meaningless list:

Let’s start off with some import goodness shall we? While not the strongest year for Figma as a brand (IMO, people who love them some Madoka may disagree), Max Factory managed to pop out a few rad figures this year, one of them being the Figma based on Evangelion 2.2 ‘s Mari. In a sea of Asuka/Rei merchandise, Mari was a welcomed addition and her Figma, which came with a cockpit and a ton of variant parts and accessories, was great. In addition to that, the Dorothy (of Big O fame) Figma dropped as well, and I am bias as hell towards Big O merch, so that makes the list. Also Robocop, because, well, he’s Robocop; why wouldn’t he, right? 2012 looks solid too, as we’re expected to get a Figma based on Guts from Beserk, as well as Samus Aran of Metroid fame. This is best in life. We still have the Eva girls and Dorothy in stock BTW, as well as several other characters I couldn’t tell you about.

Revoltech had a stellar year, especially if you’re into giant robots. Evas? A ton of them, all of them rad. Zone of the Enders finally got some love, with the release of Jehuty, and more are on the way apparently, which pleases me to no end. A ton of American properties got some love as well, including the likes of Iron Man, War Machine, Optimus Prime, and Bumblebee, rocking their Michael Bay designs. 2012 looks to be full of more giant robots AND more movie stuff, including the likes of Pixar movies NOT named Toy Story. In the words of Achewood‘s Ray Smuckles “That’s alright, coz that’s okay.” And wrapping up the super pose-able import toy trinity is SH Figuarts: which, while delivering awesome Godzilla, Gundam, Dragon Ball Z, Megaman X, and One Piece figures, stole my heart with the release of their Tiger and Bunny line. This line is hot, and I think we had the Tiger and Bunny Figuarts in for like a few hours before they sold out. We do have a nice variety of non-T&B Figuarts still in stock though, so hey, it’s not a complete loss if you come in looking for some. We also got a ton of new Gunpla in this year, including kits from the new series Gundam Age. Continue reading

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