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Graphic Novels And Comics In A Crisis

Things in my cave are GREAT, thanks! I’ve taken care of that horrible bear, found a few new non-poisonous mushrooms and even got a girlfriend …although she might just be a hallucination, a side-effect from one of the mushrooms. Girls are translucent, aren’t they?

It all makes me think back on the crazy days of yore, when each of my columns would start with me chased by possums or set aflame by spiteful wood elves. Ha. Good times.


A must buy this week is Dark Horse’s collection of short stories, De: Tales by brothers Gabriel Ba’ and Fabio Moon. 112 pages of the two brightest new talents in comics going bananas with creativity. You loved them on Umbrella Academy and B.P.R.D., now see the good stuff they’ve been keeping for themselves. Speaking of these super-stars, they’re over at Marvel now with partner Matt Fraction on their CRAZY book Casanova, relaunching this week with a new #1!

Hmmm. My cave seems to be filling up with some water. I wonder if the toilet’s backed up. NO, that can’t be it, I don’t have one… Continue reading

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Comics to read after San Diego Comic Con

The Week AFTER San Diego Comic Con is notoriously absent of whiz-bang-pow. The publishers limp out a few regular titles and hold their collective heads as the faint cobwebs of hangovers and sun-stroke fade into the routine of a regular work week.

DC is doing well for itself, and Action Comics #891 sounds particularly hot; Mr. Alexander Luthor goes all out in a mad quest for ultimate power brought to you by writer Paul “Captain Britain and the MI-13” Cornell. I like how things change. The story of an angry bald guy who wants power to hurt others is so much more compelling and believable to modern audiences than his opposite number, the alien with unlimited power on a quest for world peace.

Also: Batman The Return of Bruce Wayne #4 (of 6) has Cowboy Batman! Yippie Ki-Ki yay! Furthermore if you need another great book to sit atop the toilet cistern and help you while away the minutes then have I got the book for you: Showcase Presents: Sgt. Rock Vol. 3 is 496 pages of Joe Kubert drawing WWII awesomeness. I know war is hell, but Kubert makes it look so cool!

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What to get after Free Comic Book Day…

Good ole’ Free Comic Book Day has come and gone. What do we have to fill up the void in our hearts that it has left behind? How about this upcoming Wednesday, a day so amazing in its selection of incredible new releases I just had to declare it:  NOT-Free Comic-Book-DAY!


Dude, Darkhorse is bringing the thunder! New issues of their two biggest heavy hitters this week in the forms of Buffy the Vampire Slayer #35 and Hellboy in Mexico (One Shot) from Mike Mignola and Richard Corben.

In the sequential pages of his mainstream titles Hellboy has yet to make a trip south of the border. The copy for Hellboy in Mexico promises vampiros, Luchadores, tequila and all manner of wacky hijinx! Looks like we’re in for some Amazing Screw-On Head style weirdness from Mignola, which is to say Mignola at his best! Continue reading

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By Unkiedev

“Spoilers” are like being buried up to your neck in sand, and having honey poured on your face to attract passing ants. I mean, most people don’t want it, but for a few folks “it’s their thing” and they’re welcome to it… just keep it off my web browser!

Still, there is a certain amount of fun in knowing things others don’t, but why do we need to have the actual intellectual properties we love ruined for that pleasure? NOT anymore, we don’t!


Introducing Unkiedev’s “SpoilerSpoilers.com!” We will NEVER spoil any of your favorite comic books, TV shows, video games and movies, but we WILL tell you WHO WILL and WHEN!


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