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Lying Cat T-Shirts

Lying Cat shirts have arrived!  The Will’s trusty sidekick has been immortalized in cotton.

Saga The Will Lying Cat Forbidden Planet

Saga by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples is currently Forbidden Planet NYC’s best-selling monthly semi-monthly comic book and deservedly so. It’s terrific.  If you’ve not tried the series yet… Well, in the words spoken by  Bruce Boa (General Rieekan from The Empire Strikes Back) in Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket, “Why don’t you jump on the team and come on in for the big win?”

You can do so here.

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Who leaves the crusts?

Check out the new T-Shirt company An Infinitude of Tortoises by one of my favorite customers… some weird, wild, and great stuff!  Make sure to search for “leaves the crust” for the answer.

An Infinitude of Tortoises:

• Something to Delight, Offend, And/Or Mystify Almost Everyone!
• Stuff Unlike Other Stuff!
• Transcendentally nerdy high esoterica intermingled with straightforward, rib-ticklin’ amusement.
• Overwhelmingly shirts, plus a few bumper-stickers for those with bumpers in need of sticking, and a couple dog garments for good measure, because we mustn’t forget the dogs.

At An Infinitude of Tortoises you’ll find designs for fans of …
• science fiction
• lexiphilia/logophilia/wordplay
• space exploration
• model rocketry
• software/programming
• mathematics
• physics
• entomology
• politics
• literature
• humor
• the “spatially misplaced”
• … and a bunch of other stuff impossible to categorize.

AND there’s at least one item that may well appeal to comics fans….

Tell your friends.  Tell your family.  Tell your pets.  Tell your appliances, both major and minor.
Be on the vanguard; quell your arcane yearnings, your yearnings for arcana — go explore!

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Fangoria resurrects Dead Format

Why do people look at me like I’m crazy when I say Fangoria is the best genre magazine on the shelf?  I seriously read every horror related magazine that hits the shelves, from the old guy black and whites to the ultra glossy “high-brow” genre rags.  If its got a monster on it or in it I have to give it a shot. Now that gives me the right to say hands down for the last five months Fangoria has been the best magazine out there.  This past week saw the release of issue number 305 and it is no exception. Now you had me at the logo, but with a heavy focus on British Horror, a sweet merchandising of the Planet Of The Apes article, and a giant fold out Elvira poster, any self respecting genre fan would be a fool not to pick this up.

Now I have a little ritual when it comes to magazines.  I flip through every page and see whats on the platter before I dig in.  I like to take notice of little things like whether or not an article is still featured, or even their placement within the magazines.  Just one of my things.  Now while flipping through the new Fango, what do I come across on the very last page… Dead Format!  A brand new article by Kelly Forbes featuring horror films only available on VHS!!! Wizard Video’s Headless Eyes specifically in this issue. As a VHS collector and long time Fangoria supporter I just want to thank you guys for always giving me another reason to support my argument.  Fangoria is number one.   I found the article to be informative yet still accesible enough to entertain those of you who rely strictly on your fancy blew-ray players. Hopefully this mainstream exposure will help some of these lost classics find a place in the modern fans hearts and maybe even convert a few over to the darkside of  VHS collecting.

While we’re at it our good friends over at Fright-Rags just released some sweet Fangoria logo shirts.  Gotta get me that Gorezone one!

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The Taint Screening and Dance Party this Friday 6/17/11

This Friday meet the filmmakers of one of the most insane films you’ll ever see… The Taint. Thank Brooklyn Fireproof for hosting a screening of one of my new favorite flicks. It’s filled to the brim with wild gore gags including more exploding penises than you could ever imagine, and unforgettable dialogue you’ll really weed out the P.C. types with. It’s a modern independent horror film that looks great and still gets the 80s cult vibe.  If you’re a fan of the new wave of modern exploitation like Hobo with a Shotgun and Rubber, The Taint is a must see.

Here’s the details:

Friday June 17th

Brooklyn Fireproof

119 Ingraham St
Brooklyn, NY 11237

9pm Doors and Reception
10pm First viewing
11:30pm Second Viewing

Music all night.

$2 for movie ticket
$5 for ticket + signed poster
$7 for ticket + sticker + poster
$12 for ticket + DVD
$15 for ticket + DVD + sticker + poster

I’m so excited to see this with a crowd of people. I’ve got the official T-Shirt from Rotten Cotton and I’ve been showing it to friends nonstop since I ordered the VHS, and the reactions on their faces are worth every penny.  I’m not kidding when I say this film will go down in genre history.

And no it’s not the second part in a three part series.

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T-Shirts with Matt D and Jean Marie

This past Tuesday we didn’t get our UPS shipment till 2 o’clock.  Here’s what we did with the extra time.

YouTube Preview Image

In celebration of spring we wanted to spotlight some new shirts, and who better to help than Forbidden Planet’s own fashion expert, the recently made-over Jean Marie.  Also, Uncle Sam recently decided not to tax T-Shirts! USA all the way!

Thanks to Taylor White for putting this together!

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Frank Henenlotter Signing Friday! T-Shirts revealed!

Less than 24 hours left before Frank Henenlotter and Anthony Sneed grace Forbidden Planet with their presence.

Here’s a sneak peek at the limited edition Basket Case and Bad Biology shirts…

Hope to see you tomorrow!

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Boss Hog Tee by Paul Pope

My new object of desire after checking in on Paul’s flickr page for the first time in weeks…


I’m a humongous fan of all parties involved, so every collaboration between them sends my heart aflutter. If you’re not familiar with the artist’s work I highly recommend Heavy Liquid and Batman Year 100 as jumping on points.

For those of you unaware of said rabid fandom I’m sure this will not be the only time you’re exposed.

Fair warning.

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