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Morgan Pielli’s Pile of Mini’s: Stop Touching That Spaztic Colon!

I have burrowed my way to the center of the mini comics pile in search of the Mole King, who has made off with my girlfriend. Evidently I insulted the Mole Peoples’ widely held belief in the healing power of magical energy beams. So, as begin my journey into their labyrinthine network of narrow tunnels, I shall take a look at two of the comics that I brought along to keep me from succumbing to Space Madness (madness born from the lack thereof): Continue reading

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Summer Comics Romance

Yes you love comics, but do you like comics about love? Do you LIKE like them, you know, more than as a friend?

Comic books are usually about punching crime in the gonads, or being a warrior mouse who lives in a medieval mouse kingdom. Some comics, however, are about real people and feelings. Difficult to imagine, I know.

Here are a few great and historical relationship books with a few weirdies thrown in to shake things up! There may be some dating pointers in there; mostly of the “What not to do” kind. To make this column smoother I’ve arranged the titles from the most kid friendly books to the least kid friendly.

Need I mention that almost all of these books can be picked up at the amazing, stupendous, and diverse comic book repository known as the Forbidden Planet Non? Bon Appetit, Bon Amie! Continue reading

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