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Mike Allred and Steven T. Seagle DO NOT announce new project at SDCC.



It appears in the hubbub that was Comic Con, comic creators Steven T. Seagle and Mike Allred declined to announce their new project coming from the Man of Action Studios and Image Comics.

We don’t know how we missed this one, because quite honestly, next to “Choker” this would be the most anticipated thing to come out of Comic Con for me.  (Along with Blastosaurus, Marvelman, blah, blah, blah, etc).

Allred says the reason they did not announce was because they didn’t want to get lost in the shuffle:

“Especially since I was already announcing the new graphic novel I am co-editing, ONE MODEL NATION, by writer Courtney Taylor and illustrator Jim Rugg as well my all-new the Vertigo series, I, ZOMBIE. I thought it might be better to just wait until later, and Seagle just kept saying we shouldn’t do it at all.”

Very nice move there, guys. Very slick, PR. Regardless, whenever this five issue miniseries does not come out, and when those hundreds of pages done do not hit stands, I’ll be there the first Wednesday.

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