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Star Trek: TNG 25th Birthday SALE on September 28th!

Star Trek: TNG birthday sale

Tomorrow, Star Trek: The Next Generation turns 25. (Personally, my favorite episode was the one in which Data had nightmares about eating a cake shaped like Counselor Troi.) In honor of this venerable series beginning its quarterlife crisis, Forbidden Planet is having a one-day sale on ALL Star Trek-related items on September 28th. That’s a 20% discount on Star Trek products in-store at Forbidden Planet NYC and an extra 5% off all Trek merch online: just enter the discount code MAKEITSO at checkout (until midnight EDT on the night of the 28th).

Don’t forget!

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From the Forbidden Planet NYC Stockroom- Tuesday 9/25/12

Got 28 minutes of your life to spend on Matt and I talking new arrivals, Happy #1, Space Punisher, crappy old Image Comics, movies, Star Trek the Next generation, comic cons, Mark Hamill and Corvette Summer?  Like hearing me say “um?”  Have I got a video for you!

Sorry if it’s a little dark this week. Better light next time. Oh, and there’s a slight technical glitch (about 8 seconds) when we start talking about Happy #1. Stick with it.

Next LIVE broadcast is Friday the 28th at 7pm.

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Some Random for September 9th

So it’s Sunday morning, I’m exhausted, and I’m working.  Here we go!

  • Matt D was just fixing up our graphic novel shelves and brought over a copy of the new(ish) Robot 13 collection.  “When did this come in?” Coupla weeks ago, dude.  It’s FPNYC approved and recommended.
  • Dexter coaster sets are back in stock.
  • Happy birthday, Star Trek TOS– yesterday.  TNG’s 25th birthday’s coming up on the 28th.  Look for specials in-store and online that day.

  • Happy 1st Football Sunday of 2012.  I’m a Giants fan.  At least they can’t lose today!

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This Wednesday- Trek Who Signing with JK Woodward

Just a quick reminder that Forbidden Planet NYC is hosting a pretty special event this Wednesday night, folks.  Artist J.K. Woodward will be in-store signing copies of Star Trek Doctor Who Assimilation #1 from 5:30 to 7pm!

ALSO, as an added bonus and/or incentive for you to come by and get your copy of this historic issue autographed, every attendee will receive a raffle ticket, good for entry into a drawing for a one-of-a-kind 12×18 Trek/Who watercolor painting by J.K. Woodward (First Prize) and a rare limited edition 1:25 variant cover of issue #1 (Second Prize)!*

Mr. Woodward revealed the 1st Prize painting the other day on his Twitter feed.  Let’s take a look…

Forbidden Planet Star Trek Doctor Who signing event

A Dalek!  Davros!  Assimilated!  Got the vapors yet?  See you Wednesday the 30th!

P.S. There’s even more!  J.K. will also be doing FREE head sketches for attendees.  Why? Because he volunteered to… and that’s a sure sign of a swell fella!

*Drawing will take place at the end of our event.  Raffle entrants must be in attendance to participate, however winners do not have to be in attendance at the time of drawing.

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Bad News Ayers

>Sigh< The saddest day of the year is upon me, friends.  Baseball has ended its regular season, and alas, speaking of geeky pursuits, all ten of my fantasy baseball teams’ seasons have come to an end.

Though I am now basking in 1st place grandeur in four of those ten, and have achieved my goal of beeating my two best friends in my most competitive league, here are my two most prominent thoughts on a season well contested:

YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image

Damned Proud,


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