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Unkiedev’s Amazing Stuff

HEY!  Comic Book day falls on my birthday this year!  Yup, your ole’ Unkiedev will be turning an undisclosed number somewhere between twenty something and some combination of 30 and a few more.  How to celebrate?  Why, A nice cup of cocoa, a warm badger to serve as my footstool and I’m all set to dig into this week’s sensational comic book offerings. AH!  Badger feet.

Marvel has a few goodies up their sleeve.  Did I say goodies?  I mean baddies! Astonishing X-Men #36 has Wolvie throw down with those big-footed Jack Kirby monsters from Monster Island!  Count me in!  Then we have a little something called Kick-Ass 2 #2, ‘nuff said. Amazing Spider-Man #655 has more movin’ and shakin’ than a bowl of jelly on acid!  Then in Avengers #10 the Hood has the Infinity Gauntlet.  This is bad…so bad, it’s good!

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Comic Book Cooking

Nearly a third of Marvel’s comic book characters have roots in a neighborhood of New York City known as Hell’s Kitchen. Nick Fury grew up there, as did the yarmulke sporting rock monster known as the Thing. Daredevil calls Hell’s Kitchen his home, as did Stiltman, Vermin and Ms. Lion.

That so many Marvel denizens live in the same neighborhood is understandable. Most of the Marvel stories take place in the city that never sleeps, and let’s face it… the rents in Williamsburg are astronomical right now. The fact that now-legendary comic book creator Jack Kirby grew up in Hell’s Kitchen probably didn’t hurt matters, either.

Maybe this “Hell’s Kitchen” connection can explain the curious artifact of comic’s past: The Marvel Comics Cookbook.

Stan Lee Presents the Mighty Marvel Superheroes Cookbook was published in 1977 by a division of Simon & Schuster called Fireside books. Fireside books also published the famous “How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way,” the indispensable book detailing Marvel comic secrets. Stan Lee Presents the Mighty Marvel Superheroes Cookbook was, how should we say, LESS indispensable?

Ostensibly written by Stan Lee (I mean, it says he wrote it right on the cover…that means that he wrote it, right?) with illustrations by Jack Kirby, John Romita and any other Marvel bullpen artist needing a pay check at the time, the book was packed with bizarre recipes, anecdotes and other forgettable food moments that you wouldn’t shake a Hostess Fruit Pie at. Continue reading

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Books Worth The Holiday Cash

Books Worth The Holiday CashI’ve been typing my fingers down to the bone these days, working on exciting new book and column ideas. One of the projects I’m passionate about is my new book of Super-Hero puzzles and brainbusters. I’m halfway through!

For example: Spider-Man is traveling on a train with 10 cars. When the train leaves the station, the Hulk jumps from midtown trying to squish the train. If the Hulk will land on the train in 10 minutes, and the train travels at 40 miles per hour, how come Spidey gets to date Shadowcat in the Ultimate Marvel U, but never got to date her in the 616 Marvel Universe?

Or how about this one: With over 50 years worth of comics under his belt, understanding the current continuity to Superman can be difficult. What is the best book to read first in order to understand the complicated world of Superman.

I suspect the answer to that one is “A Dictionary,” though I’m not sure. When I say I’m halfway done with this project I really mean it: I write the questions first and then go back and try to write the answers. Anybody who has a clue on how to answer that first questions should send their response my way. Continue reading

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Spider-Man Games

Spider-Man GamesIt would be the acme of foolishness to bake Spider-Man a rhubarb pie, as way of reciprocation, should he save you from one of the Green Goblin’s pumpkin bombs. Don’t get me wrong. Pies are nice, but as we all know: ACTION is the Spider-Man’s TRUE reward.

YES, Virginia, Spider-Man is an adrenaline junkie. One might get the impression that ole’ Web-Head regularly engages in sports that we meager mortals might deem X-TREME. Our minds begin to conjure pictures of Spidey bungie-jumping off of the Empire State Building with his webbing or competing in the New York Marathon by running along the sides of buildings.

Imagine if Mayor Bloomberg had managed to get the Olympic games for New York! It would have been a prime target for super-villainy, as most of Spidey’s foes are blubbery dorks like Dr. Octopus and The Vulture who probably hate decent things like curling, ping-pong and the luge. NOW Imagine Spider-Man competing in a snow-boarding competition with Slyde, the frictionless bank robber, or playing solo as the only member of the US Hockey team not affected by a shrink-ray against Dr. Doom’s Latverian team of identical Doom-Bots!

Wow, this stuff just writes itself.

NO, NO, NO! I’m getting way ahead of myself. YES Spidey does what he has to do to keep us safe, but remember: the Amazing Spider-Man is actually Peter Parker, and his alter ego is far more spectacled than spectacular. Peter Parker is an amateur chemist, a professional photographer and likes to wear sweater vests. In short: he is a nerd. Continue reading

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How to Draw Spider-Man

How to Draw Spider-Man

By Devin T. Quin

With suitcase nukes and the proliferation of biological weapons, there’s a fairly good chance humanity could wipe itself out within, oh, say the next 48 hours. Should you be lucky enough to survive the coming biohazards and mutant attacks that follow, it shall fall unto you to rebuild our once great civilization.

The post-apocalyptic job market is understandably bleak. Mailman, outback scavenger or gyro pilot will be the best positions John Q. Public could hope for. Not you, however! By memorizing these five simple steps you will have the ability to draw comicdom’s favorite funster, the Amazing, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, making you the new Walt Disney/Leonardo Da Vinci of the radiated dawn. Continue reading

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