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Troma Horror Boobs @ Spectacle Theater

This Friday at Spectacle Theater, Forbidden Planet’s Matt D and his merry band of Horror Boobs unleash their official Troma Horror Boobs compilation for it’s first public screening!


Troma Horror Boobs
Midnight Friday August 8th
Spectacle Theater
124 S. 3rd St @ Bedford Ave
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Spectacle’s favorite perverts are back at it again! This time Horror Boobs have teamed up with America’s oldest independent movie studio, Troma! A union defined by an appreciation for exposed flesh on film. Their mission: to bring you the breast nude scenes from the depths the Troma catalog!

Honestly with titles like THE TOXIC AVENGER, TERROR FIRMER and SGT. KABUKI MAN NYPD, it wasn’t very hard for the HB Crew to stuff this video mix to the max! We’re talking about the bare bosoms of Michelle Bauer, Julie Strain, Debbie Rochon, Carmen Electra’s Body Double and many, many more! With guest appearances by Kevin Costner, Trey Parker, Ted Raimi, Ron Jeremy, and Lloyd Kaufman.

Come experience horror & boobs of all sizes on the big screen. Seriously what more could you ask for? Penises. Well you never know, Lloyd Kaufman is involved, and you know how he likes his penises.

Join the facebook event page here… https://www.facebook.com/events/1438783869736806/

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Can you SURVIVE this zombie splatter fest?

This Friday June 20th at Spectacle Theater, Horror Boobs and King of the Witches present a Midnight screening of the films of teenage horror prodigy Liam Makrogiannis! This night of nastiness will include both the werewolf short DEVIL MOON and the feature length zombie gut gobbler SURVIVE!

Horror Boobs, King of the Witches, the Makrophobic Films crew, and tons of cast will be in attendance! Oh yeah… one of those cast members just so happens to be me, Forbidden Planet’s Matt D! So come out and see if I survive… or end up a flesh ripping freak!

For more info check the face book event page HERE.
Friday June 20th Midnight
Spectacle Theater
124 S. 3rd Street
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Global terrorists defile New York’s water supply with a deadly dose of mind melting bacterium, mutating the population into undead murdering machines hellbent on non-stop brutal carnage. Can eight strangers band together to survive the endless hordes of the bloodthirsty dead?Will they be able to survive each other?WILL ANYONE SURVIVE?Spectacle, Horror Boobs, and King of the Witches join forces once again to bring you a cinematic event you won’t experience anywhere else! 15 year old Liam Makrogiannis presents his feature length NYC splatterfest – SURVIVE! A labor of love conceived when he was just 13, SURVIVE, follows a ragtag team of misfits (including Philly’s youngest F/X wizard and director of SLAUGHTER TALES – Johnny Dickie) as they fight against the end of the world. Featuring appearances from Nik Taneris, Evan Makrogiannis, Josh Schafer of Lunchmeat VHS Fanzine, Matt D of Horror Boobs, and the world’s uncle – Lloyd Kaufman.This screening of SURVIVE will be paired with Liam’s short film – DEVIL MOON – with the filmmakers and special guests in attendance for a Q&A.Special VHS release from HBV and KOTW will also be available!


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Invisible Maniac Midnight Tonight

Tonight at Spectacle Theater… INVISIBLE MANIAC!
FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 21stMIDNIGHTSPECTACLE THEATER123 S. 3rd St.BROOKLYNTHE INVISIBLE MANIAC(a/k/a: THE INVISIBLE SEX MANIAC, DAS SERUM DES GRAUENS, EL MANIACO INVISIBLE)dir. Adam Rifin, 1990, 86 mins.In English Due to a long running program last time, we had to reschedule this gem. But we’re back! With it’s tongue planted firmly in its cheek (among other places) Adam Rifkin’s (CHILLERAMA, LOOK, DETROIT ROCK CITY) send up of 1950’s “mad scientist” flicks answers the question mankind as asked for…I don’t know…MILLIONS OF YEARS. How do we spy on girls in locker-room-esque scenarios without getting caught? Also, how to get away with murder of your friends and co-workers. It’s all here! For you! YOU’RE WELCOME! Presented by Horror Boobs, committed to bringing you the best in breasts of genre cinema. With an exclusive video intro from director Adam Rifkin, and more trivia and prizes from the HB crew. Not to be missed!

123 S. 3rd St.

dir. Adam Rifin, 1990, 86 mins.
In English

Due to a long running program last time, we had to reschedule this gem. But we’re back!

With it’s tongue planted firmly in its cheek (among other places) Adam Rifkin’s (CHILLERAMA, LOOK, DETROIT ROCK CITY) send up of 1950’s “mad scientist” flicks answers the question mankind as asked for…I don’t know…MILLIONS OF YEARS. How do we spy on girls in locker-room-esque scenarios without getting caught? Also, how to get away with murder of your friends and co-workers. It’s all here! For you! YOU’RE WELCOME!

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MICROWAVE MASSACRE Midnight Saturday @ Spectacle

Saturday, May 5th / Midnight

Spectacle Theater 124 South 3rd Street. Williamsburg Brooklyn


dir. Wayne Berwick, 1983

76 mins, USA

Donald & May are a working class couple in Los Angeles. When May decides she want to try up their social status by getting gourmet in the kitchen, she purchases a humongous new microwave. Donald, content with bologna and not impressed by his wife’s poor attempts as haute cuisine, spends a lot of time complaining to his co-workers. One night in a drunken rage, he kills May. He stashes parts of her in the fridge and some in the microwave. A few days later, while looking for a midnight snack, Donald accidentally eats some of May’s hand. From there it’s a downward spiral of hooker murder and serving human flesh to his friends and co-workers. How long can Donald keep this up? Can his heart, and more importantly his stomach, take it?

Horror Boobs brings you the best in breasts from genre cinema. Less information is available at horrorboobs.com

YouTube Preview Image

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Bloodsucking Pharaohs in Pittsburgh – 4/20, Midnight – Spectacle Theater

Friday, April 20th / Midnight

Spectacle Theater 124 S. 3rd Williamsburg Brooklyn

HORROR BOOBS presents: Bloodsucking Pharaohs in Pittsburgh

dir. Alan Smithee, 1991

89min/USA/In English

Investigating a horrible murder, Sgt. Joe Blocker and his partner Sgt. Sweeney Birdwell notice a curious similarity to case from their past. When more details surface – wearing Egyptian paraphernalia to hide the identity, taking only a single body part from victims while leaving a note in hieroglyphics, he becomes even more despondent over what’s happening. As the deaths continue and with Chief ‘Buzz Saw’ Ryan, screaming at them for results to end the rampage, they play a hunch on who the killer is and are surprised to find that it reveals the killer’s ploy, using the body parts in an ancient ritual to bring to life an Egyptian War Goddess. Can they stop him in time?

A send up of buddy-cop pictures and a pre-cursor to the slew of horror parodies of the late 90’s/early 00’s BPIP is a raunchy, bloody, mess that you can’t take your eyes off of.

Horror Boobs brings you the best in breasts from genre cinema. More information at: horrorboobs.com

YouTube Preview Image

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SPECTACLE THEATER • 124 South 3rd Street • Brooklyn, NY 11211
$25 Full Day Passes • $5 Individual Films • Visit Spectacle to purchase

Noon – Last Man on Earth (dir. Ubaldo Regola, 1964)
1:30pm – Brother from Another Planet (dir. John Sayles, 1984)
3:30pm – Kamillions (dir. Mike B. Anderson, 1990)
5:30pm – Mold (dir. Neil Meschino, 2010) [Presented courtesy of Neil Meschino]
7:30pm – Bad Taste (dir. Peter Jackson, 1987)
9:30pm – The Wizard of Speed and Time (dir. Mike Jittlov, 1988) [Presented courtesy of Mike Jittlov]
Midnight – Class of Nuke Em High (dir. Richard W. Haines/Samuel Weil, 1986) [Presented courtesy of Troma Entertainment]

Limited number of full days passes available for $25. Individual films – $5.
Tickets available during normal theater hours.

email: spectacletheater@gmail.com with any questions
(poster/passes/tickets designed by Greg Beck becktothefuture.com)

Last Man on Earth (a/k/a: L’ultimo uomo della Terra)
dir. Ubaldo Regola
86 mins, Italy, 1964

The year is 1968 and a virus has all but wiped out the Earth’s population. Every day Robert Morgan (Vincent Price!) drudges on – gathering weapons, keeping these undead, bloodsucking monsters from his doorstep. Having lost his wife and daughter to the plague, Morgan is alone and immune to the disease. While out on his daily rounds, he comes in contact with a mysterious and sickly woman named Ruth (Franca Bettoia). Ruth is infected but, along with a group of others like her, in in treatment. As time runs out, will Morgan be able to find a cure for this terrible plague? Can the group of survivors be trusted or will the plague take them over as well?

Based on THE OMEGA MAN by Richard Matheson, this bleak vision of future’s past is considered by many to be some of Vincent Price’s finest work. Also, the film was cited by George Romero as the basis for his film NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. Initially the film was not well received but has since become a classic of the genre and has been re-made numerous times. Matheson was not a fan of the adaptation while Price regarded it as one of his favorite roles.

Brother From Another Planet
dir. John Sayles
104 mins, USA, 1984

A three-toed alien slave (Joe Morton) on the run from “another planet” crashes in Harlem and tries to blend in while fleeing the Men In Black (David Strathairn & John Sayles) who are also aliens attempting to bring him back to their own world. While unable to communicate through speech, The Brother has telekinetic powers and moves around the city just trying to feel at home.

Sayles directed, edited, wrote, composed, and co-stars in this comedy drama. Featuring a snapshot of NY past, the film stands up remarkably well. Morton would go on to a slew of TV and film roles. Also, look for an appearance from Fisher Stevens on the subway!

Kamillions (a/k/a: The Wingates)
dir. Mike B. Anderson
90 mins, USA, 1990

Nathaniel Wingate (co-writer/producer Harry S. Robbins), professor at the Miskatonic University, has finally opened the door to another dimension. Unfortunately, it happens to be the same night as his 50th birthday celebration. In the craziness of preparation and guests arriving two horseshoe crab-like creatures make their way through the portal – one good and one evil. These shape-shifting creatures take the forms of a buxom blonde model (from a poster in Sam Wingate’s room) and a distant relative – Count Desmond of Liechtenstein. Hilarity and calamity ensue as the Wingate family deals with these uninvited guests.

From director Mike B. Anderson (Alone in the T-Shirt Zone, The Simpsons) comes this rare Lovecraftian comedy that lives somewhere in between BEETLEJUICE, Cronenberg’s THE FLY, TERORVISION, and MEET THE HOLLOWHEADS. Plenty of laffs, practical effects (model work, makeup, stop motion, and more), and fantastic character actors in this RARELY screened lost gem. Shot on 35mm but relegated the VHS market after being poorly marketed. Spectacle is proud to include this film as part of our first sci-fi marathon.

dir. Neil Meschino
90 mins, USA, 2010
Presented courtesy of the filmmaker.

It’s 1984 and Reagan’s War on Drugs has reached it’s frenzied height. Inside a secret lab, scientist and government officials meet to discuss a new, highly potent strain of mold – called Stachybotrys Morte – that is to be deployed on the coca plants of Columbia. When the situation in the lab becomes compromised and sabotage is the only possible explanation, can this team find a way out before they’re infected with this powerful strain?

Meschino’s debut feature (filmed in Long Island) deftly toes the line between sci-fi nightmare and parody. While some reviews paint images of early Henelotter (and that’s not entirely unfoudned) MOLD! sits firmly in the realm of melt-movies like STREET TRASH and SLIME CITY. Meschino makes great use of limited space and budget by pulling great performances out of a cast of unknowns and some pretty effective special effects. With a host of references – everything  from ROBIN HOOD to BACK TO THE FUTURE, MOLD! knows it’s audience and plays it up proper.

Featuring an intro and Q&A from director Neil Meschino.

Bad Taste
dir. Peter Jackson
91 mins, New Zealand, 1987

When aliens invade a small New Zealand village and begin to harvest humans for their fast-food chain, a team of paramilitary troops go up against the the seemingly insatiable appetites of these intergalactic chow-hounds.

One of the first films from Peter Jackson, made on the weekends over the course of four years and starring Jackson and his friends in multiple roles. Made on a shoestring budget totaling $25,000. All of the makeup effects were made at home by Jackson  in his parents oven.

The Wizard of Speed and Time
dir. Mike Jittlov
95 mins, USA, 1989
Presented courtesy of the filmmaker.

A special effects wizard (Mike Jittlov) is trying hard to make his dream of working on a feature film come true. Sadly, he finds himself facing not only a mountain a monetary challenges but also the threat of being ground up in the gears of the Hollywood system. With the help of his friends, and a little movie magic, can Mike makes his dream come true or will the heinous executives betting on his failure real the reward?

Based on the 16mm short from ten years earlier, TWOSAT is an updated version of Mike Jittlov’s manic vision. All at once a love letter to the magic of cinema and an icy glare at the evils of the inner workings of Hollywood. A showcase of every type of special effect, with exceptional long-form stop motion sequences, Jittlov makes use of the budget and time in ways that seems almost unimaginable. One of our favorite films, it is truly an honor to be able to present this phenomenal work.

Class of Nuke Em High (a/k/a: Atomic High School)
dir. Richard W. Haines & Samuel Weil
86 mins, USA, 1986
Presented courtesy of Troma Entertainment

Class of Nuke’Em High, the timeless classic of readin’, writin’ and radiation, is available for the first time ever in this unrated Director’s Cut. When first released in theaters in 1986, Class of Nuke’Em High became an instant sensation. Its unique blend of horror and humor was cheered by audiences and celebrated by critics. The film spawned two sequels and legions of fans. At Tromaville High School, located a stone’s throw from the local Nuclear Power Plant, the students are getting brighter. In fact, they’re beginning to develop a Troma-green glow. Innocent students mutate into sex-crazed psychos, the Honor Society’s turned into carnivorous, kinky cretins, and the slimy monster stalking the hallways isn’t the principal! The Director’s Cut of Class of Nuke ‘Em High has been lovingly restored by co-director Lloyd Kaufman (who developed the film during detention) and the Troma Team.

Presented by the fine folks at Troma, this event mark the first in a series of collaborations between Troma and Spectacle. Starting in April, Spectacle will play host to a monthly midnight featuring lesser known and rare films not available on DVD. Stay tuned for more details!

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Demon Warp Midnight Friday 3/16 Spectacle Theater

This Friday night come out for another Horror Boob’s hosted Midnight Movie at the Spectacle Theater!

Friday – March 16th, MidnightHorror Boobs presents: Demonwarp
Directed by Emmett Alston
1988, 91 mins.

Continuing with Spectacles history of bigfoot related midnight programs, the Horror Boobs crew returns with the worlds only (?) sci-fi, time travel, sasquatchploitation film! A group of teenagers hit the woods for a nice, relaxing camping trip only to be picked off one by one! After a number of twists and turns involving lost uncles, angels, zombie cult antics, and aliens – this total mindbender culminates in an ending that must be seen to be believed. Not that the other 80 minutes are any more believable!

Horror Boobs brings you the best in breasts from genre cinema: horrorboobs.com

YouTube Preview Image

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Aliens Invade Brooklyn

Come out to one of the 3 screenings of The Deadly Spawn at Brooklyn’s Spectacle Theater.  The first one is tonight with and intro and Q&A session with director Douglas McKeown.

Dir. by Douglas McKeown, 1983
USA, 78 mins.

FRIDAY, MARCH 2ND – 9:30PM (with director Douglas McKeown live intro/Q&A!)
SUNDAY, MARCH 18TH – 9:30PM (with producer/writer Ted Bohus live intro/Q&A!)

What first appears to be a meteorite crashing to Earth proves to be far worse for the campers who find it when they’re suddenly attacked by the parasitic alien worms who came along for the ride. The alien makes it way to town and sets to devouring any and everyone in sight. Can a team of teens figure out how to stop them before they make a meal of the entire planet?

Originally conceived by inpart by artist Tim Hildebrandt who designed the original STAR WARS poster art, THE DEADLY SPAWN is a throwback to classic 50’s invasion flicks with the added bonus of 80’s exploitation tropes and plenty of gore. Made on an estimated budget $25,000 and opening the same week as EVIL DEAD the film managed to pull in over $300,000 on it’s opening weekend. A favorite among gorehounds and sci-fi nerds alike.

YouTube Preview Image

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Danny Bonaduce vs VHS

Come out to the Spectacle Theater on Saturday at Midnight and hang with Lunchmeat’s Josh Schafer!

LUNCHMEAT is extremely proud to present one of the most amazing and obscure shot-on-video flicks ever to be laid to tape!! This SATURDAY, JANUARY 21st, at the hour of MIDNIGHT hoist your keister off the couch and get on down to SPECTACLE THEATER to experience the shot-on-video insanity that is AMERICA’S DEADLIEST HOME VIDEO! Feast your eyes on the UNCUT VHS PRINT and witness a lovelorn man named Doug (played by Danny Bonaduce PRE-STEROIDS! WHAT?!), and his trusty VHS video camera set out on an adventure across country, but when he runs into a gang of miscreant criminals, Doug finds himself wrapped in a slimy web of robbery, murder and sadism. Will Doug survive these misanthropic thugs and their suicidal lifestyle?! Will he get the girl?! Will he run out of batteries?!!You’ll have to watch this amazing piece of video obscurity to find out! Dig it, tapeheads!!

The Spectacle Theatre is located at 124 South 3rd & Bedford Ave in Brooklyn, NY! Check out Spectacle’s site for more info and take a look at all the other rad stuff they’re doing! I’ll be there watching, hanging, snacking and slinging some LUNCHMEAT goodies, so come on out get VHS-ified! Hope to see you there, Videovores!

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CHATTERBOX, this Saturday!

Saturday, January 14th at 11:30pm!

From SpectacleTheater.com…

Saturday / January 14th, Midnight
Chatterbox! (presented by Horror Boobs)
Directed by Tom DiSimone
1977, 73mins, English

Things start getting a bit problematic for Penelope when her vagina begins to voice it’s own opinion. When she visits a shrink about her singing pussy, he convinces her to embrace it’s talent and become a star.  Will Penelope ever be able to find true love while living in the shadow of her popular private parts? Not if she can’t zip her lips!

Horror Boob’s throws you another curve ball for this month’s musical midnights with 1977’s Chatterbox… It speaks for itself. Directed by Tom DeSimone who brought us many mammary filled memories with classics such as REFORM SCHOOL GIRLS and HELL NIGHT, and staring eager to show her beaver Candice Rialson of PETS and HOLLYWOOD BLVD fame.  The Tit Patrol couldn’t possibly keep this goofy take on France’s 1975 film PUSSY TALK concealed so prepare to bare witness to the genital insanity that is Chatterbox.

Horror Boobs is a collective devoted to bringing you the best in breasts from genre cinema! horrorboobs.com

Saturday, January 14th at 11:30pm!

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Desert Snow Midnight Screening @ Spectacle Friday

Friday December, 16. Midnight:

Lunchmeat VHS Fanzine presents a Midnight Screening of Desert Snow

Spectacle Theater

124 South 3rd Street, Brooklyn, New York

between Bedford Avenue and Berry Street

A gang of ruthless, cold-blooded, criminals are stalking the borders and picking up illegal immigrants. These hearltess individuals aren’t concerned with cleaning up with streets, but with gutting the mules forced to smuggle cocaine into the country to turn a hefty profit.

Lunchmeat presents one of the rarer entries in Spectacle’s December midnight series. A different kind of snow, indeed!

Don’t forget to pick up the new issue, Lunchmeat #6

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Saturday 11/26 at Midnight: NEVER TOO YOUNG TO DIE!

“A secret agent is murdered, and his son–a high school gymnast–teams up with a spy to catch the man who killed him.”

A high school gymnast who is nary too young to die, I’d wager!

Come by the Spectacle Theater and check out this HorrorBoobs presentation this Saturday at midnight to get your yearly dose of Stamos!

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Spectacle Shriek Show!!

Can your heart stand 12 solid hours of total terror? Can you bear witness to horrors you’ll never forget?

Join Spectacle Theater for the 1st annual Spectacle Shriek Show

October 29th, Noon – Midnight!

8 features! Treats, scares, and surprises!

Trailer compilations provided by MATT D. of Forbidden Planet and Horrorboobs!!

Only 25, handmade tickets available!

Only 5 tickets left!!!

$25/each! Bring blankets, pillows, coffee mugs, and heart medicine as you settle in for the most frightening marathon in the city!

SPECTOBER culminates in a crescendo of unrelenting nightmares!

Tickets available at the theater during regular hours beginning Saturday, October 15th! (Schedule of films announced on the 28th.)

555 // Wally Koz // 1988 // courtesy of Massacre Video

A hippie killer with a sex-fueled, murderous bloodlust is on a rampage and he’s brutally murdering innocent young couples! A nationwide trend of killings with the same m.o. happens to catch the eyes of Detective Haller and Sergeant Connor. Every …five years, within five days of each other, the killer strikes! Now it’s up to Haller and Connor to find out who is behind these grisly murders. Who is this crazed, blood thirsty hippie? And more importantly, what is the significance of the third ‘five’?

Written by Roy Koz and directed by Wally Koz, this rare SOV splatter-classic has recently been given the royal treatment by Massacre Video with a DVD, special edition DVD, and an already eBay fodder clamshell.


I BURY THE LIVING // Albert Band // 1958

A new caretaker at the Immortal Hill Cemetery begins to believe he holds the power of life and death in his hands. Is it merely coincidence or are sinister forces at work?

A tense and atmospheric descent into madness starring Richard Boone (the voice of Smaug in the Rankin & Bass version of The Hobbit from 1977) and directed by Albert Band (Ghoulies II).

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCbWma91RKg

KILLING SPREE// Tim Ritter // 1987 // courtesy of Camp Motion Pictures/Alternative Cinema

Tom Russo (Asbestos Felt) has begun to suspect his wife of cheating. So he takes to the streets to get revenge in a myriad of horrible ways. No one is safe!

Tim Ritter is infamous for his outrageous, low-budget horror films including Creep, Wicked Games and Truth or Dare. His 1987 feature Killing Spree (1987) wallows in extreme violence, insanity and gore-soaked depravity. Part Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer and part Pieces, it’s a no-holds-barred glimpse into the mind of a paranoid schizophrenic and bloodthirsty psychopath – presented uncut and uncensored.


Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3c1RNzs5RU

THE TAINT // Drew Bolduc & Dan Nelson // 2010 // courtesy of the filmmakers.

The water is tainted. THE TAINT poisons the minds of men. It turns them into raging misogynists: monsters who want nothing more than to KILL WOMEN. When society is transformed into a land of sadistic violence and horrible brutality, it is up to Phil OʼGinny and his female friend, Misandra, to combat the horrible evil that is “THE TAINT”.

The low-budget independent film was made in Richmond, VA with the help of many incredibly talented local artists and Virginia Commonwealth University students. It is a testament to guerilla style filmmaking and a great example of what can be accomplished outside of the studio system with very little money.


Trailer (NSFW): http://vimeo.com/14400021

DARK NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW // Frank De Felitta // 1981 // courtesy of VCI Entertainment

When young Marylee Williams (Tonya Crowe) is found viciously mauled, all hell breaks loose in her small rural town. Officious postmaster Otis P. Hazelrigg (Charles Durning) leads a gang of bigots in pursuit of the suspect: her mentally challenged friend Bubba Ritter (Larry Drake). Finding him hiding inside a scarecrow, they exact brutal mob “justice”…only to discover a tragic mistake! Now a strange apparition stalks the land seeking each of them out, as the legend of the Scarecrow begins.

This once lost, made-for-tv creepfest has been newly restored and is available on DVD and Blu-Ray from VCI Entertainment.

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzJNgerwCdo

HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS: THE GODFATHER OF GORE // Frank Henenlotter // 2010 // courtesy of Something Weird Video

Take an outrageous ride through this wild world of exploitation films with this thoroughly entertaining documentary, HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS – THE GODFATHER OF GORE! Featuring cult director John Waters, Drive-In Movie Critic Joe Bob Briggs, Herschell Gordon lewis himself and a “cast of thousands,” you’ll witness the innocent bare-naked era of Nudie-Cuties before Lewis schocked the world with “Blood Feast,” the first ever gore film! But that’s not all – Lewis conrinued to assault audiences with such retro campy classics as “She-Devils on Wheels,” “Blast-Off Girls,” “Just for the hell of It, “Two Thousand Maniacs!” and the incredible “Wizard of Gore!” Experience a decade of motion madness – with tons of clips, rare outtakes testimony from the people who were there, and a rabid sense of humor – as HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS – THE GODFATHER OF GORE leaves you laughing and screaming at the most amazing motion pictures to ever play American Movie theaters!

Available on DVD/Blu-Ray from the fine folks at Something Weird!


Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPRq77KmcUM

TALES FROM THE QUADEAD ZONE // Chester Novell Turner // 1987

Following “Black Devil Doll from Hell” Chester Novell Turner made one more foray into the exciting world of SOV horror. Tales from the Quadead Zone is that film. Shirley L. Jones returns to star in this three story anthology. As she reads each tale of terror from the tome to her ghostly son Bobby, the events unfold before her each more baffling than the last. Join us for an experience you won’t soon forget. Far and away one of the rarest tapes around, Spectacle is proud to have this as part of our first Shriek Show.

DEEP RED // Dario Argento // 1975

A music teacher witnesses the grisly death of a psychic and becomes obsessed with trying to find the killer.

The 5th film written and directed by Dario Argento is filled with untrustworthy characters, red herrings, stylized violence, and a fantastic Goblin score. At times, cited as the best giallo ever made, Deep Red is as beautiful as it is ghastly.

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62YqwaSMN4E

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Matt D’s Birthday Roller Blade bash @ Spectacle Theater

Midnight Friday October 14th Come out and celebrate my 30th birthday at Spectacle Theater!  I’ll (along with the Horror Boobs crew) be hosting a screening of the insanely epic Roller Blade!

ROLLER BLADE // Donald G. Jackson, Suzanne Solari, Shawn Michelle, Jeff Hutchinson // 1986 // 88 min // USA

In the Second Dark Age in the City of Lost Angels, Mother Speed and the Sisters of the Holy Order of Roller Blades live in a post-apocalyptic world where Saticoy and his metalhead henchmen, the Droog, terrorize the streets! Saticoy, a fetish mask-wearing jerk wants the Sisters’ crystal, the source of all their power. He sends the Bimbo With No Name to infiltrate the Sisters and steal the crystal! What will the naked nuns do?

Lost yet? Yea, verily! So come down to the Spectacle to watch the first of Donald G. Jackson’s 6 Roller Blade films!

And just to be clear, this movie is going on FRIDAY night, Saturday early morning.

Spectacle is located at 124 South 3rd Street, Brooklyn, New York; between Bedford Avenue and Berry Street.


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