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Gundam AGE kit releases

By Loran

Next month, Gundam AGE will be hitting the airwaves in Japan. I’ve made my thoughts on the show pretty clear in my last article on the series, though I think my opinion is starting to change. While I have no plans on actively following the show while it’s airing, I don’t feel as resentful towards it. Even if the show ends up being completely awful, a theme song by JAM Project will leave at least one good thing for us to enjoy. It’s nice to see them finally doing a theme for a Gundam series, especially one that looks like it might have a bit of Super Robot Spirits.

Like SEED and 00 before it, Gundam Age will be having an entry-level kit grade for the little kids. These kits have very simplified construction, often offering very little poseability and require a lot of paint to look nice. These ones seem more along the lines of the SEED no-grades, with the only poseability in the neck, waist, ankles, and shoulders. These are typically priced at less than $10 a piece, and are good for impulse buys to build on rainy days or while you’re watching TV. Continue reading

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