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G.I. Joe Retaliation Snake Eyes

Another year, another Snake-Eyes figure.

But well, what do you expect. The movies looks like it’s going to be loaded with all sorts of Arashikage Ninja action, so of course we’ll have a ton of new Snake-Eyes figures to deal with. But hey, I say that like Hasbro ever had a REASON to make fifty Snake-Eyes figures in any given year. Still, I’m a big enough fan of Snake-Eyes and the G.I. Joe movie aesthetic in general to justify my buying of another figure, and besides, it wouldn’t be as fun having the new Storm Shadow without an appropriate Snake-Eyes to fight him.

This new Snake-Eyes figure, well, certainly is a Snake-Eyes figure. I have to wonder if Hasbro ever gets tired of his design and tries to do something new with him. That’s probably how Temple Guardian Snake-Eyes came about, you know, one of those toys I never found. Ah well. I guess this figure will hold me off for awhile, even though I feel as though he’s inferior to the “God Tier Snake-Eyes” from 2010 in almost every way.

Seeing as Hasbro almost never changes Snake-Eyes’ design, it feels like he’s one of those characters whose design can never go wrong, not even in movie form. Well, okay, there was that hideous mouth on the suit for the first movie, but thankfully, that isn’t the case here. It’s back to the old look here.

In fact I really like this head. The wrinkled/slightly baggy look is very reminiscent of the Snake-Eyes mold introduced in 2005. In fact, now that I think about it, the whole figure kind of is. That’s pretty cool and all, but honestly, I’d like something a bit more “new”. Maybe we’ll see something like Paris Pursuit Snake-Eyes soon. That was a fun toy.

Much like the new Storm Shadow, there is no sacrificed articulation here. He’s got it all: hinged wrists, ankle rockers; again, pretty much everything save for the fabled double-elbow. However, he’s not as good as Storm Shadow in the knee department. The “fabric” on the back of his pants hinders some of the articulation, preventing the legs from going back all the way.

My biggest issue with the figure is the accessories. His sword is cool, as is his gun (despite it being… blue. What is this, 1993?) but he has no cool webgear. No backpack, no straps, nothing. The lack of any kind of webgear is really disappointing to me. Without any, he just feels so boring and plain. Continue reading

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GI Joe Retaliation Toys!

By Loran

I know I’m in the minority here, but I LOVED G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra. It was a big dumb action movie, but it was a FUN one. It was great to see live-action versions of Joe characters on the big screen, even if some of the likenesses and character selection left something to be desired. But hey, it was better than those commercials from the 90’s. The idea of a sequel was pretty up in the air, but it seems that it did well enough to warrant one. I just wanted to see how the end would get resolved!

Hasbro’s putting a lot of effort into G.I. Joe this time around, seemingly more than the first movie. Things are going to be different here, and I’m okay with that, for the most part. There’s going to be some reused tooling to cut costs, but unfortunately some figures will also be losing articulation. Hasbro stated this was done to cut costs, and it’ll be given “as needed”, meaning figures that need a lot of joints like the ninjas will get them, but others like Cobra Commander and the generic Cobra soldiers won’t have as many.

Where the articulation thing really seems to hurt the most is for the vehicle drivers. Remember those awful Iron Man and Captain America figures that came with the vehicles in those toylines? Yep, that’s happening here. For the past ten years, who drove what vehicle has been becoming less and less significant, and it’s finally hit rock bottom here. Really, I’d rather have no driver than these things. Still, judging by the price points, it seems as though vehicles are going to be a bit bigger than they’ve been previously, which I guess is a good tradeoff.

But of course, the best thing here is the celebrity likeness figures. Of course, we’ve got several figures of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Roadblock, RZA as Blind Master, and the most important of them all, Bruce Willis as G.I. Joe Colton. What an awesome casting choice. I like what I’ve been seeing of all three, though Roadblock’s second figure wins out in every way. Blind Master looks like fun, but I don’t know how much use I’ll be getting out of him. Joe Colton is the obvious winner, even with all the reused tooling. He’s Bruce Willis in a white t-shirt and camo pants. Do you need anything else? Continue reading

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Renegades Snake Eyes Review

By Loran

The Renegades keep marching in now, with another constant of the G.I. Joe Universe: Snake-Eyes! Yeah, I figured I should just get the “big three” out of the way first, or else I’d probably never buy them. I always like to focus on the side-characters first and make up my own backstories for them and whatnot, then add all the “big names” later on. I mean, there are always gonna be Snake-Eyes and Duke figures, but how often do we get, say, a new Low-Light, Airtight, or Sci-Fi? Not often enough, I would say… and I still need to find a Low-Light…

Renegades Snake-Eyes borrows heavily from Resolute Snake-Eyes. Actually, that’s a lie… pretty much his entire mold is Resolute Snake-Eyes. That’s not a bad thing, mind you; Resolute Snake-Eyes is a great mold! I remember searching high and low for him back during the first movie and the total elation I experienced when I finally did find him. Admitted, I already had the mold from that Target-exclusive four pack, but I still wanted the full experience. For awhile he was my default Snake-Eyes, up until the Pursuit of Cobra Wave 3 one came out. Come on, we all KNOW you can’t top that one.

…and, that’s really the main problem with this figure. Until Hasbro (somehow) tops it, Wave 3 Snake-Eyes will remain the DEFINITIVE version of the character, and all other versions will just be living in its shadow. Sure, you can do some gimmicky figures like Temple Guardian, but no matter what, they won’t beat the real thing.

In fact, the only NEW parts to this figure are the arms. The head is the same as the alternate one we saw in the Wave 3 version. A nice head for sure, though I would’ve liked to see something new. Personally, the visor look never did much for me. I always preferred goggles, and one of my favorite molds for the character is the 1991 “Hockey Mask” version. I don’t know why, but I always dug it.

The new arms work well enough, avoiding the wrist problem Duke had. I don’t see the point of giving someone like Snakes the dual-joint system, since it’s not like he has any rifles to hold. The hands themselves are nice and tight, and Hasbro was smart enough to NOT band the gun to his hand itself in the package. I hate it when they do that.

Unlike Duke, Snakes got off with a pretty good assortment of weapons. He comes with two swords, a knife, a sai, a backpack, and some kind of phase machine gun? It’s odd, but it suits Snakes. Not only does he come with a lot of weapons, but he can actually store them all! Wooo! The sai and knife store in his backpack, the gun on a new-sculpt holster, and his swords in… some kind of pouch thing? Whatever, I’ll run with it.

If you already own Resolute Snake-Eyes in some form, you’re really not getting much new here aside from a pair of new arms and gear. Between him and the Wave 3 Snake-Eyes, the choice is obvious, but if you can’t find that fantastic figure or if you like Renegades, he’s good enough. Snag them from FPNYC before they disappear just like the show did!

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Pursuit of Cobra Snake Eyes Review

By Loran

Snake Eyes is quite possibly the most overused character in G.I. Joe. Over the past 30 years the guy has gotten over fifty figures. It’s not without good reason, though. His image is rather iconic as far as 3 ¾” Joes go, but not quite as much as Cobra Commander. He’s often considered the Wolverine of G.I. Joe, since he started off as a side-character that pretty much became a main character with all sorts of stories revolving around him. Sure, Snake Eyes’ backstory makes much more sense than Wolverine, but it’s still a central part of almost every continuity. I’m pretty sure every Joe fan has at least five figures of the guy.

And there’s a damn good reason for it. Continue reading

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