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“Owly” to star in animated film premiering at San Diego Comic Con.

Released today, Andy Runton’s award winning kid’s comic “Owly” will star in its own animated short film at the San Diego Comic Con.  From the release:

Directed by Moto Sakakibara and storyboarded by creator Andy Runton.  Prominently featured will be Runton’s innovative “Pictomation,” a storytelling device in which the characters’ thoughts and feelings are animated with iconic and expressive images rather than dialogue, enabling fans of all ages, languages, and backgrounds to enjoy the show.

For a sample check out Sprite Animation’s website on the short film.  Owly, is a great gift if you happen to have a little one. I bring back an Owly comic for the 4 year old son of one of my best friends from Lake Placid. This little one I’ll eventually show the delights that is Jeff Smith’s Bone, once he gets a bit older.  I can’t imagine a better comic related gift for a wee one than this.

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