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Morgan’s Pile of Mini’s SCORCHED EARTH and SOUTHERN FRIED 9

As we move towards the transition months; out of the climatological frying pan that is mid-August and into the lukewarm buffet tray of the fall, it seems appropriate that today’s comics are about changes.

First up is Scorched Earth by Josh Kramer. As with some previous comics, this one warrants the disclaimer that I know Josh and think very highly of him. If this were the Victorian Era, I’d harrumph approvingly at his mention in complaints about the poor and the street urchins caught in my carriage wheels. Therefor, though I’ll try my level best to be objective, I do come in with a bias. Adding to that bias is my familiarity to the subject matter of this comic. Scorched Earth is a reportage comic, not unlike the work of Joe Sacco or Dan Archer. It recounts the “Great Strip-club Fire of Aught-five” in White River Junction, Vermont. I attended grad school in there just a year after the events of Kramer’s comic, and the fire continued to be the topic of conversation for many years. Surprising, considering the bustling metropolis that is White River Junction. They have a coffee shop now, for example. I kid. I kid. They also have despair. Continue reading

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