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By Loran

Like I said in the review for the Schuzrum Dias, I love it when Bandai decides they’ll throw us a bone with a kit of a suit that’s never been done before. The thing about the Schuzrum Dias, though, is that most of it was already done. There are many suits that existed solely in resin hell for the past 25-30 years and are just now getting kits. This is one that I though needed one much, much earlier on.

The GM III has never gotten a plastic Bandai kit in any scale. I think there were a few resin kits and conversion sets (but let’s be honest here, that would have to be one hell of a conversion set), but for whatever reason, the poor GM III always got neglected in favor for its younger brother the Jegan, even after appearing in both Double Zeta and Char’s Counterattack. In fact, it was the only new Federation model introduced throughout Double Zeta’s entire run. I guess during the 80’s, Bandai didn’t find new GMs all that profitable, though considering Double Zeta’s track record with rehashes towards the end, it makes sense that Bandai wouldn’t have wanted to take a risk on a new Federation suit.

The GM III is, more or less, a bulky GM II, however Bandai (for some reason) chose to release this one first. While it’s labeled as a Double Zeta kit, the design clearly borrows most of its influence from the Unicorn anime, not surprising considering that without it, we probably wouldn’t have this kit. It works for me, since I found the original design to be kind of… messy, at least in the lineart.

A clear visor with some great interior detailing adorns the head. I can’t wait to paint this. However, the antennae on the head look really thick, even by Bandai standards. I might sand them down to make them look a little less silly.

This kit uses a new GM joint system, not the same one originally included with the Hazels. I was a little upset at first, but this one works just as well. The arm joints are designed in a way that will be much easier to glue and paint.

The hips use stick joints, similar to the ones on the 30th Anniversary Gundam. The skirt is designed in a way that can be split, but of course, they aren’t pre-cut.

Also taken from the 30th Gundam are the shoulder joints, using the much more versatile ball-and-socket style. It’s nice to see this style finally becoming mainstream. Continue reading

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HGUC EWAC Zack Review

By Loran

While the Schuzrum Dias may have been a bit of a pointless variation to begin with, Double Zeta Gundam thankfully has a few more interesting ones. I believe I covered a kitbash of the ReGelg, a Gelgoog variant, some time ago, which is one of my personal favorites. However, there was one story arc in the series that had some variants that just stroke my fancy: yeah, I’m talking about the Africa Arc. Ignoring that one strangely-colored Gelgoog (what was a Gelgoog in Char’s colors doing in Africa??), we got some really cool Desert Zakus out of it, along with one of my favorite “ace units:” The Blue Team.

The EWAC Zack (also known as the “Eye-Zack”) is one of the new suits that were introduced during this arc. In a sense, it’s the Hizack’s answer to the Zaku Recon or the Zaku Flipper, though where those two were designed for taking photographs; this was more made for jamming and listening. It’s the type of suit you don’t see too often in Gundam, or mecha in general. They’re quite common in Macross, but the closest thing I can think to one of these only showed up in mangas. There’s also Dragonar-3 from Metal Armor Dragonar, but that’s Gundam in pretty much everything but its title… Continue reading

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HGUC Schuzrum Dias review

By Loran

Towards the end of Double Zeta Gundam, I have to wonder if there was some sort of budget crisis with the model kits. In the series, you start seeing old suits and variations of them appearing in the latter half. Suits like Gelgoogs, Desert Zakus, and of course, the Gazu R/L. But there was one variant that appeared in one episode—quite prominently, if I may add, that was the simplest of variations and never got a kit until recently. I’m talking about the Schuzrum Dias. What could have been nothing more than a Rick Dias with two big binders thrown on its back just ended up getting ignored. I always wondered why.

Until I got one, that is. Taken at face value, the Schuzrum Dias isn’t anything exciting, really. In fact, it’s exactly what I said it was: a Rick Dias with two big binders thrown on its back. Heck, even the color scheme is pretty much the same as Quattro’s Rick Dias. Of course, Bandai still gave us our money’s worth with a few elements of the kit, but it’s really the kind of thing only completists would be interested in, or crazy people like me who dig crazy obscure mobile suits.

By and large, the kid has all the same features of the Rick Dias. It has the same articulation, same translucent green parts as the original. Of course, that means one thing: it’s horribly outdated. The articulation was great for 2000, but for 2009, it’s really crude.

There are a few small cosmetic changes Bandai made from the original that were probably done for the kitbashers. The first is the “hat”. This one has a more pronounced visor that extends out more. I like it a lot, and it still gives you the chance to use the original one.

The next is the new backside. Everything’s more angular and more pronounced. I like it. However, this came at a price: there’s no more mount for the beam saber.

Lastly, and more interestingly, are the new boosters in the legs. These just go on top of the existing boosters, though they don’t stay in that well. All of these elements combined would make for a great Quattro’s Rick Dias kitbash, since a lot of people were upset that the kit was a straight-up recolor with no new parts. I might actually grab a second one and a second Rick Dias to make a proper Quattro Custom unit… but I probably won’t.

The big binders are neat, but unfortunately they’re just two big halves with a polycap. I’m not looking forward to the amount of glue I’m going to need for these. Still, it has a lot of nice detail and doesn’t completely weigh the kit down.

The weapons are all the same from the Rick Dias, and they all store just as well. Save for the Beam Saber, that is. There’s no more mounting point for that.

My favorite inclusion is the sticker sheet. It comes with stickers for Zeon, the AEUG, Karaba, the Federation, Anaheim Electronics, and even Amuro’s personal emblem. I’ll probably use some of these at some point. It also comes with stickers for Quattro… unfortunately they use the bad spelling. I’ll just ignore those for now.

So overall, if you own a Rick Dias already and you just want a new kit to buy this one isn’t going to offer anything new or exciting. The stickers are cool, yes, but nothing special. I’d recommend it to completists or people who like weird designs. If you want one for your own, check out FPNYC!

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