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Black Friday 2016 at Forbidden Planet NYC

Time to announce this the details of this year’s Black Friday in-store sale!  Here ya go:

Sale, Forbidden Planet Sale, Hobgoblin, Thanksgiving Sale
That’s right, chums, this coming Friday (November 25th) Forbidden Planet’s offering savings galore on the whole range of stuff we carry.  30% OFF all regularly-priced books, comics and graphic novels (the highest discount we’ve ever offered on Black Friday), t-shirts at 25% OFF and 20% off just about everything else!

FYI – we’re CLOSED on Thanksgiving, the 24th, but we’ll be open bright and early at 9am on Black Friday with a TON of great geeky stuffs on sale. Bring a shopping cart. Better yet, rent a van.

*Please note: We cannot combine other offers/discounts to this sale. Items already on sale will not be discounted. ALSO, items cannot be put on hold beforehand to be purchased in-store on Friday at the discounted price.

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fpnyc.com Cyber Monday Plans 2015

30% 90% off Forbidden Planet items cyber Monday sale
ATTENTION Forbidden Planet mail order customers!

Can’t make it to our Black Friday in-store sale? There’s still a chance for you to save mad $$$ on fpnyc.com Monday the 30th when EVERYTHING available in our webstore will be on sale by at least 20%OFF regular retail, with some deeply discounted items marked down to a whopping 90%off.

The sale kicks off at 12:01 a.m. Monday morning and lasts through 11:59 p.m. Monday night. A link to all deeply discounted items will be sent out to those customers on our email list in advance, so if you’re not already receiving regular updates from us I suggest you join ASAP.

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Black Friday at Forbidden Planet NYC 2014 Edition

Just announced…

Forbidden Planet Black Friday Sale 2014

That’s 20% off EVERYTHING in the store that ain’t the furniture. The whole kit and kaboodle. Heck, maybe even some of the furniture. Gonna be a cuh-razy day.

*Sale is in-store only and only applicable to items IN STOCK on a first come, first served basis. We cannot hold anything in advance of this offer.

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6/18/14 Signing Bundle Package

In case you missed it, FPNYC is hosting a rather large event Wednesday the 18th of June. It’s kind of a big deal.

Forbidden Planet NYC Paul Pope signing Escapo

We’re extremely fond of all five of these gents, and as an incentive for you to pick up all five books we’re promoting Forbidden Planet’s bundling them all together at a discounted price the day of our event! Normally a full set of Escapo, Fear My Dear, Shackleton, Thomas Alsop #1 and Minimum Wage #6 would retail for about $69…

We’re bundling the full set of books (SIGNED) for $45! That’s nearly 35% OFF! Crazy pants.

PLEASE NOTE: There are only a limited number of these bundles available! They go on sale at the shop at 8am Wednesday morning.

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Black Friday Store-wide SALE!


It’s that time of year again, a time to give thanks and be grateful. Or more importantly a time to buy a bunch of awesome stuff on the cheap. This black Friday at Forbidden Planet, everything (yes EVERTHING) is 20% OFF from 9a.m. to 9p.m. If you’re the person whose been waiting to read Cerbus, or pick up one of IDW’s beautiful artist editions book, or your home is desperately in need of a life size bust of Jango Fett (I can’t type this loud enough) NOW IS THE TIME! Don’t miss out on the chance to get the things you love for way less monies. Start off the holiday season right already having got everything you wanted on your list from the person you love most (that’s you).

[Editor’s Note- Sale is in-store only and only applicable to items IN STOCK on a first come, first served basis. We cannot hold anything in advance of this offer. CCG booster boxes and similarly net-priced items are not included.]

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The Weekly Pulse – Fantastic Fourth

Happy Americaday everybody! And what better way to celebrate the day that The United States became a thing that everybody was saying, than with a gigantic sale! And what better way to kick off a gigantic sale! than with a gigantic pile of comics! And as luck would have it, that’s precisely what Dan and I, your humble director Morgan, have in store for you today. What comics, you ask? SO MANY COMICS I blurt back while flinging Cape 1969 #1, I Told You So, God and Science, and Avengers Vs X-Men #7 in your general direction.

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Storewide Sale Wednesday July 4th

That’s right.  We’re discounting EVERYTHING in our store on Wednesday, July 4th.   We don’t do this often (maybe once a year… maybe), so come on by and take advantage!

Storewide Sale Forbidden Planet coupon discount

Plus, this year the 4th of July falls on a Wednesday… New Comics Day!  A ton of great new comics and graphic novels are scheduled to come out that day, and you’ll be able to apply the discount to all of ’em to boot.

Please note, store hours will be 9am-9pm that day, rather than the usual Wednesday 9am-12am.

UPDATE:  Mail order customers, be sure to be on our email list (you can join in the upper right-hand corner of this page) before Tuesday July 3rd.  That day we’ll be sending out a code for extra discounts on our webstore!

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Before Watchmen Sale

It’s June and Before Watchmen, the controversial DC Comics event, kicks off this coming Wednesday with the debut of Minutemen #1.  To mark the occasion Forbidden Planet NYC is offering three editions of the classic, original graphic novel masterpiece by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons at 40% OFF in-store and online throughout the month!

Watchmen TP- $19.99 $11.99

Watchmen TP International Edition- $19.99 $11.99

Watchmen HC- $39.99 $23.99

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Take a break from the Con this weekend for some great deals at

Forbidden Planet NYC!

*Existing discounts or specials; e.g. Magic the Gathering Booster Packs, Student Discounts, Manga Deals; do not apply.

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Daily Deals

We’re now in the second day of what we expect to become a long tradition… The Forbidden Planet Daily Deal.

Daily sale items from Forbidden Planet NYC. Comics, graphic novels, merchandise, DVDs, toys on sale daily.Now we’re offering a select group of items on sale in-store and online every single day.  Be sure to check the Daily Deals page well, um, er… daily, and especially before your trip to the shop if you’re planning a visit.

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Forbidden Planet NYC New Comic Day Deep Discount for December 2nd 2010: Fables TP Vol 14 Witches

Each week we offer our customers a limited, one-day-only (new comic day, to be exact) deep discount offer on a new Graphic Novel or comic book.

This week’s selection is the new Fables trade paperback (Volume 14) at a stellar discount of 45% OFF the cover price of $17.99.  That’s just $9.89! You can take advantage of this deal by mail-order on fpnyc.com from now through Thursday December 2nd at 11:59 EST, or in-store on the day of release.

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Celebrating SURROGATES movie, Top Shelf has $3 Sale.


Celebrating the premiere of the Bruce Willis film, Surrogates publisher Top Shelf is having a THREE DOLLAR graphic novel web sale starting today through the Surrogates premiere September 25.

There is more though! Via Press Release, Top Shelf PR guru Chris Staros says you can download a Surrogates app for the iPhone which includes the first two issues of the ground breaking series for 99 cents, and the rest of the issues for the same price.

Staros says this web sale deal is good for retailers as well, but to email in regards to it.  Below is a list of $3 sales and slashed prices on some books completely worth your time like Lost Girls, Jeff Lemire’s Essex County and Blankets.

— $3 Books: The Barefoot Serpent, The Country Nurse, Sulk,
After the Snooter, That Salty Air, and more!
— $3 Books: Please Release, Tales of Woodsman Pete,
Less Than Heroes, Fox Bunny Funny, The King, and more!
— $3 Books: Regards from Serbia, Comic Book Artist,
Hutch Owen, Delayed Replays, Micrographica, and more!

— Slashed Prices: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen,
Lost Girls, From Hell, Blankets, Carnet De Voyage, and more!
— Slashed Prices: The Surrogates, Essex County,
Swallow Me Whole, Clumsy, Veeps, and more!
— Slashed Prices: Far Arden, Super Spy, Owly, Korgi,
Johnny Boo, and more!

Details on the sale can be found at the Top Shelf website.

Happy shopping!

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