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Lookee! for 2/4/11

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  • Man this is gonna suck, OR, All my dreams torn asunder… The first images from the forthcoming feature film of Kerouac’s classic On the Road have been released.  It stars such noted thespians as Twilght’s Kristen Stewart and TRON Legacy’s Garrett Hedlund as Dean Moriarty/Neal Cassady.  Egads.  I’ve not seen Control, the Ian Curtis biopic, nor anything else Sam Riley’s been in so I’ll reserve judgment on the casting of the Kerouac stand-in Sal Paradise for now.
  • Here’s hoping Gareth Edwards handles Godzilla more like the giant monster movie we’re clamoring for than his previous foray, Monsters, which was overrated to say the least.  Lost in Translation meets Cloverfield, posing as brainy SF and blind to both films’ strengths.

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Russell T. Davies and David Tennant interviewed on BoingBoing TV.

As we’re winding closer to the end of Russell T. Davies run on Doctor Who more and more interviews are popping up featuring the two.  This one done with BoingBoing TV’s Richard Metzger and gives a slight spoiler as to what happens in the last episodes of iconic series.

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SDCC: David Tennant “sorry” for the end of “Doctor Who.”

David Tennant
David Tennant

At the San Diego Comic Con, people expected that Russell T. Davies would announce a “Doctor Who” movie starring David Tennant, but we would get nothing of the sort.  Instead, what audience members got were trailers for the final three episodes of Tennant’s run as the Time Lord.  And apparently, he’s sorry:

I think he feels guilty. I think he’s in a very difficult position. He has to make the hard choices, and he’s riddled with remorse for what happened to his people, and the part he played in that, which we’ll learn a little bit more about before I disappear. [Laughs] Not that much, just a little bit. It’s not the three-part miniseries staring [former 1990s Doctor] Paul McGann. But I think he’s tortured, and he travels time and space trying to make it better… but some of the side effects of that are not as we’d wish them to be.

The first special, that airs tonight on BBC America, titled “The Planet of the Dead” stars “Bionic Woman” Michelle Ryan as a cat-burgler who finds herself stranded on a bus that has been teleported into a desert of the dead.   The second special, “The Water of Mars” involves a water monster.  The final two-parter “The End of Time” which features Tennant’s Doctor’s  death and change into Matt Smith is quite the tear-jerker apparently:

Not surprisingly, Tennant and the production crew all promise some of the series’ strongest moments in the final episodes of 2009, and Euros Lynn said he showed the regeneration scene (where Tennant’s Doctor “dies” and turns into Matt Smith) to composer Murray Gold, who bawled like a baby.

During the filming, says Gardner, “Every day there was a new goodbye of some sort to someone.”

“The End of Time” will also see the return of The Master, John Simm.  Which makes me excited because as of this writing I’m watching Jon Simm take over Britain in the season finale to “Doctor Who” season 3.

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