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Dylan Dog Dead Of Night

Italy’s best-selling comic and one of my personal favorites, Dylan Dog, has been adapted for the big screen once again!

I mentioned this to a customer I was pushing Dark Horse’s DD collection on and it hadn’t occurred to me to use the computer to find out what’s been up with production.

Now that I’m a blogger (hmm… one G or two?) I guess I should do more internet exploration. (Ahh… two, see its working already!)

So I dug up some wack posters, some lackluster footage and the official Production Blog, which is kinda cool.

Dyaln Dog Movie Dead of Night

So far, so bad!  I know I’m talking yang but I’m still gonna pay to see it, so there…

In the meantime pick up Dylan Dog Case Files– the only American edition.  And while you’re at it check out Cemetery Man, Michele Sovai’s Dylan Dog inspired film starring Rupert Everett.

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