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The Weekly Pulse – Bitey Castles

“Draw” bridge? More like “jaw” bridge! Am I right, absolutely nobody? Yes, that’s right, that’s my horrible segue into bringing up this week’s comics. Particularly Ragemoor #1, the horror comic about a living castle! But there’s also Voodoo Child #1, Freedom #1, and Hoax Hunters #…0! Also in this week is the very lovely and talented Elektra Premium Hardcover, that you should all come in and look at and faun over. Pretty!

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Unkiedev continues to prove himself unreliable at making deadlines, missing his column AGAIN this week. In an attempt to ratify this situation, while still bringing you the quality comic book coverage you demand, we have used the Time Machine located on the premises to bring Unkiedev’s great, great. great grandfather, Lord Gunther Horatio Boxsteader, and set him about reviewing some of this week’s titles. We now join him in the study over brandy and cigars.


…And I said “That’s not my mustache, that is a colony of spiders crawling out of my nose! Ha-Ha-Ha!”

Oh, hello there. I didn’t know you had arrived. My word but you look the fool. Since I’ve arrived here from your past I cannot help but be continuously assailed by your stupid attire and lackluster attitudes towards the finer pursuits of life: such as fox hunting, gypsy hunting, and the Intercontinental rail. May the Christian God have mercy on your degenerate souls.

I’ve been asked to remark on a few tomes set before me of a type you call “Comic Books,” though magazines would be more appropriate and WHAT, precisely I should find comical about them I shouldn’t wonder.

Here’s one: Batman #7. Dreadful stuff. A rich man spending his time disguising himself as a creature of the night in order to punch costumed ruffians? Piffle. Should a gentlemen be desiring to punch the unfortunate, he need only to do so. The law and his birth-right shall protect him.

Still, I find the vibrant coloring and the slick nature of the paper printed there upon to be the technological horrors concocted by madmen! Why do you people of the future require such extremes? Are you all blind from masturbation? Continue reading

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