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Legend of Zelda Comics

By Devin T. Quin

Picture a young boy, probably seven or eight years old, wandering in an inhospitable land of crazed, stunted trees and huge mile high rock cliffs. The boy has no idea how he got there. He hears a cry for help, and without thinking runs to investigate. He finds a dying nursemaid who has lost her charge, a beautiful princess who has been stolen by creatures that are part goblin, part drooling pit bulls.

“YOU are a child of destiny, ” she rasps. “Find her, Find the Princess” she requests, and then speaks nevermore.

The only protection this kid has is a wooden sword given to him by a cowering old man hiding in a cave, too afraid to venture forth into this strange landscape. Suddenly, man-sized blue and red land-squids, their bodies puffy and swollen from a life out of water are upon him! They fire gigantic boulders out of their anterior funnels in spiteful defense. They are fast, they are deadly, and they are all around! Continue reading

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