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Check out Wonder Woman’s wonder wear

They released pictures of Adrianne Palicki in full costume from the NBC Wonder Woman reboot, and woo boy are the kids in an uproar.  And by kids, I mean John, the self-proclaimed “resident gay who works here”.

“At last,” he said. “An outfit that would make Emma Frost say:  Pull it back, dear, you look kinda trampy.”

Honestly I don’t think it’s that bad, but I’ve only seen Grey Gardens once, what do I know?  Although I do think the bottom half would make for a cool Blue Beetle outfit, otherwise leave me out of it.  John, on the other hand, couldn’t help but drag as many customers as possible into the controversy.  “It’s almost like Halloween Adventure ran out of naughty nurse costumes and someone went “Oh, I have a party to go to in two hours.  I’ll just take it.”

But he’s just glad to see Wonder Woman back on TV, he’ll happily watch anything with an invisible jet and a tiara in it.  Let’s face it, no matter how much he complains he’s still gonna dress like that this Halloween.

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Munsters from Mars

Rumors of The Munsters remake for NBC have been all over the internet for the past couple months.  Helming this project is Bryan Fuller, the man who made death cute with shows like Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies.  Now don’t take that the wrong way, I really dug those shows.  The only other name attached at the moment is Kristen Bell of Veronica Mars fame as Marilyn.  Her I know nothing about so forgive my ignorance but Veronica Mars is like Buffy in space or something, right? Anyway… I figured why not let me cast The Munsters remake.

Eddie Munster – Bruce McCulloch

Herman Munster – Mark McKinney

Lily Munster – Dave Foley

Grandpa Munster – Kevin McDonald

And last but definitely not least, my ideal Marilyn – Scott Thompson

I guess you might have noticed a trend in my choices… they’re all male.  I’ve always been a fan of the Shakespearean method of casting.  Seriously though, its the cast of my favorite sketch comedy show The Kids In The Hall. Just hear me out, The Kids In The Hall had ties with Lorne Michaels, Lorne Michaels produced Saturday Night Live, Saturday Night Live is on NBC, The Munsters remake is going to air on NBC… so lets make it happen.

What? You think you can do better? Then leave your dream cast in the comments.

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