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Yotsuba Model

Working a closing shift at Forbidden Planet, wandering the asiles, when I noticed on our shelves a fantastic new Yotsuba model kit from Kotobukiya I hadn’t seen before…

kotobukiya yotsuba model kit

Dressed in her usual outfit for a day of adventure, she wears an orange and white long-sleeved shirt, olive shorts, and orange and white shoes. Yotsuba is comprised of 120 pre-colored plastic pieces eliminating the need for painting, and 15 points of articulation and multiple interchangeable face parts with a wide array of different expressions provide for an amazing number of display options! The energetic girl stands nearly 5 ½ inches tall and comes with some really fun accessories like a kazoo, camera, bubble wand, and stuffed teddy bear.

A must have for any fan.

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HGUC Ball Review

By Loran

You really have to love some of the concepts in the original Mobile Suit Gundam. While effectively the first “real robot” series, a lot of concepts from super robot shows still kind of seeped in, like the G-Fighter and a lot of the crazy Mobile Armors. But there’s one I always kind of liked just for the simplicity and how cute it is-the Ball! Its design is obviously patterned off the Space Pod from 2001: A Space Odyssey but its use kind of reminds me of the Broogar or Bluegar or whatever it was called from Reideen the Brave. Continue reading

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A Unicorn-y build log part 3

By Loran

The kit building has been progressing quite nicely! ReZel is pretty much complete though he needs a bit of touchup work still (I need better lighting in my bedroom). Today I also received a huge box of Gunpla that will pretty much be supplying the next few reviews-a GM Kai, the Ball Twin Pack, Deltaplus, and Unicorn mode Unicorn Gundam (Fodder for the next few weeks of articles! Woooo!). I have to say, though, I’ve been pretty impressed with the Unicorn lineup so far. The only issue I have is how long it’s going to take us to get everything, what with the episodes coming out every six months…

The ReZel is a damn nice piece of work. Its joints are nice, and while they don’t have the flair of some of the more simple kits, it works. It has a nice, tall presence with a badass Mega Beam Launcher to set him over the edge, which comes on a series of hinges that work rather well.

The kit comes with your standard dual beam sabers, but there’s one small problem-I can’t, for the life of me, find out where they go! There seems to be no space on this suit that can hold them. Apparently the Master Grade kit stores them in the wrists, but I’m not sure if that was created just for that kit or if it was always designed that way. Either way, it’s a bit annoying. However, you do get plenty of blades for this kit-one molded in green and two molded in pink. I much prefer the green-gotta love Luke’s lightsaber! Continue reading

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Assembling the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam (Unicorn Mode) part 3: Finale

By Christopher Troy

Being a man of my word, I’ve managed to stave off Final Fantasy 13 and Megaman 10 (to an extent) and completed the Unicorn. Above the text is a completed and nearly completed leg. The amount of articulation is standard for a 1/144th sized kit (ankle, knee) but the foot itself is a little more sturdy than the average kit, which makes standing on it’s own easier.

See? Look at em! All….standy…..

Here we have the completed lower half of the Unicorn, which obviously means the kit is a upper torso away from being completed. Are you ready to see the final product? I hope so, or you’re going to be pretty disappointed with the rest of this entry. Continue reading

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