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FREE COMICS: Mitch Breitweiser’s ‘The Futurists’.

Yesterday, “Captain America” artist Mitch Breitweiser and pal Patrick Stiles unveiled a new webcomic titled “The Futurists“.

Set during the English occupation of India in the early 1800s, the webcomic is about the search for Eternal Life gone horribly wrong. Pages will appear about 3 to 4 times a month according to a Blog @Newsarama interview Breitweiser did, because of the artist’s commitment to Marvel. More from the interview:

DP: Another question I had was regarding the format. Mitch, I know you do a lot of work with Marvel, and so I’m curious what made you guys decide that a webcomic was the best format for this particular story.

MB: Given our current obligations, the internet is the most convenient and hassle-free way for us to publish.  Plus, everyone likes FREE, and if we really want The Futurists to grow wings then why not give it away. If it fails, it’s a labor of love, no regrets.

Source: Mitch Breitweiser’s Tumblr.

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