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Have a ball with the Misfits and Osaka Popstar

Less than one week til The Misfits and Osaka Popstar invade Forbidden Planet!



Everyone who attends our Misfits Records event on October 27th will be entered in a raffle to win free tickets to see The Misfits live at Irving Plaza on Tuesday October 28th! And just to let you know… we got mad tickets so there will be a bunch of WINNERS!

Don’t forget! If you can’t make it to the event you can still pre-order a bunch of SIGNED Misfits and Osaka Popstar goodies by following the link right HERE!


One of the coolest things you can pre-order from us is the Osaka Popstar Glass Xmas ornament with free download card for their new 2014 Xmas single! Now this item is not available anywhere else at the moment, and will only be available autographed through our website, or by coming to the Misfits Records event, so be ahead of the curve and grab your balls now!

See you at Forbidden Planet NYC next Monday!

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October 27th Return of The Misfits and Osaka Popstar to Forbidden Planet!

Whoaaaa doggy! You read that right!

Forbidden Planet will be enjoying the haunting season the fright way… with a maniacal Misfits Records in-store event!


Meet Jerry Only, Dez Cadena and Eric “Chupacabra” Arce of the The Misfits and John Cafiero of Osaka Popstar on Monday October 27th from 7 to 9 PM.


What makes October 27th so special? Well it’s the release date for the Expanded Edition of Project 1950 which the fiends will have on hand for you to get signed! But that’s not all… we’re gonna have more Misfits and Osaka Popstar related CDs, vinyl, toys, and merch than you can shake a devilock at and yes the guys will sign it all for you!

Can’t make it to the signing but still wanna snag some sweet signed Misfits Records swag? Forbidden Planet has always got your back! Here is a list a stuff you can pre-order from our site that we will make sure to have the guys autograph for you on October 27th before we ship it out to you.

Misfits Project 1950 Expanded Edition CD
Misfits Horror Xmas CD
Osaka Popstar Glass Xmas Ornament w/ Digital Single

So if you can make it, let’s party!  If you can’t? Party with us from home!

Also make sure to keep your eyes peeled to our various social media outlets for more Misfits Records event info !



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Meet The Misfits & Osaka Popstar 2/6/13 7PM

Jeezum Crow! What an amazing event to start the year off kids!

Forbidden Planet and Misfits Records are proud to present an in-store event of the utmost radical proportions. We plan to fill Forbidden Planet to the brim with Sexy Super-heroines and live undead punks!

But what does it all mean?  Well… It means on Wednesday February 6th from 7 to 9 legendary Punk Rock Icons and Horror Enthusiasts The Misfits (Jerry Only, Dez Cadena, and Eric “Chupacabra” Arce) as well as Pop Punk Poster Child for the Geek Culture movement Osaka Popstar (John Cafiero) have decided to launch their newest records right here at Forbidden Planet in NYC! New albums did you say? Why yes I did. The Misfits “DEA.D. ALIVE!” is available on a gold vinyl 12″ limited to 1,500 pieces worldwide, and also available on CD while Osaka Popstar’s “Super Hero” is only available on a white vinyl 12″ limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide. Jerry and Dez of the Misfits are special guests in the backing band on the Osaka Popstar 12-inch and John of Osaka Popstar co-produced the new Misfits live album, so nearly everyone can sign both titles depending on what the fans would like!

Unholy hell in a hand basket!

But wait there is more! What would an Forbidden Planet Signing be without some contests and prizes!  The fine folks over at Misfits Records have made sure we had plenty of goodies! Anyone that purchase both new releases from Misfits & Osaka Popstar at the event will be entered to win a set of the rare Misfits “Psycho in the Wax Museum” 7inch and the Osaka Popstar X JuiceheaD “Waiting Room” 7-inch with sleeve art by Shepard Fairey. 5 winners will be chosen at random to win and one grand prize winner will receive a Misfits screen print by Tom Whalen and the Osaka Popstar X JuiceheaD “Waiting Room” screen print by Shepard Fairey (signed by Osaka Popstar, JuiceheaD and Shepard). Christ on a crutch, that is alot of cool stuff!

So mark your calendar and keep your eyes glued to The Daily Planet and our many social media outlets for more news on this killer event and all things Forbidden Planet!

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Shiny Shoujo Versus Sporty Shounen— FIGHT!

By Shannon H.

Well, this week sure leaves me happy, since three of the six or so books that I’m actively collecting right now are making their appearance (anyone familiar with this column doesn’t need to guess that means that among our new arrivals is the new Fairy Tail, Blue Exorcist, and Bakuman). For the rest of you, there’s still Vampire Knight, the shoujo-horror book of the hour, as well as another one of those 3-in-1 collections for the mega-beast of a series, Bleach. Beyond all that, though, there are a few sleeper hits that maybe you guys should tune in on, just in case you’re out trolling for something new to read.

In the boys’ corner, we have Slam Dunk, by Takehiko Inoue, who maybe you’ve already read without realizing it; he is the genius behind the beautiful samurai epic, Vagabond. Bet you never thought that his other big titles were shounen basketball stories, did you (I know I didn’t quite expect it!)? Both Slam Dunk, which has a new volume out this week, and Real, are high school basketball dramas, but they couldn’t be more different! Slam Dunk is a more traditional shounen sports story; it follows a juvenile delinquent named Hanamichi who that gets recruited to his high school basketball team and, with a team of other misfits, helps bring the once-unknown team to stardom. Real, however, is a much grittier, darker, and kind of depressing tale about three men whose lives are touched by basketball and what the sport means to them. Buzzer Beater, a third Inoue basketball manga, is a bit more out of this world — quite literally!! This story chronicles a basketball team from Earth that competes on an intergalactic level, and though it has never been published in the States, it might be worth your time to hunt it down should you decide you are now a giant Inoue fan. Continue reading

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