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Denver drug ring used comic books as a front for business.

Yesterday, the New York Post told a story about two brothers who bought $500, 000 in collector comic books as a front for their meth business.

Police seized comic books worth at least $500,000 while arresting Aaron Castro, 29, of Commerce City and Alfonzo Castro, 30, of Denver, Colorado Attorney General John Suthers said.

“It was their intent to launder money, and their choice was collector comic books,” Suthers said.

Some of the seized comic books were first edition Superman and Batman publications encased in protective plastic covers, Adams County District Attorney Don Quick said.

Apparently, the brothers were thinking about opening a high end comic book store, but instead sold about 100,000 bags of meth totaling in 500,000 dollars. ┬áThe story gets pretty gruesome, so for the sake of levity we’re going to move on to something else.

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