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Transformers Prime Megatron Review

By Loran

And once again, I find myself reviewing Megatron

I wasn’t too big on the design for Megatron in Transformers Prime originally. It just felt like a shameless rehash of his design from the first movie, only scarier. But well, Frank Welker’s performance as him really sold me on it. Heck, I didn’t even recognize him at first. It’s much better than the voice he used in the games for the live-action movies, that’s for sure.

In vehicle mode, Megatron is a… thing. Okay, I usually don’t mind Cybertronian alt-modes but god, this thing is just weird. It’s like Megatron tried to scan a Klingon Bird of Prey and got distracted and scanned a pile of metal halfway into it. I just can’t get over the exposed head in this mode. It’s too silly even for me. Everything IS quite stable in this mode, though. Many of the parts peg into other parts nicely and securely.

Megatron’s transformation drives me nuts. But not in the bad way, I guess. It’s that good kind of complex that’ll actually stump you. Either way, he has way too many hinged parts. They really clash against each other and I’m always worried I’m gonna break one of them off.

Despite all that, though, holy crap is this robot mode menacing. All the glowing translucent purple plastic looks so good here, and I really wish purple showed up better on my camera. It’s like he has Dark Energon flowing right through his body. His plastic is even textured, too, making him even feel like a crazy, war-mongering Decepticon general. Unfortunately, as cool as the textured plastic is, the gray color just doesn’t do it for me. It feels a little too light, though the dark color in the animation may just be due to the lighting conditions in the show. Continue reading

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Transformers DOTM Megatron Review

by Loran

If there’s one Movieverse character I’ve been holding off on ever since the first Transformers movie, it was Megatron. I came close to buying the repaint of his Revenge of the Fallen Leader a few times, but I couldn’t bring myself to it. I liked the look of his ROTF Voyager, but I didn’t like the idea of having such a small Megatron with no Optimus to fight, since I didn’t like any of the Voyager Primes available at the time. Then his Dark of the Moon figure was revealed… and I was sold. Megatron as a big nasty truck? That’s new. Only one problem… he’s a Voyager! So I guess I had to settle for a smaller Megatron. But is he good enough to warrant purchasing a similarly-sized Prime for him to fight? Let’s take a look… Continue reading

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Transformers Generation Warpath

By Loran

Don’t you hate it when Hasbro saves the awesome stuff for last?

I never really had this problem up until a few years ago, with the G.I. Joe movie figures. The last wave—the one with City Strike Snake-Eyes and Duke, Jungle Ripcord, etc was IMPOSSIBLE for me to find here (I never even SAW the Desert Viper at regular stores). Some of the figures from the last wave of Revenge of the Fallen never showed up here, either. It’s really just a case of stores being clogged up with so much older crap (LIKE MUDFLAP) that they don’t order new stuff. It sucks, but that’s unfortunately how it is. Remember folks—for each crappy figure you pick up, you bring the stores one step closer to putting out the awesome stuff!

Warpath here was the unfortunate victim with Transformers Generations, and a damn shame because he is AWESOME. Continue reading

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Transformers Human Alliance Jazz Review

By Loran

Like I said the reviews for Icepick and Thunderhead, I couldn’t get into Transformers Human Alliance originally because it was all characters I already had. Buying the same character more than once just bores me unless it’s some super-duper upgrade or something. But one of them caught my eye; probably because of how lame his Deluxe figure was. That figure was Jazz. The moment I set eyes on him, I knew I had to have him, because well, we still haven’t gotten a good Deluxe of him and I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Does the Human Alliance figure make a decent substitute? You’re damn right he does, scale be damned.

Ah, licensed alt-modes, how I love thee. I like it when my Transformers turn into actually things, branding and all. The Pontiac Solstice was an odd choice for Jazz, but it’s a nice looking car. I was initially turned off by the silver when his first figures came out and tried to pursue the G1 colored version, but when I never found it, I just settled for the Premium. Like the other HA cars, he has opening doors and a detailed-enough interior. Unfortunately some of the panels have a bit of a hard time staying together in this mode. Continue reading

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Transformers DOTM Shockwave Review

By Loran

Ah, Shockwave… one of those Transformers characters that never had a consistent personality. Remember how in the TV show he was as loyal to Megatron as Starscream was traitorous? Most people know that one, of course. But in the comics, he was even more of a bastard than Starscream was, to the point where he got Megatron to take orders from HIM! Seriously, that’s some balls. Loyal or not, being left in charge of Cybertron for millions of years, you’ve got to come up with some good plans, maybe amassing an army of your own. Let’s just hope he lives up to that in the movie itself. Continue reading

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Megatron vs. Skeletor vs. Cobra Commander

In the world of competitive commerce there are “Good Bosses,” “Great Bosses,” and “Terrible Bosses.” THEN AGAIN, in the world of toys there are Megatron, Cobra Commander and Skeletor.

For those of you tuning in expecting a “Who would win in a fight” article I have disappointment both swift and harsh. Megatron. Those of you with slightly more on the ball, however, might have figured out where I’m going with this.

Who is the best boss, Megatron, Cobra Commander or Skeletor?


I love C.O.B.R.A. as an organization. It has dedication, passion, a clear business plan and a very lax dress code. Cobra Commander as a CEO on the other hand leaves much to be desired.

The Old Hooded Honcho’ is NOT what you call an idea man. We have all had this guy as a boss. “Hey you,” he hisses. “Yessss you! I need you to go down to SSSSsssssstaplesssssss and buy all the paper clipssssssss. Buy them out entirely!” “How does this help our business, sir?” you might reasonably ask. “ARE YOU QUESsssTIONING MY ORDERSSsssSSSS?!” He’ll reply, typically avoiding your question.

Never mind that you have plenty of paper clips and that this plan makes no sense whatsoever, He’s also NOT going to give you any petty cash for this. “SSsssshow ssssome initiative!” He’ll sputter! Continue reading

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