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Wishful Thinking and The Comics That Exist

By Unkiedev

Batman:Odyssey #5 is as classic as classic gets, with fan favorite Neal Adams returning to the iconic character that made him en ever popular artist. Amazing Spider-Man #649 has got some great talents behind it, too. Deadpool is going to fight Howard the Duck’s “break-out Super-Villain,” the amazing Doctor Bong, in Deadpool #29.

It’s easy to find cool reasons to buy neat comics. It’s terrible when there’s comics you can’t buy…because they don’t exist!

For example, Ape Entertainment has out Pocket God #3, the third thrilling issue of a comic book based on an iphone game. They also have out Megamind #1, based on the CGI movie that most likely took a brutal beating from Harry Potter this weekend.

But where is my Harry Potter comic book?

Presenting a quick and dirty look at a few comic books that SHOULD exist, with a few ideas as to why they don’t. Continue reading

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