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We Are The Walking Dead… X-Mas Gift Recipients.

What better way to celebrate the birth of the original zombie, Jesus Christ that is, than with a few gifts from the most popular name in the undead genre! I’m talking The Walking Dead baby, or TWD or WD, depending on how lazy I get. Who would have guessed Robert Kirkman’s apocalyptic adventure would become a household name? Not I said the fly…and the fly has been swarming this crew of walkers from day one. So if the fly didn’t see this coming how could anyone possibly have? Lucky for you The Walking Dead just so happens to be our middle name. So take it from us, Forbidden The Walking Dead Planet, we know what that brain muncher in your life wants this holiday season.

Walking Dead Compendium Vol 01 – For starters, did you know Walking Dead was a comic long before it was a hit TV show? Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t, who cares? This Compendium collects the first eight volumes of the comic in one compact super affordable edition. If you never read them, this is by far the best way to start. Only 59.99 for what normally cost more than double that, talk about bang for your buck. So you say they have been with TWD from the start, well then tell your giftee to preserve those back issues and dig in to this big guy next re-read.


Walking Dead Zombie Head Keychain – Picture this! You’re speeding down the street trying to get home to catch the newest episode of The Walking Dead… woop woop woop… you get pulled over. Officer Whatsername leans in and is about to asks for your license and registration when he catches a quick glimmer of light coming off your key ring… “Is that a Walking Dead zombie head dangling from your keys there?” he says. “Why yes it is sir” You answer. His eyes go wide and a smile begins to form “What do you think about Daryl Dixon? Oh dip! You better get going you’re gonna miss the new episode!” Look at that, you just avoided a ticket, points on your license, and possibly a trip down the river if he checked your trunk, and all because you have this Walking Dead Zombie Head Keychain.


Walking Dead TV Series 10 inch Daryl Dixon – Speaking of Daryl Dixon, who wouldn’t wanna wake up on Christmas morning to find a little replica of the man himself under the tree. I’m sure even Norman Reedus would be stoked on this McFarlane made figure.


Rick Grimes Bust Bank – Help that special someone in your life get a head start on saving for next Christmas with this Rick Grimes Bust Bank.


The Walking Dead Chronicles – Expand your knowledge of the AMC television series with this dense official companion book. Filled with behind the scenes photos, story boards, and tons of insider info.


I Heart Zombie Shirt – What better gift for The Walking Dead lover in your life than a shirt that literally expresses ones love for The Walking Dead!


Art of Charlie Adlard HC – They have ever issue of the comic, every toy from the show and a healthy amount of swag… what can I possibly get them that they don’t have? How about this brand new Charlie Adlard art book! The artist behind the comic gets the royal treatment with this sweet deluxe hardcover, packed with sketches, concept art and a pencil to ink comparison of the entire 100th issue of Adlard’s work for TWD. Who wouldn’t want that?


Hope that helps you take a bite out of that shopping list. With this helpful little reference guide you got all walks of Walking Dead fandom covered, from your boob tubers to your book worms. If you got a zombie in your life, we got a way to make them happy. Well… as happy as a zombie could be.

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Halo Reach Elite Ranger Review

By Loran

If there’s one thing I can’t stand in the video game world, is the current influx of “realistic military shooters”. I can’t explain why, but they just bug me. They all feel like the same game in a different package. It’s just soldiers versus more soldiers. It feels like if you want a first-person shooter with zombies or robots or aliens, you have to go with either the Halo series or Half Life series… and only one of those is getting new games at regular intervals… Still, the one that IS getting frequent games has some pretty cool-looking aliens, especially the ones you can play as.

First introduced in Halo 2 (to a certain degree), the Elite Ranger is the Covenant’s jetpack trooper. These are the guys you’ll see harassing you in Firefight games or guarding Zero-G sections of Covenant Battlecruisers. I’ll have to say they’re one of my favorite armors for the Elites, if only because it looks so different from the regular armors. I like the lack of exposed mandibles. One would have to wonder why a warrior race would leave their mouth so exposed in their armor…

Appropriately, the new mold for the Elite towers over the Spartans. It’s big and heavy and the blister certainly reflects that. I really like that McFarlane managed to keep all of these figures at the same price point, even if it means paying the same for a Brute as you would a Grunt. However, I’m not entirely sure I like the new Elite mold more than the one from Halo 3. While the hands are much, MUCH more manageable, they really falter when it comes to the legs. The lack of a ball joint in the hips combined with the construction of the feet make them sort of difficult to stand properly, and the added weight of the torso doesn’t help much, either. Continue reading

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Halo Reach Spartan CQB Custom Armor Set

By Loran

As my love for Power Core Combiners probably showed, I have a soft spot for toys with parts-swapping gimmicks. I can’t explain it, really! It just gives me so many hours of fun. It’s like having two (or more!) toys in one. When I heard McFarlane was doing this for the Halo figures, I thought it was one of the best ideas ever. I’m sure most players of the game would like to make the Spartans (or Elites) they use in the games, even if some custom painting is needed.

I needed a Spartan fix, so I grabbed the rust-colored Spartan CQB Custom. This figure includes armor and helmets for the Operator, Mark V, and Security Spartans, plus a bonus head for a pilot. I guess the pilot doesn’t have any distinctive armor to speak of. It is a nice bonus, however, and gives people an incentive to buy these sets. Note that this set comes in two colors, rust and steel. I might purchase the steel one to combine it with the Grungnir set to make the Spartan one of my friends uses in Reach.

Since the base body is identical to the one I covered in the “Caboose” review (save for the kneepads), refer back to that one for my opinions on the articulation and whatnot, as this will focus mainly on the armor.

The main armor set is the Spartan CQB. For whatever reason the CQB helmet never really did it for me. It looks like a Jegan from Gundam, just kind of… squashed and round. The torso armor isn’t very exciting either, just the standard Mark V with an extra piece of armor on the front. Even the shoulders aren’t anything special. I do like the addition of the ammo belt, however, though he’s not the only variant in this set that uses it. I’ll probably display mine with this armor the least. Continue reading

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Halo Anniversary Master Chief Review

By Loran

Gimmick figures tend to be kind of a mixed bag to me. By “gimmick” I don’t mean something like spring-loaded weapons or whatever, I mean something based around an idea, like say, a clear version of a character that’s supposed to turn invisible or something. Usually those tend to be cool when they have some sort of status attached to them, like as a convention or mail-away exclusive. When they end up on the retail shelves, they usually end up staying there for quite awhile. But once in awhile, a pretty neat idea comes along that hasn’t really been done before, one that makes me go, “okay, I gotta try this”.

For Halo’s tenth anniversary, McFarlane decided to put out a special Master Chief figure for it, a “low polygon count” version that emulates the graphics from the first game. Some people didn’t like this idea but honestly, I got a kick out of it. I can’t really think of any other toylines that have done something like this, and I figured it was a cute way to celebrate ten years of the franchise.

Save for the joints (which need to be round because otherwise, they wouldn’t work), everything on the Chief is angular. It’s a very cool look and under certain lighting, it looks like it isn’t even sculpted that way. Of course, it would be a bit more convincing under actual video game lighting, but that wouldn’t really work…

The most noteworthy part of him is his very square head and visor. Since computer models can’t make curves all that well (or at least, make them look natural), the Chief’s visor is made up largely of small squares. You can’t really tell in the game, but on the figure it’s more noticeable. It’s neat, but probably the most distracting part about him. He just looks “off” when standing alongside the other Reach Spartans, which I’m sure is why most people are buying him. Really makes you wish they made an HD version. Continue reading

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Halo Reach Blue Spartan Mark V Review

By Loran

I’ve always been kind of skeptical of McFarlane’s toys. As a kid I owned a few of the Terminator 3 figures they did. They were very… okay. Their sculpts were fantastic, don’t get me wrong, but they would have either one of two problems: No joints or joints that just fell apart. I just feel that when your toy is called an “action figure,” and there isn’t much “action” it can do, well you’re doing it wrong. But then, they got the Halo license… and like Mega Bloks before it, this seemed to be the thing that redeemed them in my eyes, and in some of the eyes of the public, I think.

I made my first Halo Reach purchase the blue Spartan Mark V, for two reasons: 1. The Mark V is the most “basic” Spartan, and 2. It’s Caboose from Red vs. Blue. Seriously! In the current season his armor looks exactly like this. I really hope they end up doing more members of the cast, though I’d be content with just Doc, Lopez, and Donut. Maybe some of the Freelancers. Either way, it’s good to see one member of the cast get a toy, whether it was intentional or not.

Caboose (yes, I’ll be calling him that for the duration of the review) uses the standard buck body for most of the Reach Spartans. It’s a pretty decent body, but it still has a few flaws. The new hips aren’t as articulated as the Halo 3 ones were, but they look nice. I wish they went with a Marvel Legends-esque hip style. Also, what’s up with the hole in the waist? I imagine some armor piece is supposed to go there, but it just looks awkward going uncovered like that.

One major improvement over the Halo 3 figures is the joints themselves. Most of the hinge joints are now “clicky” joints with ridges. These are much less likely to break or shear. Only one of my Halo 3 figures actually broke; it was one of my 3 red EoDs and it was just his hand that broke off—a simple fix. Continue reading

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