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We Are The Walking Dead… X-Mas Gift Recipients.

What better way to celebrate the birth of the original zombie, Jesus Christ that is, than with a few gifts from the most popular name in the undead genre! I’m talking The Walking Dead baby, or TWD or WD, depending on how lazy I get. Who would have guessed Robert Kirkman’s apocalyptic adventure would become a household name? Not I said the fly…and the fly has been swarming this crew of walkers from day one. So if the fly didn’t see this coming how could anyone possibly have? Lucky for you The Walking Dead just so happens to be our middle name. So take it from us, Forbidden The Walking Dead Planet, we know what that brain muncher in your life wants this holiday season.

Walking Dead Compendium Vol 01 – For starters, did you know Walking Dead was a comic long before it was a hit TV show? Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t, who cares? This Compendium collects the first eight volumes of the comic in one compact super affordable edition. If you never read them, this is by far the best way to start. Only 59.99 for what normally cost more than double that, talk about bang for your buck. So you say they have been with TWD from the start, well then tell your giftee to preserve those back issues and dig in to this big guy next re-read.


Walking Dead Zombie Head Keychain – Picture this! You’re speeding down the street trying to get home to catch the newest episode of The Walking Dead… woop woop woop… you get pulled over. Officer Whatsername leans in and is about to asks for your license and registration when he catches a quick glimmer of light coming off your key ring… “Is that a Walking Dead zombie head dangling from your keys there?” he says. “Why yes it is sir” You answer. His eyes go wide and a smile begins to form “What do you think about Daryl Dixon? Oh dip! You better get going you’re gonna miss the new episode!” Look at that, you just avoided a ticket, points on your license, and possibly a trip down the river if he checked your trunk, and all because you have this Walking Dead Zombie Head Keychain.


Walking Dead TV Series 10 inch Daryl Dixon – Speaking of Daryl Dixon, who wouldn’t wanna wake up on Christmas morning to find a little replica of the man himself under the tree. I’m sure even Norman Reedus would be stoked on this McFarlane made figure.


Rick Grimes Bust Bank – Help that special someone in your life get a head start on saving for next Christmas with this Rick Grimes Bust Bank.


The Walking Dead Chronicles – Expand your knowledge of the AMC television series with this dense official companion book. Filled with behind the scenes photos, story boards, and tons of insider info.


I Heart Zombie Shirt – What better gift for The Walking Dead lover in your life than a shirt that literally expresses ones love for The Walking Dead!


Art of Charlie Adlard HC – They have ever issue of the comic, every toy from the show and a healthy amount of swag… what can I possibly get them that they don’t have? How about this brand new Charlie Adlard art book! The artist behind the comic gets the royal treatment with this sweet deluxe hardcover, packed with sketches, concept art and a pencil to ink comparison of the entire 100th issue of Adlard’s work for TWD. Who wouldn’t want that?


Hope that helps you take a bite out of that shopping list. With this helpful little reference guide you got all walks of Walking Dead fandom covered, from your boob tubers to your book worms. If you got a zombie in your life, we got a way to make them happy. Well… as happy as a zombie could be.

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Troy’s Toys, Todd’s Turn

I’ll be honest; from time to time, I forget that McFarlane Toy’s are still around. Which is probably due to the fact that I’m not 13 anymore so I don’t give a damn about Spawn, and for the longest time they were making cheap statues trying to pass as action figures. Then I guess some time passed as they made smaller figures and picked up the Halo license and here we are today! I’m going with a McFarlane Toy-theme article today because….well because. Screw logic and/or reasoning.

First up we have the debut line of McFarlane’s Assassin’s Creed line. This is a nice lead in as it’s also something else I stopped caring about. TODAY I AM THE SNARKIEST CHRIS! Too be fair, there’s been a ton of Ass Creed games and toys so I’ve lost count which ones were good and which are bad. But apparently Todd and friends secured the right to make toys based on AC3 and the upcoming Ass Creed 4, so we have some pretty good looking 6″ figures out now. Each figure sports 20 something points of articulation, and a code for downloadable content for AC4 as well as few accessories, so you’re definitely getting your money’s worth, especially when you consider how good they look. Series 1 consists of  Connor, Edward and Haytham Kenway, Benjamin Hornigold and Ratonhnhake:Ton and retail for about $18 a pop.

While I’m fairly certain the company has stopped making Spawn toys, they’ve found a new comics cash cow in Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead. And in a genius power move, McFarlane has 2 different series, one based on the super popular television series and another based on the comics. The 4th wave of the TV series isn’t due out until  the fall (not unlike the 4th season-SYNERGY!), but we DO have the 2nd comics series now in stock, so there is still way to give us your cash-monies! The 2nd wave consists of ultra-baddie The Governor, his ZOMBIE DAUGHTER Penny, Glenn and series badass Michonne’s pet zombie Mike. These are $17 a piece, are stupid articulated and come with a butt ton of accessories/variant parts. And if you’re in the mood for something colored like the comics, there’s a black and white Governor & Penny 2-pack  that comes with all sorts of MATURE AUDIENCE ONLY accessories. That one’s a tad more expensive obviously. But hey, they’re 100% more Charles Adlard-accurate, which is dope.

EVERYONE SHUT UP, I JUST REMEMBERED THAT FOOTBALL IS BACK IN A FEW SHORT DAYS! Also McFarlane also makes NFL figures, and they’re very much still very small statues. Some things never change. There’s also the more articulate Playmakers line, but the less said about those, the better. Anywho, this wave has a ton of dudes I’ve drafted in a number of Fantasy leagues- Arian Foster, Robert Griffin the 3rd, Ray Rice, Jordy Nelson, Vernon Davis, Andy Dalton, Peyton Manning and Antonio Brown. If most of those names are foreign to you, I thank you for reading this far. Again, they look like the guys they’re based on, so that’s good. Aside from that, there’s not much worth ’em unless you’re into football, or into collectible toys which a crazy number of rare variants. They go for $15 a pop.

That’s all for this one. Hopefully I’ll remember the company still exists before another year goes bye, HARF HARF SNARF!

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Halo Reach Red Team Mongoose Review

By Loran

I’ve always loved the vehicles in Halo. They really felt like the one thing that made the game stand out and reach its current level of popularity. Also, putting the vehicles in a third person perspective instead of staying in the first person was a wise move. When you keep it in the first person it just feels like you’re moving faster with different physics, kind of like in Half Life 2. Here, the vehicles made an added experience, giving you both a way to move faster and a way to blow stuff up faster! Shame it took so long for them to get decent toys…

The Mongoose has seen four releases in the Halo Reach line thus far: one with Noble Six (who himself has received about four releases…), one with an ODST, one in blue, and the one in red here. Several Mongooses (Mongeese?) were released in the Halo 3 line, but I’ve heard many issues regarding the quality control with the drivers. Thankfully, this version of the Mongoose has no such issues.

The new Mongoose is an entirely new mold and at a larger scale to work better with the Reach figures. It’s a pretty nice looking vehicle, but not as nice as the Warthog. McFarlane never really was a “vehicle manufacturer” so I can give them a pass. The only real disappointment from a functionality standpoint would be the lack of any steering. It just seems like it can only go straight. The handlebars can pivot, though, but it’s kind of pointless without the wheels doing the same.
However, the tires ARE made of rubber—something that feels like a lost art on toys these days.

On the rear of the vehicle, a little platform swings down so a second Spartan can hang on to the handlebar. It actually manages to work pretty well, I’m surprised! Once the Team Objectives set hits shelves, this toy will be a lot more fun—you’ll be able to have one red guy driving while the other carries the blue flag!

The driver has a pair of footpedals that don’t really seem to do much except get in the way. They’re on a swivel, but I think they would’ve been fine fixed in one position. Because the figures don’t havethe best articulation, it can be difficult to get them to properly sit down. Although let’s be perfectly honest—the Spartans don’t really sit on these to begin with…

The included driver for this set is a custom Scout Spartan. This figure utilizes the Scout head, the default torso, a JFO shoulder pad, and a Grenadier shoulder pad. Maybe it’s the chest piece, but this figure doesn’t really do it for me; which is ironic considering it’s the one piece in it I was after, but that’s another story. The Scout head on the default torso just makes him look boring. Maybe if he had the UA torso it would look a bit better, but as it stands, he’s one of my least favorite Spartans thus far.

To make things worse, almost every photo on the package shows him with a different colored visor. The stock photo has a red (!) one, and some of the package art show him with a blue one. I think that would’ve made the figure a lot more interesting, in my opinion.

With four releases, there are plenty of Mongoose toys to choose from, and I do quite like the red here. However, if you’re looking for a cool new Spartan to add to your collection, you can definitely do better elsewhere. It’s a worthwhile purchase, and I’d recommend getting one if you see it at FPNYC. Now I just need the Grenadier armor pack to put the body and chest piece here to work…

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Halo Reach Weapons Pack Review

by Loran

Don’t you miss the days when weapon packs were really common in “solider” toy lines? It was before my time, but I happen to recall G.I. Joe having one a year for several years back in the 80’s. It was a great gimmick. You could get new weapons to replace ones you lost or broke, or get ones you wanted but didn’t want to buy a whole figure for. For something like Halo, I think that’s important, especially considering how bland the assortment of weapons on the figures themselves is…

Reach’s weapon pack came in assortment five, the same one that brought me some of my personal favorites like the Gungnir Custom and the Elite Ranger. Unfortunately, it seems to fall a bit short in some regards, especially when put against those great offerings. For one, there isn’t much stuff here. While I never got the weapon set for Halo 3, I can tell you it had a LOT more equipment at the same price point. Second, the actual assortment isn’t all that great, consisting pretty much entirely of stuff that’s been seen before. Why no sniper rifle? There aren’t any Reach Multiplayer Spartans with one, to my knowledge.

I’ll get the lame stuff out of the way first.

No surprise here, the set comes with an Assault Rifle. Really, this has been included with so many Spartans I can’t see the point of including it here. Why not the sniper rifle? I’d get some mileage out of that one…

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Reach set without a pointless amount of grenades! This time you get two frags AND two plasmas! Again, WHY? I think we all have more of these things than we know what to do with.

Now for some GOOD weapons.

The shotgun is one I wish we’d see more often, as it is one of my favorite weapons in the game. It looks great on the Operator Spartan I made with the CQB Custom pack, though I’m definitely giving it to Sarge once I have the proper head to make him.

I’m REALLY surprised more figures don’t include the DMR, which is one of the games most-used weapons, along with the pistol. I like them both here, and the figures hold the DMR much better than the assault rifle. The peg on the pistol looks utterly ridiculous, so I just keep it in the hip of whatever figure I have holding it.

Can’t forget the pistol, which is also known as the bane of my existence in CEA Multiplayer. Again, I’m surprised most figures don’t have this, but I imagine that due to its small size, McFarlane only puts it in larger sets.

The best accessory in this set is, of course, the jetpack, and why I bought the set in the first place. It’s great to have one without having to buy one of the ODSTs. I do wish there was an “off” version, or if the jets were on hinges. It just looks silly to have your Spartans running around with their jets activated.

The Covenant weapons are also okay: Concussion Rifle (my favorite of the bunch), Needle Rifle, and Plasma Rifle. No sword, unfortunately. They’re all decent enough, but nothing really difficult to get a hold of. Again, it would’ve been nice to see more uncommon weapons like the sword or maybe plasma repeater, but the selection isn’t terrible.

For the same price as any Reach figure, McFarlane really could have done better for a big set of repacks. Still, it’s very much worth it if you have a lot of armor pack figures that need guns, or an air assault that needs a jetpack. I can recommend it for those reasons and those reasons alone. Otherwise, get any other great Reach offering from us at FPNYC.

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New Arrivals: The Society of the Walking Vocaloids Revolutions

by Chris Troy

Yeah, even I’ll admit the title for this article is a bit weak.

Anywho FPNYC faithful, if you haven’t been by the store lately, you should probably check out the new display we have set up in the front window. While FPNYC has been slowing down on keeping Gunpla kits in stock, we been working to getting the best of Bandai SH Figuarts in stock! We have some Kamen Rider and One Piece figures currently in stock, but expect to see such legendary series like Dragon Ball Z & Gundam on our shelves during the coming week, as well as Megaman, and the newest anime hit on the block, superhero epic Tiger & Bunny. Really looking forward to reviewing those Figuarts over the next couple of months, as the show is fantastic, and the Wild Tiger we have on display look amazing. And speaking of import figures, I’d like to point out that we currently have the 100th Figma in stock, Miku Hatsune of Vocaloid fame in her Append version. And no, I have no idea what “Append version”, means, although it makes for a completely different look than the Miku Figma my wife has in our living room. Loran probably does though, which is why he’ll be reviewing this figure in a few weeks and not me. Either way, I think it looks neat, and Vocaloid stuff always flies off the shelf,  so if you want her, come pick her up ASAP!

Let’s move into some toys I’ve discussed in the past, but now we have in stock to I can shed a little more light on them. Square Enix’s Deus Ex: Human Revolution Play Art Kai figures are in stocks, and damn, they look good. The first time the acclaimed series had any sort of action figure tie-in, the series consists of main protagonist Adam Jensen, and 2 of his mercenary arch enemies Federova & Lawrence Barret. While I haven’t put the most time into the game,  the figures look amazing, are fully articulated, and come with variant hands, and a good selection of weapons. For $50 a pop, Square definitely delivers. We also have the 19th wave of DCU Classic in stock, which consists of Justice Society of American figures. I’m not too crazy about Kobra or the Golden Age versions of the characters, but Magog and Stargirl are definitely nice additions to the previous released JSA figures.

Wrapping up this week’s new releases, we have a line of comic booked-based  action who DON’T wear spandex. Image’s Walking Dead has been a huge in print and on TV, and McFarlane Toys has the rights to do figures based on both the comics and smash-hit live action AMC TV series. The first line of toys is based on comics, and consists of Officer Rick Grimes, the deadly and awesome Michonne, and 2 flavors of zombies, Lurker and Roamer. Both Rick and Michonne are fairly articulated and come armed with a variety of weapons (Rick with a ton of guns, Michhonne with a sword, knife, and some tools), while the 2 zombies have removable limbs and exploding parts. That’s awesome! Either way, each figures goes for about $15 a pop and this is the part of the article where I would say you should drag you corpse over to FPNYC to pick them up, but I’m better than that. At least I like to think so.

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