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Halo Anniversary Master Chief Review

By Loran

Gimmick figures tend to be kind of a mixed bag to me. By “gimmick” I don’t mean something like spring-loaded weapons or whatever, I mean something based around an idea, like say, a clear version of a character that’s supposed to turn invisible or something. Usually those tend to be cool when they have some sort of status attached to them, like as a convention or mail-away exclusive. When they end up on the retail shelves, they usually end up staying there for quite awhile. But once in awhile, a pretty neat idea comes along that hasn’t really been done before, one that makes me go, “okay, I gotta try this”.

For Halo’s tenth anniversary, McFarlane decided to put out a special Master Chief figure for it, a “low polygon count” version that emulates the graphics from the first game. Some people didn’t like this idea but honestly, I got a kick out of it. I can’t really think of any other toylines that have done something like this, and I figured it was a cute way to celebrate ten years of the franchise.

Save for the joints (which need to be round because otherwise, they wouldn’t work), everything on the Chief is angular. It’s a very cool look and under certain lighting, it looks like it isn’t even sculpted that way. Of course, it would be a bit more convincing under actual video game lighting, but that wouldn’t really work…

The most noteworthy part of him is his very square head and visor. Since computer models can’t make curves all that well (or at least, make them look natural), the Chief’s visor is made up largely of small squares. You can’t really tell in the game, but on the figure it’s more noticeable. It’s neat, but probably the most distracting part about him. He just looks “off” when standing alongside the other Reach Spartans, which I’m sure is why most people are buying him. Really makes you wish they made an HD version. Continue reading

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New Arrivals: Model kit and Video games edition

By Chris Troy

SHAMELESS PLUG OF THE WEEK: From January 5-8, 2012, my ass will be at the MAGfest X (Magfest.org, which stands for Music and Games Festival) down in Maryland, and I highly encourage you hit the festival up as well! Nobuo Uematsu, the genius behind many a awesome Final Fantasy soundtrack, will be there performing with his new band, Earthbound Papas, as well as many other talented folk (like John St. John, the voice behind Duke Nukem!) , and most importantly, an 8-player X-Men arcade cabinet. It’s a good way to start up 2012, so make sure you register online before the 16th!

So it’s now December, which means shelves everywhere are filled with toys. Forbidden Planet NYC is no exception, as we have a ton of new merchandise in stock, most likely relevant to your interests if you’re reading this website. And yes, after selling out a few times, we currently do have My Little Ponies in stock again.

First and foremost, new model kits, we got them in stock! We’ve restocked Gundam SEED, WING, Unicorn, and Zeta kits, and we finally got the first wave of Gundam Age kits in. In addition to all the new Gundam stuffs, we also have a few model kits based on the various ship from the Shonen Jump hit One Piece. These kits are more Gunplay-like in assembly than say actual model boats, and offer something different to build instead of more mecha (although there is nothing wrong with building mecha. Nothing at all). Kits start at $25 and go up from there, depending on the kit and scale.

Since my shameless plug of the week was video game related, it’s only fair that we discuss some new VIDEYA GAME toys that have been released. The first wave of Gears of War 3 figures in, consisting of main character Marcus Fenix, supporting character turned Gear Anya Stroud, and the 3rd brother of the ill-fated Carmines, Clayton. Each figure is about 7″ in height and has about 30 points of articulation  and comes with a small selection of weapons packaged with them.They’re good figures, but Anya’s face could use some work. That aside, they’re still pretty good figures for less than $20. The 2nd wave should be hitting shelves soon. Continue reading

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