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The best of 2011: Super Late Edition part 2

by Chris Troy

And we’re back! By now you’re probably all expecting me to start creaming my pants over the 2011 Marvel Universe offerings, and this WILL happen, but let me address my other picks for the year first.

NECA had a rad year, releasing some really solid figures based on a variety of video games series like Gears of War 3, the Assassin Creed series, Dead Space 2, Bulletstorm, & Crysis 2, as well as several film properties. The Gears 3 figures are my favorite, as they’re a mixture of solid sculpts, accessories, and plentiful articulation. NECA also won me over with their Heroclix releases ranging from comic stuffs like Marvel & DC (including some of their movie counterparts) to game franchises like Street Fighter & Gears of War (popular series is popular), as well as sci-fi/fantasy properties like Star Trek and Lord of the Rings. Truth be told though, the NEXTWAVE figures that dropped this past year are the reason I care the most about Heroclix, and I really don’t think I can be faulted too much for my excitement .

Since I’m already on the topic of comic-related stuffs, let’s talk DC. We’ll start off with DC Direct 2011, which had a nice catalog of figures for the year, most of them being Batman, or at least Batman-related. I kid, there was a ton of Green Lantern love as well, between the Blackest Night/Brightest Day/GL proper series lines. I’m real glad that I now own a complete series of modern version of the Green Lanterns in scale with one another thanks to DC Direct. But if I’m going to have to pick a favorite DC Direct figure this year, it’s going to be the Commander Shepard figures from the long-delayed Mass Effect 2 wave, which was canceled after the 1st set because Bioware was upset with the delays of it’s release. Despite it not being NECA quality, it’s still the ONLY Shepard figure to date, something I hope changes in 2012 with the release of Mass Effect 3. NECA, Square Enix, one of you need to make this happen. Continue reading

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Review: Mass Effect 2 Shepard by DC Direct/Unlimited

By Christopher Troy

My name is Chris Troy, and this is my most favorite delayed action figure line in the galaxy!

There’s a good chance that if you got that joke, you’ve played Mass Effect 2. Which wouldn’t be that much of a suprise, as the best-selling game from Bioware graced the 360 and PC January 2010, and then the Playstation 3 this past January. The game sold extremely well, which is why DC Direct/Unlimited quickly grabbed the rights to make action figures based on the title. Two lines were announced, and they were suppose to ship in August 2010. They didn’t. The prototypes were also displayed at various cons throughout the summer up to the NYCC, where the release date was scheduled for that Ocotober. Then November I think. Then March.

It is currently April. Needless to say, the good people at Bioware were upset, and announced that the first wave of Mass Effect 2 figures would be the ONLY wave, denying us Legion, Miranda, Mordin, and Garrus. But we did get Series 1, which finally droppedĀ  yesterday. I’m hoping NECA grabs the license soon, but that’s a rant I’ll save for another article. Right now, let’s focus on my latest purchase: Captain Shepard. Continue reading

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