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Comics for the Holidays Part 1

Comics for the Holidays Part 1By Unkie Dev

With the holiday’s blowing down our collective houses of twigs like the big bad wolf of unavoidable economic reality it’s great to know that the hard working sales assistants of the Forbidden Planet are ready to help find the perfect gifts for the folks on your shopping lists.

Here are ten can’t miss graphic novels for folks you care about. Not liking any of these books could be an early indication that your friend is turning into one of the legion of the undead. Bummer.

Here in no particular order is a handy-dandy shopping list we like to call: Unkiedev’s Top Ten Graphic Novel’s I’d Recommend for ANYBODY for the Holidays or whenever.

10. Spiral-Bound, (W/A) Arron Renier, Top Shelf

Pretty much the most charming comic book of all time, Spiral-bound is the story of young animals solving a mystery about a gigantic swamp dragon while working for a literally underground newspaper during summer camp.

Incredible art and thrilling storytelling make this book the high-water mark of fun. Perfect for kids and adults who haven’t forgotten what being a kid is like. Continue reading

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