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HGUC Marasi (Unicorn Version)

Before I started working on this kit, my friend and I were discussing some of the mobile suits from Zeta Gundam just aren’t cool. Sure, everyone likes the major mecha, but what about some of the less-known ones like the Dijeh, or the Barzam? I personally like the Dijeh for some reason, but I never cared for the Barzam. Both suits have some fantastic redesigns (I LOVE the Dijeh SE-R) so one has to wonder what happened in the initial design process. Chances are, there were some disagreements in the design departments, as evidenced by the fact that I’ve never even heard of the Barzam’s designer before.

Still, one thing we could both agree on was how awesome the Marasai was… and here we are.

The Marasai was introduced fairly early on in Zeta Gundam as a replacement for the Hizack. Like many of the other Titan suits, it has quite a few Zeon elements, so doing the suit in Zeon colors fits all too well, like it w as meant to be this way. The shades of green used are pretty cool. They feel very military, and when I’m painting I’m probably going to use an olive drab instead of a lighter green.

Being a kit from 2005, this one isn’t as complex or intricate as the other suits I’m reviewing in this batch. However, I will say that it is still a decent enough kit, since 2004 is when Bandai really started ramping up the quality of their High Grades and stopped messing around (for reference, other kits released around this period were the Mass Production Type Guncannon, the Psyco Gundam, and the Hazel; the precursor to the modern GM frame).

As such, the construction of this kit is quite sturdy, but it doesn’t offer much in terms of gimmicks. It doesn’t have any double joints or special ports for stands/action bases. It’s just a decent standalone kit. That being said, it does have a few problems. For one, the head’s design is… awkward. It looks cool, yes, but it doesn’t do much in terms of articulation. It has no chance of ever looking up without being modified. Continue reading

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Gundam Unicorn Kit in a Box Preview

By Loran

As I mentioned a few articles ago, my favorite part of Gundam Unicorn Episode 4 was getting to see all those old mobile suit designs again, with a few new ones thrown in. Naturally, I went for a bunch of them the second I was able to. I’m still holding out hope that we’ll see all of the designs (or at least, all of the really cool ones) in kit form at some point, but for now I’ve got plenty here I can work with. Oh, Unicorn. You make it able for suits nobody cares about normally to get kits.

First up, the Jesta. I love the Jesta. It’s basically a special ops Jegan. I was all over this design when I first saw it. I imagined this thing running around the battlefield carrying no weapons at all, just punching other mobile suits in the face. That’s how cool it is.

From what I can tell so far, this kit seems to be standard fare for modern GM-descendants. It doesn’t explicitly share any parts with the GM II and GM III (save for the hands that come with the GM III), but the basic structure is similar enough. Chances are, I’m really going to enjoy this one.

I find the moldgates for this one to be very interesting. It looks like Bandai is planning on released a kit of the Jesta Cannon, which I believe appears later on in Unicorn. I hope they do, because let’s face it, the Jesta is awesome, and I’ll have no problem with buying additional versions of this kit.

Here we have the Marasai, Gundam Unicorn version. Of the three kits here, it’s technically the oldest, being made from a kit initially released in 2004. As such, its engineering doesn’t really hold up to the others, but 2004 was when HGUC kits started getting really good, it at least gets a pass. It’s not like the Schuzrum Dias or EWAC Zack, which were basically first-year HGUCs reissued in 2009.

Thankfully, to keep this kit from feeling like a total rehash, Bandai included new weapons with the kit including the rifle/sword combination and some kind of grappling hook? I’m not entirely sure what it’s supposed to be.

I like how this kit has a green monoeye. It kind of drives the “Captured Federation Suit” point home. It makes me wonder if these were part of the MS compliment of the Pegasus the pilots shot down…

Pretty sure I’ve said this before, but never in a million years did I think we’d get an HGUC Juaggu. It works for me cuz this would’ve been one of the harder ones to kitbash. Still, it’s a pretty impressive kit, all things considered. The thing looks EXTREMELY poseable, and the “snout” is made with a wire! A few years ago I bet Bandai never would’ve thought of that.

Interestingly, the kit has both the standard HG polycaps, and some I typically only see on First Grade kits. I can’t think of any other kits that do that.

Also, it doesn’t show up in any of these pictures, but a small plastic “window” will guard the monoeye. I wonder how well this will work, and if it does work well, I hope we see it on more kits in the future.

Well, these three kits should hopefully keep me occupied along with my slew of kitbash projects. These three help me get a number of fixes through, with the Jesta for late-first-UC, the Marasai for Gryps Era, and the Juaggu for One Year War. Remember, you can always get your kit fix at FPNYC!

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Zeon Reinforcements! The Suits of Gundam Unicorn Episode 4!

by Loran

With the new episode of Gundam Unicorn less than a month away from being released, I thought I should take a look at the last episode. Simply put, that episode was about an hour’s worth of mecha porn. Sure, it was very light on the story (and overall, kind of a weak episode) but it had enough action to keep me entertained, and it delivered everything I’d hoped to see in a Gundam OVA episode. What made the episode so great for me was the wide variety of mobile suits we got to see, ranging from the original Gundam, to Zeta and ZZ, and even some new designs in the form of MSVs.

Naturally, Bandai seized this opportunity. We’ve got a slew of new kits that have been released within the past month or so, but we also got some reissues coming our way of suits that don’t exactly need new kits, or ones for the kitbashers. Frankly, they know their market.

On the front of HGUC reissues, we got a reissue of one of my favorite older HGUCs, the Dom Tropen. The first version of the kit doesn’t excite me much, but they took the wise route and reissued the Sand Brown version, which not only looks cooler, but comes with tons of extra weapons.

To accompany the Dom, both versions of the Desert Zaku got reissued. Sadly I still don’t have either version of this kit, but from what I’ve been told, the ZZ version is the superior release because it comes with parts for both units. One of these days I’ll actually make one of these.

Since the Zeons always had the edge in terms of naval combat, we’ll be seeing some reissues there, but only one of them is worth mentioning at all: The Kapool! Yeah, the lovable Kapool from ZZ and Turn A was actually made out to be kinda scary in Unicorn. Of course, if you want your Kapool to be accurate to the one in the episode, you’ll need to paint it. Continue reading

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