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Starting Tonight! Hobo With A Shotgun with Director Q&A

When Shawn Lewis of Rotten Cotton/Black Devil Doll fame told me I had to see Hobo With A Shotgun, I knew that I was in for the real deal and not some “Grindhouse” cash-in, like so many seem to be trying to do lately.  Shawn is a no BS kinda guy, which you could tell by looking at Rotten Cotton’s hate-mail responses.  Anyway, the man was 100% right and I loved every blood-soaked minute of it.

Anyone who is remotely interested probably knows the amazing story behind director Jason Eisener’s success… Which I will not get into cause you can read it all in the newest issue of Rue Morgue available right here at Forbidden Planet. (shameless!)

What I will tell you is to clear your schedule this weekend for a double dose of exploitation madness, cause Hobo With A Shotgun is coming to The Village East Cinema.  The director will be in attendance, and there will be special Q&A’s at each midnight screening moderated by respected genre personalities Jeff Lieberman (Friday) and William Lustig (Saturday).  There is also a Hobo costume contest, so throw on your worst and make a night of it!

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Junk Food Dinner Movie Night

My buddy Mark Freado over at Junk Food Dinner is now hosting a movie night in Bed-Stuy, along with Kevin Merryman, who also runs a radical blog called Cultural Atrocities.

March 1st is a red letter day for us here at JFD. It’s the first (of hopefully many) Junk Food Dinner nights at Project Parlor (742 Myrtle Ave.) in Bed-Stuy. Your charming hosts for this event are Mark Freado, Jr. and Kevin Merryman. Drink specials, trivia, drinking games, bickering, peanuts, couches, VHS prints- what’s not to like? We’re gonna kick things off at 9pm. Join us won’t you?

They’re showing Luigi Cozzi’s Starcrash, a mixed up Italian Star Wars rip off, starring Caroline Munro, David Hasselhoff and Joe Spinell… it’s like Maniac meets Knight Rider in space!

YouTube Preview Image

And Ice Cream Man starring Clint Howard as a killer… wait for it… Ice Cream Man.  Directed by Paul Norman of Edward Penishands fame. Yes, you heard me right…

YouTube Preview Image

Hope to see you there.

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