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Adjust Your Tracking screening as part of the PKD Festival!

A little over a year ago I (FP Manager and T-Shirt Guy Matt D) traveled around the entire country to interview people about their love of the VHS medium, earning the title Producer on the feature length documentary Adjust Your Tracking The Untold Story of the VHS Collector.


ADJUST YOUR TRACKING is finally coming back to NYC and will be screening in Brooklyn on Saturday December 7th at 8:35 as part of the Philip K Dick Festival at Indie Screen Cinema @ 289 South Kent Ave in Williamsburg. Make sure to get tickets in advance, AYTs last NYC screening was sold out! Producers Matt D (Horror Boobs) and Josh Schafer (Lunchmeat VHS Magazine) will be in attendance. So come out and support VHS culture! Check out the event on facebook.

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Adjust Your Tracking NYC Premiere! Friday May 24 7:30PM @ 92Y Tribeca 200 Hudson St. Tons of Analog Amazement to go around including a VHS trailer pre-show, not to mention Directors Dan Kinem and Levi Peretic of VHShitfest will be in attendance, along with Producers Matt Desiderio of Horror Boobs and Josh Schafer of Lunchmeat Magazine! Get your tickets here now!

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VHS Goes To Camp @ Nitehawk Cinema Thursday Sept. 22nd

Thursday September 22nd 9:30 PM VHS Goes To Camp at Brooklyn’s Nitehawk Cinema

VHS Vault has shed its suit for a more rustic look as VHS Goes To Camp… Camp Motion Pictures that is.  So pack a knapsack full of tapes and fresh drawers cause what we have in store will make you pitch a tent.  Nitehawk Cinema is our stomping ground while Wild Eye Releasing and Horror Boobs will be your fearless leaders on an analog expedition into Alternative Cinema’s Basement.  Our troupe will engage in a celebration of Alternative Cinema’s Big Box VHS/DVD set The Basement that will consist of an array of classic trailers and exclusive clip shows.  Then you have a chance to earn your VHS merit badge as the Horror Boobs crew puts your knowledge to the test with another fun filled games show with a double D sized bag filled with prizes and giveaways thanks to all the sponsers. Finally we’ll all gather round the camp fire as director Gary Cohen tells us a tale or two about his 1987 classic Video Violence as we screen it straight off VHS. The event is totally free and you can picnic right on site thanks to Nitehawk’s full bar and restaurant.  Get to know the other campers through encouraged tape trading. We’ll meet at 9:30 PM sharp… last one there gets the bottom bunk!

Nitehawk Cinema

136 Metropolitan Ave

Williamsburg Brooklyn

YouTube Preview Image

Here is a video of one of the past VHS Vault events  courtesy of Paul from VHSCollector.com

YouTube Preview Image

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VHS Goes To College @ Nitehawk Cinema 8/25/11

Thursday August 25th VHS Goes To College @ The Nitehawk Cinema
Get pepped for the second installation of VHS Vault: VHS Goes To College! Featuring a night full of programming straight from the A.V. Club’s personal collection. On Thursday, August 25th, Nitehawk Cinema, Wild Eye Releasing, Horror Boobs and Lunchmeat Magazine team up to blow your heads… tape heads that is.

The VHS Vault unlocks it doors at 9:30, but get there early to avoid a late slip. The day starts off in Homeroom where you’ll be subjected to a trailer show culled from the sleaziest of the school genre. Then prepare to learn a lesson from Lunchmeat as they host an educational clip show. Don’t worry if you forgot to pack a lunch, the cafeteria will be serving up some great food and drink specials. Make sure you brush up on your video knowledge — you’ll never get into college unless you do well on your VHSATs! Horror Boobs whips out another game show with great prizes you definitely don’t want to miss. The evening will culminate with the feature presentation of King Frat on the big screen!

Admission is FREE! Uniform is optional, but you’ll wanna look your best for the Pep Rally. And make sure to bring your back pack, filled with tapes. Trading is encouraged!
Be there… cause we’re taking attendance!
Thursday, August 25th 9:30 PM
136 Metropolitan Ave
Williamsburg Brooklyn

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Destroy All VHS

Coming to Brooklyn this Sunday July 10th, Wild Eye Releasing and Nitehawk Cinema present an event to sate the  needs of any film freak.  This ain’t no retro throw back, this is the real deal!  Put your life on pause and prepare to Destroy All VHS!  Not literally, I hope… but you never know what might happen after a few drinks.

Destroy All VHS is a one of a kind event celebrating the greatest home video format ever invented… VHS!  At 10 PM the Play Button is pressed and the fun begins.  First your eyes will be treated to tons of trailers and home movies, then a VCR demonstration by every Videovore’s favorite VHS magazine, Lunchmeat, followed by a sexy/scary clip show by the Horror Boobs.

To top it off-  a showing of Friday The 13th The Orphan! If there was one reason to attend, it would be to catch this rare (never available on your schmancy DVD or Blew-ray format) forgotten classic. All  screened straight from the VCR so you can revel in the fuzz, blips, grain, scratches and screeches.  And if you got a problem with the way it looks get up there and fix the tracking yourself!

Did I mention that the Nitehawk Cinema rules?!  Well if I haven’t yet I did just now.  The theater’s located in Williamsburg Brooklyn just a few blocks off the Bedford Avenue L train stop.  That’s only one stop out of the city, giving you Manahattanites no real excuse.  They have a full bar and restaurant so you can get your drank and chomp on.  And the icing on the cake?  A VHS Museum, so you can soak in that beautiful Big Box art like a true trash connoisseur.

But wait there’s EVEN more…

Both Lunchmeat and Horror Boobs will have a merch table with magazines, T-Shirts, buttons, and most importantly TAPES!!!  I will personally be bringing a slew of crazy rare stuff for trade and sale.  Trades are obviously preferred!!!

One more time…

Destroy All VHS

Sunday July 10th, 10 PM

Nitehawk Cinema

136 Metropolitan Ave

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

See you there!

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Screw your Blew-Ray Player, VHS is alive and well… but should I really be hipping you to this,  or should I be hording all the info in fear of increased competition?  Of course I’ll let you in on it (not like anyone reads this anyway) and what better way to see the medium strive than by spreading the gospel.

“VHS is alive”, “Fear of competition”, you probably think I’m some paranoid nut job, but… Just to prove to you that I’m not some crazy Luddite (ok maybe just a bit, I still don’t own a computer) feast your eyes on this… www.LunchmeatVHS.com!!! Thats right baby, everyone’s favorite VHS themed magazine has gone all internety.  The fact that there is a magazine dedicated to the subject should be validation enough, but for those of you who get all your info through the computer and think print is just as outdated as VHS, the website should suffice.

I spent the better half of this past weekend with Lunchmeat’s Chief of Marketing John DeSantis and Editor-in-Chief Josh Schafer.  They were supposed to be working on the new issue but if they didn’t get as much as they hoped done I take full responsibility…. but I will not apologize.  We did a lot of yang talking about the recent “VHS boom”, caught a midnight screening of Slumber Party Massacre at The Spectacle Theater, watched the insane video comp Brain Bludgeon, and of course did some serious VHS shopping.

I feel that I did a pretty good job proving that it will be a very long time before VHS becomes strictly a collectors market, that is if you know the right places to look.

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Junk Food Dinner

Met an awesome dude named Mark last week who works on a podcast called
Junk Food Dinner.

Junk Food Dinner is a weekly podcast devoted to cult films, hosted by
three self proclaimed nerds.

Each episode is filled with “Nerd News” covering the type of current
events Daily Planet readers would appreciate, an overview of the weeks
DVD releases and of course film reviews.

When I saw the list of amazing unappreciated genre flicks that they
cover I knew that I could get behind this. They really cover
everything! You’ll hate yourself for not knowing about underground
classics like Terror Vision or Forbidden Zone and you’ll be curious
about flicks that literally deserve to be buried underground like
Samurai Cop and Rockula. On occasion they have guests like Alex
Winter, Frank Henenlotter, and Josh Schafer from Lunchmeat magazine, (issue number 5 is currently available at our online store).

So if you are even remotely interested in psychotic cinema and know
how to work a computer make sure to drop by their site and have a
listen to some honest opinions from some knowledgeable nerds.

So I guess what I’m trying to get at is… HAVE ME AS A GUEST ON THE SHOW!!!

Click the picture below for a link to the current podcast.

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