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Troy’s Toys, but with Comics: The one where I met Warren Ellis

photo (8)First and foremost, a big thank you to Warren Ellis for coming out to past Friday (as seen here with my friend Sean). It was the first time in FOREVER since he’s had a signing in NYC, and it was super-great to meet one of my favorite writers. I picked up his Avengers OGN too , so expect to see a review on that quite soon, but today shall be dedicated to what dropped this past Wednesday.



xme14Uncanny X-men #14

Brian Michael Bendis/ Chris Bachalo

Marvel, $3.99, 20 pages

Let’s start off this review by noting that the solicit for this issue has nothing to do with what was actually published. And that’s a great thing because this is by far the best issue of Brian Bendis’ run on Uncanny X-men to date. The plot focuses on Benjamin Deeds, one of the new mutants to pop up post-AvX, and Emma Frost, who decides to take the young male under his wing.

At first this book feels like Bendis and Chris Bachalo riffing on “The Graduate”, but that’s slowly disproven once the pair hit up Atlantic City and hijinks ensue. Bendis is on-point with this issue, as we get a ton of development with young Benjamin, fleshing out one of the newest X-men, in addition to getting to see a side of Emma Frost we haven’t gotten to seen in awhile. Bachalo and his plethora of inkers are great as usual, and the training montage in the beginning of the book looks fantastic. This was a strong month for what’s usually the weaker of the 2 Bendis X-books, and I hope this sort of quality sticks around.

Sex Criminals #3

sexcriminals3-coverMatt Fraction/ Chip Zdarsky

Image, $3.50, 20 pages

I always feel a little weird when googling Sex Criminals images….

The third issue of Fraction/Zdarsky’s mature readers only series continues to be a laugh riot from cover to cover, which is exactly what I need from this book. I don’t think there’s another book out there that actually makes me as excited to read both the recap page and the letter column like Sex Criminals does.  That’s not to say the rest of the book is a bore, because that’s not the case at all. Chip and Matt do a fantastic job of telling an all-too human story about sex and dating, despite the crazy time-freezing/sex police plot elements.

Anyone familiar with Fraction’s Casanova series knows that the dude loves music and that sort of passion sometimes bleeds into the narrative. It happens twice in this issue of Sex Criminals, the 2nd time leading to the comics musical number of the year. It’s hilarious and even a little bit sexy thanks to Zdarsky’s amazing art.

I’d probably go as far as to claim Sex Criminals is probably the most emotional comic not called Saga being published these days. This is the comic perfect for 2013, combining indie comic style with mainstream presentation and hype. It’s also probably my favorite book being published thanks to this amazing 3rd issue, so there’s that.

Daredevil  #33


Mark Waid/Chris Samnee/Jason Copland


$2.99, Marvel, 20 pages


Daredevil_33_CoverDaredevil has been going strong for awhile, so when something slips up, it hits twice as hard. Jason Copland, who’s not a bad artist, is certainly not on the same level as Chris Samnee, the guy he’s filling in for, and it certainly shows in this issue. The art doesn’t feel as polished as his work on “Kill All Monsters”, feeling rough and unfinished in some parts. To be fair, it may not be all on Copland, and there could be editorial things factoring in here.

That being said, Mark Waid still continues to be the modern legend we all know him as. The book’s script is fine, and it raises a question or two about the mental state of this post-Shadowland Daredevil, which has been an on and off again subplot ever since Waid relaunched the series.

Again, this isn’t a bad issue, but I’ve been spoiled by the bar Waid, Samnee and Javier Rodriguez have set. So unless you’re a Mike Allred level talent filling in, I’m bound to be disappointed when that level isn’t met.

Longshot_Saves_the_Marvel_Universe_Vol_1_2_TextlessLongshot Saves the Marvel Universe

Christopher Hastings/Jacopo Caramagna

Marvel, $2.99, 20 pages

Really wish I knew what was up with my borders getting all messed up with this article.

The 2nd issue of Longshot’s mini, raises the stakes a bit, and it way more action packed than issue 1. Hastings being good at writing cool action pieces is no surprise, given what’s happened over the years with Doctor McNinja, and the book continues to deliver with the trademark over the top humor he’s know for. Caramamagna’s visuals are a treat too, as his art continues to be very fluid, and animated. It’s great to see a self-contained, light-hearted mini series not tied into major events coming out from Marvel, something that’s becoming rarer and rarer over the years.   It’s definitely worth reading if you want a fun read without having to know every bit of detail of a character.



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I have bought some comics and read one that isn’t even out yet.

I cannot even begin to tell you how HYPE I am that Warren Ellis will be signing at FPNYC in a few short weeks. That’s an insane GET, and something NYCC hasn’t even managed to do yet. I am excited to meet the man who’s written some of the most important comics ever (NEXTWAVE NEXTWAVE), and have him acknowledge my existence, something he’s yet to do on Twitter. #ThanksObama

CaptainMarvel17_FinalCaptain Marvel #17

Kelly Sue DeConnick/ Filipe Andrade

Marvel, $3.99, 30 pages

Confession time: When this issue was originally solicited, I thought it was going to be super cheesy and pandering, given it’s the #CarlCorp issue. I am glad to be so wrong, because this is EASILY the best issue of the run. Shame on me for doubting that which is KSD.

The final issue of the first volume of this series (don’t worry, Carol’s back in March with a brand new #1, pre-order that when you can!) deals with the fall out from the Enemy Within crossover in a very nice done is one. The focus on this issue is Kit, Carol’s “kid sidekick” and Kelly Sue has done a bang-up job of developing her relationship with the good Captain, which serves as the A-plot of this issue. Aside from that, Cap gets a new enemy, a new apartment,  and a new Ms. Marvel, whom you’ve may have heard about by now, makes her official debut. The reason why it’s the Carol Corp issue makes sense once it wraps up, and it’s a very cute and cool shout-out to the awesome fanbase KSD and co. has acquired over the last year and a half. Filipe Andrade is firing on all cylinders with this final issue, as the art is fantastic. It’s clean, kinetic very Eric Canete-esque, which fits the type of book Captain Marvel should be. Jordie Bellaire‘s colors are a little too dark for my liking at some times, but overall she does a great job with em. And Kelly Sue bounces back after 2 less than impressive tie-in issues, ending this volume of Captain Marvel on an impressive.

The hiatus for this title certainly sucks, but it’s needed. KSD is obviously focusing on Pretty Deadly moment, and as great as Andrade is, David Lopez is a great upgrade for this title. Hoping the All-New Marvel Now relaunch will help with the sales with the next volume of Captain Marvel, because this has been a fun ride so far, and I’m excited for more in 2014.

longshot-saves-the-marvel-universe-600x900Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe #1

Christopher Hastings/Jacopo Camangi

Marvel, $2.99, 20 pages

The mini-series you never know you wanted is here and man, I am thrilled.

Longshot is one of those character I’ve always had a soft spot for, and I’m really glad he’s been written well under Peter David in X-Factor. But that story is over, and Christopher Hastings is here to give us the first solo Longshot story in years.

Hastings has written a few Deadpool stories for Marvel over the last couple of years, but is mostly known for his excellent Web-comic Doctor McNinja. Which makes him a PERFECT fit for ol’ Longshot, as he’s put in a very zany, almost Doctor Who-esque scenario. And Jacopo is the perfect fit for this book. His work is very animated and clean, the perfect fit for Hastings’ story. It’s nothing ground breaking so fat, but it’s very fun. Which is pretty much all I want from a Longshot story.



Matt Kindt/ Doug Braithwaite

Valiant, $3.99, 40 pages

Reviewer’s Note: The version of this comic being reviewed is not the print version, but a 40 page PDF supplied by Valiant.

Confession time 2: Up until now, I’ve yet to read a single book published by the new Valiant comics. Sorry gang, but my comics-allowance is limited, and I REALLY like the X-men. It’s a shame, because the company employees a lot of creators I do like, and I’m glad to see it doing well in the market.

Unity, according to the press release supplied by Valiant, is the company’s answer to the Avengers or the Justice League, and is brought about by the actions of X-O Manowar. Not being familiar with Valiant all too much, I really didn’t recognize a lot of the book’s cast, and  Matt Kindt doesn’t exactly bring the reader up to date on all of the characters. That being said, after a slow, kind of confusing start, the book picks up and delivers right until the ending.

Doug Braithwaite is brillant from cover to cover. A great artist, this book really showcases his talents, and Valiant was wise to bring him aboard for this new series/mini-event.  He’s really on the same pages as Kindt when it comes to telling this story, and visually this book couldn’t be better.

Unity is sure to please fans of the current Valiant universe, but people planning to jump into the book/universe for the first time may want to do a bit of research first. I’d go with X-O Manowar volume 1, which is all of $10. But Unity is off to a good start, and things can only get better with Matt and Doug involved.

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