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Don’t Worry, America #1’s Got You

America Chavez’ fights for what’s right in her new series!

Overdue. That’s probably the best way fans of America Chavez would describe the new America #1, on shelves this New Comic Book Day. The displaced powerhouse has been part of an ensemble in books like Young Avengers and has become one of the preeminent butt-kickers as the leader of Marvel’s latest incarnation of the Ultimates. Except that’s just America Chavez the hero, who saves the world from aliens and super villains on the weekend. Where’s a super-powered teenager going to discover more of what life and the world has to offer? America goes to college!

Helmed by YA novelist Gabby Rivera (Juliet Takes A Breath), the new issue gets right to the point and establishes the larger framework that America #1 will be exploring. America #1 makes no bones that it’s going to connect its eponymous character with the country she’s named for. From the beginning this series will beg the questions: Who is America and what does she stand for?

To help explore the answers while she lays the smackdown on a couple interdimensional monsters and tries to shutdown an alien cult who’ve begun worshipping her adventures, Marvel’s brought onboard some all-stars. Joe Quinones (Howard The Duck) brings the heat and the heart with his inks while father-son slam dunk duo Joe and Paolo Rivera delve into the depths of America’s journey with their colors. This collaboration will bring the high-octane solo adventures of America Chavez into what we can only hope will be a bright and riveting future.

There may not be a more important new series from Marvel in 2017 than America #1. Pick up your copy. Come together and show your support. Be bold. Be brave. Be…an American.

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The Weekly Pulse – Breaking the Mold

Mold! Mooooold! We have so much Mold! On VHS and DVD. The VHS version comes with a copy of the soundtrack on vinyl! The only way this set could be MORE retro would be if Thomas Edison himself showed up at your house upon purchase, to shake your hand and badmouth Nikola Tesla. Or if it came with a genuine mold-protective mask- wait…it DOES!?

But that’s not all that’s happening at the most happening store that happens to sell comics: No, we have a whole slew of new comics, as well as some speculation about DC’s big upcoming announcement. So pull up a chair, a t-shirt dummy, and a musty basement, and join us for today’s edition of The Weekly Pulse!

Henry and Glenn Forever and Ever

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Good Cause: GeeksOUT

The GeeksOUT mission:

Comic conventions draw giant crowds for a number of reasons: For some, it’s a chance to dress up as their heroes and read, game and gawk at passers-by; for others, cons are a serious networking opportunity or a chance to check out emerging work in a vital art form.  But while everyone’s got a unique reason for attending a con, they’re all ultimately seeking the same thing: community.

GeeksOUT was founded in recognition of the ever-growing LGBT presence within that community.  The creation of five gay fanboys, GeeksOUT seeks to raise queer visibility within the worlds of comics and gaming, and to provide LGBT-friendly spaces (both virtual and real) where geeks and gamers can feel creative, empowered and safe.

The goal of GeeksOUT is to get queer nerds out from behind the keyboard and mixing it up in the real world.  To that end, our first major goal is securing a booth at 2011 New York Comic Con, an annual event that gathers more than 79,000 fans of comics, sci-fi, and gaming.  In addition to creating an LGBT-positive space on the convention floor—showcasing the work of queer creators and queer-friendly comics—GeeksOUT will host discussion panels and signings with artists and creators from the comics and gaming industries. All of this adds up to an unprecedented forum for dialogue and outreach.

Problem is the cost of NYCC space- it ain’t cheap by any standard.  Thus, GeeksOUT will be hosting their first fundraiser/costume party to help with the costs next Saturday, January 22nd at Vlada (331 West 51st St. between 8th and 9th Avenues, no cover), where they’ll be auctioning off a ton of neat stuff from the likes of Howard Cruse, Edie Fake, Bowen Designs, and FPNYC.

LGBT GeeksOUT comics community fundraiser

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