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Krazy Comics Nation

By Unkie Dev

As April 1st approaches I’d like to highlight two books this week which will focus on the absurd, the silly and the wild. I’ll break it into two crowds, the Comic’s Journal elite and the Wizard reading masses.

Krazy & Ignatz in Tiger Tea, George Herriman, IDW press

In 1999 the Comics Journal rated the best comic strips of the 20th century. Krazy Kat came in at #1. Krazy & Ignats in Tiger Tea is the tip of the iceberg to Krazy’s charm, and the epitome of cartoonist George Herriman’s contributions to the art form.

WHY all the fuss over a scribbly comic essentially about a mouse that hits a cat in the head with a brick? Because Krazy Kat was creativity unbound! The simple premise and simple characters allowed for infinite creative ideas to flow, followed by gentle humor that spoke about ourselves, albeit in cute pigeon English.

In Tiger Tea, Herriman has his heroes drink a potent brew from a far away land. In a device to be stolen by every cartoonist afterward, hallucinations and bizarre visual flights of fancy ensue, making this ALREADY surreal comic strip the acme of strange for years to come.

If you like art comics, if you’d like to see how far the medium can be pushed or if you just want to look smart you NEED this collection from IDW press. Continue reading

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