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Vulcan Haircut in My Mind! Vulcan Haircut in My Mind!


Seeing this this morning on Blastr immediately provoked memories of Pavement:

YouTube Preview Image

On another note, I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve spent well over twenty years attempting to grow Trek sideburns to disastrous effect.  Which is okay, really, as some Starfleet Captains just plain forget to grow them.  Even when said Captain is not only the star of the show, they’re also the director:

Trek_SideburnsI was driving with my daughter on the Sunday evening before our Monday morning shooting, and she looked over at me and asked, ‘Dad, where’re your Kirk sideburns?’ and immediately my gut turned over, as if I’d forgotten to do my homework. I clasped my hands to the sides of my head and I realized that in all the weeks that I’d been preparing to do this film, the script consulting, the wardrobe fittings, nobody had mentioned my sideburns. Everyone just assumed that I must know the routine by now, and that I would have the intelligence to grow them myself, which is overestimating any actor, I feel. It’s a lesson I want everybody to learn about actors. Never trust us, not for a minute.

William Shatner on Star Trek V, from Star Trek: Movie Memories

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